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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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What is the use of the mixture of Amla and Aloe Vera on hair?


There are many uses of the mixture Amla (gooseberry) and Aloe Vera on hair. Below are some of their notable uses:

1. Promotes hair growth. The Aloe Vera and Amla effectively promotes hair growth because they contains essential nutrients and proteolytic enzymes necessary for hair growth.

2. Anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties. Amla is used to manage dandruff and nourishes the scalp and the Aloe Vera moisturizes the dry scalp which effectively reduce the itchy feeling and gives a cooling and refreshing sensation on the scalp. It also prevents fungal infections on the scalp.

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3. Conditions hair. The amla and Aloe Vera mixture also conditions hair making it soft and restore the hair's natural shine making the hair smooth and silky.

4. Prevents premature graying of hair. The essential nutrients found on amla and Aloe Vera effectively nourishes the hair follicles preventing premature graying of hair.

In general, the uses of amla and Aloe Vera mixture on hair are to make the hair and scalp more healthier, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

How to make hair oil at home with fenugreek and Aloe Vera?


You need to combine fenugreek and Aloe Vera gel and put it in a blender or foot process until you are able to create a pasty substance. Apply it onto damp hair, the same way that you would apply shampoo and then cover it with a shower cap. Leave it on for about 30 minutes then rinse off. It is ideal that you rinse it off after a few minutes as leaving Aloe Vera on the hair can make it hard and therefore difficult to wash off. You can treat your hair to this twice a week.

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Can I mix brahmi powder and hibiscus flowers to make hair oil?

I am experiencing a terrible hair-loss since the last few months and I want to know if the hair-oil will give relief


The mixture of Brahmi Powder and Hibiscus would be an excellent all natural remedy for your hair loss. You can mix this with many oils like Coconut, Jojoba or Castor Oil for maximum benefits to your scalp and hair. Because you are experiencing hair loss recently, you should speak with your doctor about what could be causing the loss such as a hormonal imbalance.

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See more questions like this: I have thin hair and dandruff, suggest a home remedy with hibiscus leaves and flowers

How can process the leaf of Brahmi to hair oil at home?

My 6 years old son has an abnormal condition and the hair falls

Dry the Brahmi leaf and add it to the oil of your choice. Once the leaf is dried, you can grind it down to a powder and then add the oil and let it sit in a jar for at least 12 hours before applying topically. You want the oil to be completely infused with the Brahmi. Stop Childhood Hair Loss is a VisiHow article about hair loss in children. One thing you should check for is if your son has a fungal scalp infection or ringworm. Both can cause hair loss in children.

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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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How to get long silky and smooth hair?

My hair is very puffy, rough and damaged. I use Sunsilk shampoo with its conditioner

You want to use a Sunsilk Conditioner product that will treat your hair with moisture. Your hair is frizzy due to damage. Dry brittle ends can also cause frizz. Sunsilk's Stunning Black Shine is one you should consider using or switching to. Avoid using styling products like gel or a hot tools on your hair. Air dry your hair and do not rub the towel on your hair to dry it. This can cause even more damage and frizz. Gently squeeze your wet hair with the towel instead and let the hair air dry. Argan oil can help smooth your hair. Get Salon Treated Soft Hair at Home is a VisiHow article with recipes for soft hair by applying hair masks a few days a week.

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Hi, I am losing hair, what should I do?

I am suffering from psoriasis since years. My hair growth is normal. I don't have itchy scalp, my hair is oily, but now I am losing a lot of hair. What should I do?

You can still have plaque psoriasis on your scalp even though you are feeling no physical symptoms such as itching. The oil and your hair can be tamed but you will want to be careful that you are not using a shampoo and conditioner that strips your hair. Reverse Hair Loss Using Lavender is an excellent solution for you because the lavender and rosemary essential oils will soothe your scalp and help with the hair loss. Another option is mixing Castor oil with the essential oils for further hair loss benefits.

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I have long hair, lots of hair fall in few days, what to do?

I have long hair, lots of hair fall in few days, what to do

Our hair goes in three month cycles. You can have a burst of shedding a few times a year with these cycles. If you are experiencing no health issues, itchy scalp or huge patches of hair missing then it is probably just the end of a hair growth cycle for you.

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Sir my hair is split and rough?

My age is 16 year, my hair is rough and split dry and very thin

Because you are 16, the dry and thin hair is most likely due to nutrition and poor care. If you are outside for long periods of time, you can dry out your hair with sun damage. Eating salty processed foods can cause poor hair results. Some people just have thin hair but you can use the hibiscus remedy mentioned in the article to thicken your hair and treat your scalp. If you are using several hair products or hot styling tools, pause for a bit or choose better options and see if that makes a difference in your hair.

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What is the use of the mixture of Aloe plant and Amla oil?

I want to use it for my hair, is it a good idea?. I think it was caused by: Maybe relaxers

It is a great idea to try it. As you can see from the top answer the mixture has many benefits for healthy hair and scalp. It can't hurt or harm your hair because it is gentle and all natural. Relaxers can be extremely damaging to hair so use sparingly and consider going natural more. Perfectly Relax the Hair is a VisiHow article with several natural hair relaxer options. Try these and avoid the harsh chemical ones.

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Losing lot of hair middle aged women?

Losing lot of hair do not know the reason. I have tried: Coconut oil, amla coconut oil. I think it was caused by: Middle age or hormonal imbalances 0r diabetes

Hormonal changes like menopause and diabetes absolutely can cause hair loss. Once your hormones begin to change we can experience more than just hot flashes. There are ways to prevent the hair loss as seen in an article below. If you are diabetic consider Reverse Insulin Resistance from Type II Diabetes. Reversing your insulin resistance can actually stop Type II diabetes in it's tracks. Lose Weight with the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet is a VisiHow article about the 5:2 lifestyle. This lifestyle can create insulin resistance and many people who follow the plan are now completely off diabetic medications. Control Hunger with Roobios Tea is a VisiHow article about Rooibos Tea which has been shown in a study that drinking twice a day can control your insulin levels by making carbohydrates not process into glucose. How to Lose Weight With Resistant Starch Foods is a VisiHow article about turning your everyday carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and pasta into resistant starch. This means that less of the carbohydrates will transfer into glucose. Here are more VisiHow articles:

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I am using cury leavetonic but my hair is falling too much and my scalp is seen clearly?

What I will do for this please help me my scalp is clearly seen give suggestions regarding this

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How to use Amla and Aleo Vera juice? intake or application?

I am suffering from dandruff and hair loss, will Amla and Aleo Vera juice help? How can I use it? Should I drink or apply directly on scalp and hair?

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How can I remove lice and their eggs from my hair?

I have lots of lice eggs on my hair. I don't even feel to go out with these, is there any solution for this?. I have tried: I am planning to try Vinegar. I think it was caused by: I got it from school!

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Bald in crown area of head, remedy for hair regrowth on bald crown?

I saw a YouTube video about curry leaves as a tea and adding Amla juice , Aloe Vera juice and lemon for hair regrowth . Can Amla juice and Aloe Vera juice be used any other way for hair regrowth? Bald crown only, woman over 50

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post menopause, thyroid nodules. I have tried: Everything, oils , supplements,vitamin . Mixing oils ,hair vitamins. I think it was caused by: Begin losing hair after I delivered my daughter then more after I started menopause. Delivered my daughter at 35 , started menopause at 40 , found out about the thyroid about 5 years after.

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