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Manage a love relationship with your boss

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What to do when an employee falls in love with her boss?


When in love with you boss, you will need to be aware if ever they love you back. You will have to remember the following:

  • Do not mix your personal life with your professional life. There are times that whenever you guys fight, it can somehow affect your work, keep in mind that your careers should never be affected when this happens. Some companies even have policies for this situation, always abide by it.
  • learn to stand up for yourself. Do not let your love for your boss stop you from taking a stand in your personal life.
  • Be in equal with your boss. This is the trickiest part. Since you need to separate professional and personal life, you have to keep in mind that you are still in a relationship where both parties should be deemed equal.
  • Control your urges with each other at work. This also includes the ever classic public display of affection. Remember, people can make up stories, especially in the workplace. Prevention is still much better than doing damage control. It does not mean you have to stop being sweet, you just have to learn not to do it in the work place.
  • prepare yourself for the worse. Falling in love with your boss is serious business that it is very hard to control your emotions if ever things go bad between the two of you
  • your co-workers may think lowly of you. Since you are with the boss, they will likely think you are doing this to get a higher pay or a better position in the company. Be prepared for this one as this situation is always bound to happen.
  • jealousy. Yes, this will happen, especially if your boss interacts with good looking people. This will definitely hurt you. Talk with your partner about this and always talk about this if ever you feel like it is happening.
  • know about company policies about this kind of relationship.Some companies do not allow this and this might risk both your careers.
  • be prepared for the worst. Your relationship will not always be flowers and roses, be prepared for fights and possibly a breakup. If this happens and it is not bearable, it is best that one of you leave the company.
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If you are an employee and you fall in love with your boss, you must first know if your boss loves you back. Also know if your boss is single because if he is not single, you can be in trouble and it is wrong to be in a relationship with a man with a wife or a girlfriend. There is nothing wrong if you fall in love with your boss, because you can't control or choose to whom you are going to fall for. If you have a relationship with your boss you should act as an employee if both of you are working, there is a chance that other employees will talk about you and your boss and there are negative comments, so if you want to be fair and you don't do anything wrong, just show to them that you are a good employee and a good person you are and don't act that you are above them because you are the boss's girlfriend. Just remember that act as an employee while working and still see your boyfriend as your boss.

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