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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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What to say to my girlfriend when shes mad at me for no reason?

I actually don't know what I did to her, suddenly she just changed at me and I don't know what to do....AM SO CONFUSE.


This type of reaction is usually due to a misunderstanding of some sort and the best thing to do at the moment is let her have some time to herself so that she get over being angry at you and also miss you a bit. Let this ride for about two days before you attempt to contact her and simply say, "I really honestly don't know what I did wrong and if that is part of the problem then we need to talk about It." If she still does not respond then give it another two days and then try again. If she still does not respond then just leave it and assume that she is no longer interested in continuing in a relationship with you.

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My girlfriend is very upset with me?

She says I am selfish, that I love myself too much and she has been acting up for days


The first step is apologizing that requires sincerity and true intention to be forgiven, which excludes your hinting at her acting up: that does not mean that you are wrong. Someone has to step over his or her pride and admit his mistakes (even if you see that there are none). Only mention your mistakes and misbehavior and admit that you were wrong. The second is asking her to pinpoint more of your erroneous behavior so that you can avoid it in the future. It can be a good idea to have this conversation in a cafe. Any flower, plush toy, or good lunch will always be conducive to a positive resolution of such a predicament. Through conversations, you may learn to adapt to her peculiarities and change your comportment accordingly, which is a normal occurrence in building relationships. Give her some time to forgive you and prove your intent by following her recommendations all of the time and after being forgiven.

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I don't know why she is mad at me but I don't like it?

We were in an assembly and I told her the assemble was boring, then she said; fine by her, then I said if she was OK and she said shut up then after I told her whats really wrong she said leave me alone and then her friend told me that she was getting jealous cause I talk to other girls.. I have tried: I tried hugging and holding her hand.. I think it was caused by: I talk to girls.

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Even though you think that you are doing nothing wrong she sees it as you flirting with other girls. People will lash out like this when they feel threatened and her insecurities can make the matter worse. You are trying to appease her with a physical connection by holding her hand but also work on your emotional connection with her. The more you reassure her that you are only interested in her the better it will be. For now, try not to talk with girls so much unless you really have to. This does not mean to act rude but just do not strike up random conversations until you know that your girlfriend feels more secure in your relationship.

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My Girlfriend is mad at me for falling asleep, what do I do?

My Girlfriend is mad at me for falling asleep while we were texting, but we are very new so she gets weird out when I say love you, I need help

She thinks that you were bored. Just explain that you were tired but decided to stay awake to talk to her. It was not your intention to fall asleep yet it happened and you are sorry for it. Let her know that you will be more upfront with her when you are tired and try to give her quality attention in the future.

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As for her acting weird when you tell her you love her, this is a new relationship and she may feel uncomfortable with you expressing your emotions of love so early in the relationship. Back off and show her you love her and try not to say it too often until she feels more comfortable around you. She could be feeling smothered by your declaration even though all you were doing was expressing your happiness with her. Give her some space with the love declarations.

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Need helping saying sorry to my girlfriend?

I broke up with her because I thought she was cheating but she wasn't now she is saying I broke her heart but I didn't mean to. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I had her phone her texts

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Write an Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend is a VisiHow article that can help you write a letter to her. You overstepped your boundaries by monitoring her text messages and then accusing her of cheating. Explain to her that you have insecurities but you are working on them and want to be a better person in the future. It was not your intention to play out your emotions this way and break up with her but have her understand that you will trust her in the future and not make this mistake again.

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When you broke up with her, you knocked down all the trust and security she has with the relationship. You will have to make strides to rectify this if you hope to keep her in the long term. Every time you fight she will be on edge waiting for you to break up with her again. Remember that when there is conflict to assure her that you are not going anywhere.

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My girlfriend is so mad about something?

I don't know what to say really. I had fought with her before and I solved it, then she got mad again after 2 weeks, I don't know what to do

You may have resolved your end of the disagreement but she never had a clear resolution. This is why 2 weeks later she is still mad. Speak with her and ask what is blocking her from letting the matter go. It may be that your solution did not work for her but she was not able to convey that during the argument. Ask her what the issue is and then work together with her to come up with a solution that works for both of you.

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I hit my girlfriend and I want her back?

I hit my girlfriend which I should never have done we where both stressed and we where drinking I just lost control. She said my dad doesn't care about me she was just so caring do I go and talk to her mum and explain that I'm sorry and I want her back. I have tried: Letters and flowers just to say sorry. I think it was caused by: Stress and drink I'm not drinking again

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People do completely stupid things when they are drinking. It is good that you said that you are not drinking again and you may have to keep that resolve for a long period of time if you are hoping to win her back. She did hit your verbally below the belt by bringing the issue with your dad up but still that is no excuse. You physically assaulted her during a verbal altercation and those ramifications stay for a long time. She will not trust you to restrain yourself in future fights. Even though you were drinking and are remorseful for hitting her, you will need to work far harder than normal to keep the relationship.

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It is a good idea to go speak with her mother. Even if you do not get back together you should still apologize to her mother for your actions. She trusted you with her daughter and you violated that trust. Understand that she may not forgive you right away for what you did to her daughter but accept that and still apologize. If she feels the need to tell you off, let her and keep apologizing. Remain calm no matter what happens.

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How to say sorry to my girlfriend sincerely?

I was flirting with another girl... I have tried: Saying sorry through text. I think it was caused by: Flirting with another girl, making her feel ashamed

You will have to establish trust with her again. Saying sorry via text is a start but you should apologize in person or at least write her a letter of apology. You have hurt her and if the flirting was done in public this has caused even more damage and you will need to find a way to make things right. If the letter or speaking with her in person do not help her forgive you, just keep trying to mend things. It may take awhile before you see signs of forgiveness.

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Why girlfriend is mad at me and she is like this close to break-up what can I do? I love her so much?

Because apparently she told me she likes me and another guy..she likes me because she feel the passion and protection but she like the other dude because she is attracted to him sexually..Like I really need help and now she is not replying my messages

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At least she was honest with you but it may be time for you to move on. It is normal to feel attraction to the opposite sex but once it starts impeding the relationship there is a threat to that relationship. Give her some space and see if she texts you after a week. Maybe she needs to see what loses you would mean before she makes her decision. You should let her know though that this is not fair to you or the other guy and she does need to decide who she wants to be with.

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Evaluate at this point if you can even trust her enough for the relationship to survive. You may realize that you are better off not in a relationship with her because you would make yourself miserable always suspecting her.

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My girlfriend is mad at me because I wasn't able to talk to her after she went on a trip. What do I do?

My recently went on a trip and on her way back we were texting. So during this time I was carrying the conversation and she started to get frustrated because I was just asking random questions (I'm a person who does can't carry a conversation over text and neither is she). So after she was done with her drive back, I apparently upset her during the time being and she said that she was excited to talk to me about the trip and I truly did want to hear but she didn't believe me. I already expressed my feelings and she went to sleep angry. What can I send her to maybe make her happier in the morning...

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This is a failure to communicate which happens a lot via texting. When she wakes up in the morning, devote time to ask her how her trip was and make a point to appear interested. Back off on any questions and just let her speak. You may have to explain that you are not a decent texter and in no means meant to upset her.

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What do I tell her so she won't be so mad and goes back to loving me?

She is mad because I was flirting with other girls and she found that in my phone

Now that you have been caught, the best thing to do is own up to it and apologize for your actions. You will have to be more transparent and let her search your phone on a random basis. It will take time to rebuild trust with her and you will have to put up with insecurity driven behavior from her.

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Work on your issue of why you felt the need to flirt with several girls. Fix that and then you can begin to repair your relationship.

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