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Choose clothing colors that complement your skin tone

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What clothes colours best suit yellow skin?


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Yellow skin tones belong to the warm type of skin tones and it looks est with colours that belong to the warm earthy shades such as red, yellow, pink and brown tones. These shades will complement and flatter the skin by giving it an earthly sun kissed and natural glow.

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The easiest way to determine if you have a yellow-toned skin is through the vein test and jewelry test. Check out the vein on the insides of your arm, if it's green you are categorically under the "warm tone" that which yellow skin belongs to. This is also referred to as the "Autumn Tone". If you have a blue vein then you fall under the "cool tone" or white and fair skin. Using the jewelry test, if a gold accessory accentuates your skin, then you have a "warm tone" but if silver jewelry flatters you better then you fall under the "cool tone".

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People who have yellow or warm skin tone typically possess green, amber, or hazel brown color of eyes. They are usually have a hair color of red, orange, and gold; to name a few.

The most flattering clothing colors for yellow-toned skin are the following:

  • green
  • coffee
  • red
  • beige
  • green
  • caramel
  • copper
  • yellow
  • olive
  • gold
  • bronze
  • jade
  • moss

Yellow-toned skin should however avoid clothing with blue color like indigo or navy blue.

Not able to get the right clothes that match my skin tone?

I have a competition coming of Men's physique, for that I need to wear shorts, can't get the right selection for shorts.


For the competition, pick a color that does not stand out too much (bright yellow or green); or it will divert the attention of the judges off you. Pick any solid color (aqua blue, for example). A good choice can be a color that makes your body color stand out and matches the hair color, if the latter is possible. For example, a competitor with pale skin and blond hair may wear black shorts. A competitor with pale skin and brown hair may wear brown shorts that match his hair color. This will make the judges pay attention to you but not get distracted from your body.

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Which colored salwar I should choose?

I have whitish skin tone. Which colored salwar I should choose?


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Choose clothing colors that complement your skin tone

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