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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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What spy apps can I install that remain hidden?

I need some free apps that I could download to his phone, but that will remain hidden.


Any of the top spy phone apps out there will install and remain hidden, but none of them are free. Some have a 48 hour free trial, like Stealth Genie, while others have significantly longer, as in the case of My Spy, which has a 7-day free trial. If you'd like to learn more, please read our guide on how to Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone, and you'll be able to learn all about how spy phone apps work, and what you can do with them. You'll also find a link to My Spy in there, which will help you to get things set up and installed on your target phone.

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Is there any way to get someone's text messages without downloading anything to their phone?

I don't want to install anything. What application lets me remotely spy on someone's phone and see what they are doing?


Just like you can't play a game on your phone if you haven't installed it, you also can't spy on a phone if there isn't a spy program installed on it. For example, if you and a friend want to play a game together, and you each have the game installed, you can both play. However, if one of you has no game installed, you simply won't be able to interact with the other person. Until you do have the game installed for both people, there will be no way for you to play together.

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The same thing applies to cellphone spy programs. If you want to spy, you need to download and install an app to the other person's phone, and then you need to make sure you have access to the web portal for that app, from your phone or a web browser. Otherwise they won't work.

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How to know about the chat messages of Facebook of my boyfriend's account?

I haven't his phone. but have its Facebook user-ID and phone number.We are going to married within couple of months so before going to jump in well, I want to judge him.My parents also want to know about him in detail. sp please help me.

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A spy app can be installed on his phone and there will be a Control Panel link that you or your parents can log into to see if he has been talking to other girls on social media. FlexiSpy and mSpy are great for remaining hidden in the background and they can be installed over shared WiFi. If you can't access the phone then you can use Auto Forward to monitor his phone because all you need is his phone number.

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My phone is an Android but his phone is not is there any alternative apps for tracking his messages?

I am 100% sure that he is still having communication with his ex

The only alternative apps are for iOS systems but in order to install on the iPhone you will need an iPhone spy app like mSpy which does not require jailbreaking the phone first. If his phone is just a generic prepaid flip phone you will not be able to monitor it with spy apps but you can check it regularly to see if things have been deleted. You also can delete her information and see if it is added later. Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet is a VisiHow article you should check out.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Anonymous as my boyfriend's "name" on his text?

I noticed a text message on my boyfriend's phone but instead of it being his name, it shows his name as Anonymous. It was saved in Drafts. Did he set up a secret messaging account with that name and it showed up in his other messaging system somehow?

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There are apps that allow you to text anonymously and if he got a message from a business platform like text *987 to vote for your favorite singer then that also can show up as anonymous. You can install a spy app if there are other signs that he may be unfaithful. Here are VisiHow articles that mention signs to watch for:

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How to check WhatsApp chat of my boyfriend?

Its not possible for me to download apps in his phone. We have a distance relationship. I eagerly want to check his WhatsApp conversation. Please help

You can try the spy app Auto Forward. Tell if My Long-Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating on Me is a VisiHow article that has listed several signs of possible cheating when you are in a long distance relationship. Because you are not in the same house spy app installation limits your options. If he phone is not jailbroken the Auto Forward may not work to monitor his phone but if you have massive doubts it is worth a try.

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My problem is completely different, I am the victim of my ex boyfriend?

I am very worried because someone is spying on my Samsung Tab 3. If a person has access to my Tab, can he synchronize my Tab to his PC? That way he will be able to see all my things. In case this is happening can I check this for clear evidence? How? Many thanks!

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That person would not even need physical access. They could have used a program like Remote Spy or another one that sends an email attachment and without you realizing it, you just put a spy app on your tablet. Run anti-spyware to see if anything pops up. You also will want to hard reset your tablet without backing it up if you still think you are being monitored.

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My boyfriend is in Greece and I want to track him and check his messages, what do you recommend as I am state side?

I need a spy software that has GPS and will get me into his text message and WhatsApp! What do you recommend please?

Auto Forward may be able to monitor his phone. As long as his phone is jailbroken then Auto Forward will show you his locations and WhatsApp. Go through his social media and look for anything that may point to cheating but understand he could have created a secondary account which you are not a friend on. If you still think he is cheating yet can't find any proof then call to where he is and say that you are thinking of coming to visit him but want it to be a surprise. If he is up to something you may get a quick call back by him asking you to stay home for a while.

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I want to find out if my boyfriend is watching or doing something inappropriate on the phone?

Hi, well how could I see the web history and text messages on his phone but without him noticing and I tried many apps but I always have to pay for them, and I don't have money on me? Help me?

You can use TruthSpy which is offering a 48 hour free trial. All of the good apps have to be purchased. The "free" apps never work or if they do then they are unreliable.

If you have a mobile number can you see what messages she sends & receives?

I work long hours and travel far to work and back. She reads my messages on WhatsApp but said she doesn't receive them but I can see she is "typing" messages to other people? She hides or deletes her SMS's and gets "weird" if I ask her about it. PLEASE HELP

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Your best option would be to wait until you are home and both connected to the WiFi because you will have more options like mSpy, FlexiSpy, Highster Mobile and Spyera which can all be installed over the WiFi. Otherwise you can purchase Auto Forward and it may work immediately if you put her phone number in but you may have to go home and jailbreak her device quickly to put the app on.

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My boyfriend isn't answering my texts, and his sister says that he is ALWAYS hanging with his ex?

I just want to know why he barely answers me and why he abandons me to hang out with her.

Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet is a VisiHow article that you need to read. It sounds like he either still has feelings for his ex or they are really good friends but even then he should make you a priority over her. His sister is sounding an alarm so perhaps you can get her assistance on trying to catch him cheating with his ex.

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My boyfriend hides his phone all the time and is getting s many more messages than before...I have asked him about it and he just goes mad saying I am insecure.

I have tried all alternatives and am at my wits end....this is my last resort, I hope you can help!

Get a spy app like FlexiSpy that can be installed over the shared WiFi. He has changed his pattern of behavior and blames your insecurities when you ask if he is cheating. He probably is, at least, texting someone that he should not be. The spy app will show you just what he is up to.

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Yes my boyfriend lives abroad and he is accessing all my text and email so I want to do access his as well?

My boyfriend lives abroad and he have a big trust issue and I find out he hire a Private investigator on me and he is tracking my text and emails I want to check his as well and how to stop him

Get the Auto Forward Spy App. You should also hard reset your phone just to make sure that no one is monitoring you and have your computer checked for any spyware. Malwarebytes can be used to check for any spy applications running on your PC.

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So he has trust issues and many times when someone has trust issues it is because they are doing what you are being accused of by them. Spy apps can be installed over shared WiFi and several have been mentioned on this page. You may not find anything but at least, you will know why he is spending so much time texting.

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How to unlock SMS peeper download code?

I need to learn how to download SMS peeper code

Do not even bother. You got scammed. The app has a low trust rating and many real reviews slamming it for it's fake codes and unreliable service even if you use a hack code. You are better off choosing an app with a 48 hour free trial like TruthSpy.

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What is a good app to use or see who is texting my boyfriend?

I have a feeling my boyfriend is texting other girls. Can you hep me find out? I really want to know so that I don't look stupid. I've caught him multiple times and he lies about it , I just want to put it to rest.

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Get a spy app on his phone. You already know the answer you are seeking though but if you need further proof then a spy app will definitely give it to you.

I have been married to the same man for 37 years. All of a sudden he has quit having anything to do with me. He's been seeing his first cousin for about ten months now and spends a lot of time with her. I have been neglected for a long time and he doesn't care for me. How can I check his phone for texts and pictures?

Doesn't kiss me anymore, spends a lot of time away from home. Always texting his cousin. She is a female. doesn't sleep with me. Hardly ever talks to me. He takes her out to movies and dinners. They go hiking together. I'm no where in his life.

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