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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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What happens to the voice box when you stop singing?


Just like with every part of the body, the voice box also will experience aging and tearing will also be experienced, but the proper maintenance and having the right habits will be beneficial in maintaining the great quality of the voice despite of the aging process. Having the proper techniques and healthy habits is essential in maintaining voice quality, even when a person has stopped singing.

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Just as any other muscle in the body when you ignore it for a certain period time it will become lazy or not be as strong as it were if you practice or used it more often. Your voice box will not become damaged but it will in fact become lazy.

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Will sugar help you restore your voice after drinking alcohol?


No, sugar and alcohol are one of foods that every singer should avoid if a good singing quality of voice is wished to be maintained. Intake of sugar as a remedy after drinking alcohol is a big no-no. Although sugar can give a momentarily relief or highness from consuming the sugar, the downside will cause more fatigue after the sugar rush has faded. Since alcohol has a diuretic effect, it is not considered beneficial to consume it since it dehydrates the body and dries up the throat. Given the fact that alcohol has a diuretic effect, taking up sugar after drinking alcohol will be like pouring vinegar over the wounds. Simply put, taking up sugar after drinking alcohol will only aggravate the irritation and possible damage that it can cause to the vocal chords.

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The sugar can't help you restore your voice after drinking an alcoholic drink. The sugar will not help but it will affect your voice by creating a phlegm, so when you are going to sing, your voice is a little bit not good or it sounds cracky. One of the drinks that should be avoided if you are a singer or who wants to maintain their good voice is an alcoholic drink. Since sugar is not good for your voice, also the alcoholic drink is not good, and if we combine them, drinking an alcoholic drink then eat sugar is more worse.

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Does accidentally swallowing your snot effect your singing voice?


If this happens once in a blue moon (which should be the case) it is alright. If this happens time and again, your snot will turn into phlegm and damage your throat.

No, it should not affect your singing voice. The only way I can find that it might is if it is continuous nasal drainage. Even then the amount it affects your voice should be minimal. Just look into an over the counter decongestant

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Can rum beer alcohol help to remove cough or clean throat?

On the contrary, rum beer alcohol can be rather irritating to the throat. It is not advised to take it if you have sore throat or cough. Juices with vitamin are better advised to drink if your intention is to recover easily from the cough. Even plain tap water is good, because it will help loosen and hydrate the phlegm for easy excretion.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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Fast/quickest step to develop ones vocal cavity or sweet singing voice?

The quickest way that I have been able to find would be for you to take singing lessons. I wish there was an easier way for you to do it yourself. The best bet would either be to find a singing coach or find some online assistance.

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Here are some tips I can provide 1. Sit or stand up straight 2. Breathe from your diaphragm 3. Do warm ups before singing, making different repeating consonant sounds and vowels 4. Practice singing scales, gradually increasing the pitch/tone 5. Remember to stop before you strain your voice

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Some extra tips I can provide are to work on your posture, get into shape to increase lung capacity, and develop your facial flexibility.

How to improve the vocal cord to soft and long lasting voice while singing. Please give some tips and videos?

You will need to make sure that you do the following:

  • do not overuse your voice
  • avoid smoking and drinking cold beverages especially before and after singing
  • do not over practice
  • always have adequate sleep
  • take ginger tea to sooth your voice

You can also watch this how-to videos:


You can watch this vocal practice for soft and long lasting voice for singing:


When you state antibacterial for alcohol solution are you speaking of alcohol from the pharmacy?

I would like to restore a more youthful voice of my younger years and need to know about the alcohol solution mentioned...thank you

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I stopped singing and tried to continue after 2 months....but I can't sing well. Why? Can I fix it?

I was a nice singer and I used to compose my own songs. I could easily sing in 6-7 voices of different pitch.. Then I stopped singing for 2 months.. Now, I am trying to song again but my voice is like gone. I can no longer produce different pitched voices. Even in my normal voice pitch, I now sing very bad as compared to earlier.. . P.S. - I suffered from cough last month....it lasted approximately 10 days. But, only that didn't affect my voice because even before cough started, I couldn't sing as well as earlier.. . Please help.. Thank You. I have tried: I tried some cough relief candy.....Vicks - Somewhat relieved for ONLY 10-20 minutes.

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I drank a lot of water for some days - no relief.. I think it was caused by: I think its because I discontinued singing for sometime.

But it might also be because of cough I suffered from last month....but it was a month ago.

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