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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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What if I'm not as pretty as his ex-girlfriend?

I want to be more attractive to him, even though I'm not that perfect like his ex-girlfriend is.


The key thing to remember is that your boyfriend is in a relationship with you because he likes you. There is a reason that his previous relationship didn't work out, and if he thought looks were everything, his "prettier" girlfriend would still be in a relationship with him and not you. A relationship is more than looks, of course, and your boyfriend very likely finds something attractive about you in addition to your personality. If you are truly worried about your boyfriend's thoughts about your looks, sit him down and ask him about it. Tell him that you're worried that he doesn't think you're as pretty as his ex-girlfriend. Once you say something along these lines, he will qualm your fears about it by telling you that he thinks you're incredibly pretty, even more pretty than the girl with whom he broke up. He'll also take the time to tell you that you're a much better person overall than she ever was, and will likely close the conversation out by giving you a hug and telling you how much you mean to him.

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Hello, I'm upset because my boyfriend has no time for me!!

I've a problem with my boyfriend. He ignores me, late replies, don't say good night or good morning, always I wish him 1st, he says he loves me but he's too busy in his personal life that's why he can't express his love

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Many relationships have an unbalanced love languages. Men show their love often differently from the way women do. You equate love with quality time and attention while he equates it differently perhaps by financial support for example. It emotionally hurts when we are not first priority to our significant other. You need to determine if this is always the way he will be because we can't change a person. Someone who can show you quality time will be the only way you feel satisfied in a relationship. What to tell a boyfriend who is too busy for you is a VisiHow article that can give you communication tips. Play Hard to Get to Attract His Attention is a VisiHow article on gaining his attention but this can backfire so be prepared to deal with the consequences if he walks away or still ignores you.

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My boyfriend woke up late hurried up and got to work, what text message I could send to show my love for him?

I need a message that I could send my busy boyfriend at work, just some sweet messages that could make him feel so loved?


Let him know that you appreciate his dedication to attaining financial security. You can also send him a message about how you will make him a great breakfast over the weekend since he has been so rushed in the mornings for work recently. Give him something to look forward to.

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What should I text my lover because I am about to travel?

I am about to travel tomorrow, I need a sweet message to text my lover that would make him happy

  • While I am gone I will be thinking of you right before I fall asleep.
  • I can't wait to be in your arms again and I have not even left yet.
  • Though we will be miles apart, you are close to me always inside my heart.
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Not bother your busy boyfriend
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How can I tell to my boyfriend how much I love him, but he had a big family problem he is always busy?

How can I tell to my boyfriend how much I love him, but he had a big family problem he is always busy

Write him a personal love letter. Remind him of how much he means to you and how proud you are that he has stepped up to help his family. List several ways that you love spending time with him. This letter will not only let him know that you miss him but he will also be able to refer to it again. Text him daily that you love him before bed and when you wake up.

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How can I get the attention of my girlfriend?

She's always busy, I just want her to think of me

Text her your emotions that you feel about her. This will definitely get her attention. Plan a day trip by asking her when her next day off is that coincides with your schedule and whisk her off to a leisure drive somewhere different. Plan ahead where you will stop and eat and what you can do with her while you are there and she will see that you really made the effort. The time in the car will allow you both to reconnect with each other. This is important because we often take our significant other for granted when we are super busy and reconnecting reminds us of what we have been missing.

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What should I do to move on? What is the easiest way to forget my ex boyfriend?

We (me and my boyfriend) have been together for almost 4years, but sadly to say, he found a new one when he was working in another place. Until now I heard some issues that his girl is already pregnant, it's so painful and it hurts me so much.

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Moving on from a break up is hard enough but when you have no closure and they move on super fast the pain can seem unbearable. He apparently has gotten this girl pregnant so there is not much chance of reconnecting. There are no easy tricks to getting over someone. Especially if you have been with that person for a long time. Day by day things will get better. Avoid going to places that you frequented with him and purge everything that he gave you. You do not have to throw them away but at least, ask a friend to hold onto them until you know that you can look at them without feeling hurt. Prepare yourself to get back into the dating scene. Pamper yourself or go away for a weekend trip with friends.

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My boyfriend is always busy, he hardly have time for me, I only see him once a month. My worry is that he is not working but he always claims that he is busy, sometimes I feel that he is cheating on me?

Is he really being unfair or am I just being insecure

Being in a Long Distance relationship can put our imagination into warp factor when we do not hear from our significant other. If you think that he is cheating then you can get a spy app to install on his phone the next time you visit him. You can also look for clues like if he says he is working but you see him posting actively on social media. You are not being unfair if there are long periods of time with no communication in a day. It is understandable that he may be busy for work but he still should have a minute to send a text message while on break or even call you over his lunch period. Perhaps you make the effort for more communication and he will begin to adapt his schedule habits to make more time for you.

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How can I trust my boyfriend again? Many times I caught him, he keeps using my mobile just to check on his ex?

Many times I caught him, he keeps using my mobile just to check on his ex.

Well if he is using your phone then he probably is not cheating with her. It is strange though that he feels the need to check up on his ex all the time. Tell if He Is Still in Love with His Ex - 15 Sure Signs and Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet are VisiHow articles that can help you determine if he still has feelings for his ex.

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Identify you are in a rebound relationship has information on identifying if you are in a rebound relationship. It is common for people to jump into new relationships before they get over their former relationships. Make sure that you are not in a rebound relationship and if you are then make an action plan to avoid that.

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Hi, I am in a long distance relationship with a man. Our major form of communication is texting, I love and care about him but he says I don't show it much. please I need some text messages of caring that I can send him every now and then...thanks?

Please some caring text messages to be sending to my long distance relationship boyfriend. I love him so much but he says I don't show it

Sweet messages for boyfriend during the day is a VisiHow article that has 100 messages you can send him. Set up reminders in your phone and if you have not messaged him then you can send him one right away.

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Does he prefer his job to me?

No matter how much we have taken long to see each other, he leaves me home and go to work on weekends. I have tried: To get used to the situation. I think it was caused by: He loves his job

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