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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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What spy program can be used to look at my husband's phone?

My husband is in Canada and I am in Florida. I need access to his phone as I have caught him several times without his wedding ring on.


Since your husband is in another country, you won't be able to use any of the applications listed in the article below to spy on your husband's phone. However, there are a few remote install-capable spy applications that you may be able to use to find out what he's doing. Note: some of these applications may be illegal depending on your local area's laws regarding cellphone monitoring. In addition, some of these applications have low success rates so, as always, your results may vary.

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Again: these applications may or may not work for you, and they may or not be legal, depending on your area. Contact your local law enforcement to learn about the cellphone monitoring laws in your area.

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I am in Algeria but my wife is in Nigeria. Is it possible to monitor her phone remotely?

I am in Algeria but my wife is in Nigeria. I am suspecting infidelity. Is it possible to monitor her messages (SMS, WhatsApp & Viber) remotely without having physical access to her phone to install spy software?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to spy on apps like Viber and WhatsApp remotely because they third party apps. Tell if My Long-Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me is a VisiHow article that gives you other ways to determine if your wife is cheating. Trust is needed in a marriage and when long distance is involved the trust can begin to erode because we are not physically present with our spouse. 117 Sure Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating on You is a VisiHow article that can give you more signs and if you see more than two or three signs on that list then you need to have a conversation with your wife.

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My boyfriend is a cheater and I need evidence?

My boyfriend has cheated on me and I need proof, what is the best free way to get all Facebook messages text messages snapchats etc.


There is no free way to do this unless you have his credentials to these apps. TruthSpy offers a 48 hour free trial but since he has cheated in the past you may want to install an app for several months so that you can monitor him and regain some trust. Proof only hurts people further when they see it so perhaps it is time to determine if you want to stay in this relationship instead of seeing the lengths he went on with another girl. That can be damaging to a person's emotional well being that gets carried into the next relationship.

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Is there a hidden way to spy on my partners RCA 7 inch tablet from Walmart, I don't want to be any way for him to find out what I am doing?

I would like to see what pictures are taken, emails are hidden, messages deleted, and everything from me. I want to see if I really am being cheated on like I have been feeling for 8 years and I don't want any way for him to be any proof of this to fall back on me so it can't be found at all. please help me find a free app or something I can spy to see if I am being cheated on without him finding out .

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Apps like FlexiSpy have spy capability on Android tablets. He will not find the spy app unless he really digs deep into his tablet. For 8 years you have had suspicions and that is a long time to never feel 100% secure in a relationship. Get a spy app and monitor that tablet.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Is it actually possible to do this when the phone you need is hardly ever accessible or protected?

Spouse is constantly on text, SMS, or social media. Claims there is nothing going on, although I have been able to detect questionable posts and messages.

Because you have already detected questionable things on the cell phone, you should put a spy app on to see what really is going on. Take a moment of opportunity when you can get access to the phone to install the spy app. You will need to choose one that is easily installed and provides customer support like many mentioned on this page. The phone may need to be rooted depending on the spy app you choose to see social media so read the installation instructions and FAQ before you select an app and purchase it.

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I do not have his phone, so need help?

I need to spy on my boyfriend but do not have his phone at all

To spy using an app you will need to get the target phone for a few minutes. You can try using Auto Forward but it will not fully work until you can root their phone.

I want to spy on my girlfriend, she lives in another country?

We live in different countries in Europe,

The spy app Auto Forward may work to give you her locations, SMS and call logs but to get the full features of that program you would need to eventually root her phone when you were visiting her. Because you are in a long distance relationship clues like the "custom" symbol when she posts on Facebook can be a sign that she is not sharing to everyone on her friends list. If you start to notice that things are not adding up the way they should when you try to contact her then it is time for you to have a heart to heart with her about your doubts. They may be blown out of proportion because of the distance between you. Give her a chance to explain herself.

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Hi! I need to delete photos and videos from someone else's phone?

I don't have physical contact with the phone, so I need a different way to get rid of potentially dangerous and embarrassing photos and videos saved in somebody's Android

You will need access to that phone in order to delete. Unfortunately, those photos and videos could already be in a storage cloud or on their computer to be saved. Ask the person to remove the photos and if you can't contact them then you may need to send them to Civil Court so that you can request that the photos be deleted. In the future, you should remember that once a photo is taken, a text or email is sent, or a video is recorded it can forever be found on the internet.

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How can I spy on Samsung GT-S7582?

My boyfriend mobile phone is Android 4.2.2 and I have doubts, so how can I monitor or spy on his mobile?

Spy apps are compatible for his phone. You can install one and then be able to monitor him and clear those doubts. Make sure that you can access the phone for 5 minutes or more to install the spy app. Be prepared to possibly have to troubleshoot with customer service so the app you choose should have that option.

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I want to spy on my wife mobile completely, please help me?

I doubt her, I live in Mauritius. Her mobile is a Samsung J1. Thanks for your support.

Apps like FlexiSpy can completely monitor your wife's phone. Know the Telltale Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You is a VisiHow article you should read. It is possible to save your marriage after an affair but both spouses have to be willing to save the relationship.

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I'm visiting from Miami, just want to know what he's up to?

Just wanted to know if I'm the only one, if he say who he is

If you do not trust him then perhaps you should hire a Private Investigator while you are in Miami. You can install a spy app on his phone like the ones mentioned on this page but a Private Investigator can do a complete background check on this person. Google their name as well and see if anything comes up under social media.

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How do I get it started?

I want to find out where he's at night and numbers he's been calling and emailing and texting tonight

You get started by comparing two or three apps, making your purchase and then installing that software on his phone. This way you will be able to track his locations and see who he is talking to at night. All the GPS tracking, emails, and SMS will be sent to a Control Panel that you can access.

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How can I use this product to send via a photo and use it?

I saw many things like this and I would like to use this technique, I send a photo and they open it and software will secretly install on the targets phone.

Try Auto Forward to remotely install. Make sure that you are legally allowed to spy on a phone without the user's consent before you purchase the app and begin monitoring the person.

Is it possible to do your method in India?

Can I spy on my girlfriend's phone. I belong to India..Is it possible??

Yes, spy apps are International for the most part and able to be installed no matter where you live as long as the phone is Android or iOS.

I just have the ph# how does it work?

I just have the ph# no phone set information. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Don't know how to use

You can use Auto Forward to track their information with just their phone number. If the phone is not rooted though you will only get some of the features that the app can do until you root the device.

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