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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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What kind of food can I take to make my voice so soft as I sing?


Avoid food that is very salty or spicy as that will affect the quality of your voice. On the other hand, anything that's too cold will also make your vocal cords stiff.

If you eat anything too sour as well, that can cause acid reflux. When acid passed through your throat and vocal cords, that can make your voice a bit raspy and husky. You would not want that when you sing of course.

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As long as you stay away from these, there should not be any problem. Keep yourself hydrated as well as that will relax your vocal muscles. Also, ginger tea and green tea will sooth your vocal cords and can help a lot.

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What can I take to make my voice softer?


Drinking lots of water and also some Aloe Vera juice will soothe and moisturize your vocal cords, which help you to produce a softer sound. If your vocal cords are irritated, that is when you would tend to produce raspy and sharp sounds.

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It is really important that you keep yourself as hydrated as possible whenever you sing.

Food tricks to make my voice sharp?

My voice is not good enough, but I want to develop my voice, what should I do to make my voice soft and loud. Please tell me what kind of food I should not eat much


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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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