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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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What natural herbs affect your voice?


Vitamins A, E & C can help you in order to give nutrients to your throat which will promote your singing voice for the better, as well as this technique you can also stay away from cold fluids in order to keep your vocal chords in perfect working condition.

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Below are some natural herbs that can greatly affect your voice.

  • Garlic. Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which kills bacteria and viruses and lessen inflamed throat.
  • Onion. Also has antibacterial property that kills bacterial and viral infections of the throat.
  • Ginger. Has a soothing effect on the throat minimizing swelling and pain.
  • Oregano. Has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

The above mentioned natural herbs are most commonly used in managing voice problems due to their various medicinal properties improving the quality of voice.

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How long do milk products affect the voice before a gig?

How long does it take for the mucus to leave the throat from milk products to sing


There is no set number of minutes to hours that have been researched to figure out when mucus leaves the throat after you have consumed milk or other dairy products. It has been researched that milk can help to multiple the mucus that is already in the throat causing you to have more mucus developing in your throat but the actual timed effects have not been studied.

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To be on the safe side just do not consume milk when you know that you have to sing that day for this is a risky chance you are taking in terms of having the most healthy voice before you start to sing.

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Here is a link to the official research conducted on milk and other dairy products:


What does raw onion do to your voice box?


It has been recommended that you stay away from raw onion before you try to sing being that the raw onion will increase acid in your voice thus causing you to have issues singing clearly.

Along with the acids in your throat it can irritate your throat or the mucus that is in your throat thus causing your voice to crack or croak. It is recommended by singers to not eat raw onions or garlic before having to sing.

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This has also been placed on the blacklist for singers not to consume:


Does breathing through your mouth affect your voice?

I have allergies and more I often breathe through my mouth. Can this harm my vocal chords?

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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Can raw almonds affect my voice?

Can raw Almonds affect my voice.

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