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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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What app can I download on my phone to see my boyfriends text messages on his phone?

What app can I download on my phone to see my boyfriends text messages on his phone


The application that you will need to download to his device will be an application that is available in the application store for both iPhones and Android devices. I will leave both of the links here below so that you will be able to visit the application on his device in order to download the application to his device so that you can track his device remotely.

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In order to start this process correctly you are going to need to download the application directly to his device:

1. On his device visit either one of this links depending on his device:





2. Download the application to the device

3. Create an account in order to assist you on reading all of the persons messages remotely from your computer or your devices browser

The applications will track messages, locations and phone calls that are placed on the device.

Here is a link to the video on the Gizmoquip SMS tracker for Android:


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How can I spy on a phone without having to download an app to the phone I'm trying to track?

My son got a phone that his father gave to him but he will not allow me to check it, not even hold it...


At this current time there is no way that you will be able to track a device without first downloading the application to the device so that you would be able to in fact begin the tracking process on their device.

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The technology as of now for spy software requires you to have to have the device so that you can download the proper software to the device in order to help you to be able to track the phone. I know that online there is talk to "remotely" tracking a device but it still requires you to have to place the software or download the software to the device in question.

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I want to see who my boyfriend is texting without him know?

I don't trust him he have code on is phone


Unfortunately, if he has a code on his phone then you are not going to be able to download an app to the phone being that you will not be able to get into his phone so that you can set the tracking software to monitor his phone details. The only way to set this up is by getting into his phone to download an app.

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Another way that you can view his messages will be to log into his carriers account online to view all of his messaging and phone details. In order to do this, you will need to have his username and password to log into his account.

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In this situation, it will be very difficult for you to be able to know his message details being that he has a lock on his phone which eliminates downloading the app and also the online account viewing will require you to have his password/username to his account.

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How can I find my boyfriend who wouldn't let me know his location because he has Leukemia and he doesn't want me to see him in that way?

My boyfriend has Leukemia and since then he wouldn't let me know where he is. I can't find him on Facebook. I can't find him anywhere on the internet so it means that he really is good on hiding. He doesn't want me to see him at his worst. He is on his final stages of Leukemia. Please help me find him. The only tangible details I have of him are his cellphone number and a private Facebook account where I am his only friend. Please please help me find him.

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Both active cell phone number and a Facebook account can reveal his approximate location, but it is not that easy to get hold of these data, I am afraid. Cell phones can be tracked by the government by the nearest base cell towers. His Facebook Internet Protocol details are known only to some police departments. Some phone carriers, however, may share information with third-party companies. For example, you can try out Location Smart, Navizon I.T.S., or Smart Person Finder, which have a list of carriers they are connected to. You may need to receive one message from the person to track his approximate (not exact) location. The accuracy may vary from phone to phone.

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Nevertheless, the best way to find him is to hire a private detective.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need to know how can I see my boyfriend's texts and pictures without access to his phone?

How do I spy on a phone without access to the target phone and without him knowing?

Physical access is one of the necessary conditions to spy on a phone if permitted by law.

You can install a WiFi sniffer like Wireshark in your apartment, but that will only track active traffic and only if he is connected to the network. Active traffic means that he has to send the pictures and texts to someone while he is in your room, connected to your WiFi hotspot.

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You can also obtain somehow his name and password for any Cloud services that he might use on his phone. For example, some people use iCloud on iPhone phones.

The other method is the "old-fashioned" way: installing surveillance cameras with high resolution or asking your friends to peek into his phone.

Is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?

One day I found photos of her half naked on her phone. Then I had to ask her, are you lying to me and she said no and just this morning I asked her did she delete her messages and she said no then I told her she was lying and I said she did, and then she told me the truth. I want to know who she is messaging

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There are a lot of people who share these kinds of pictures with everyone without any ulterior motive. You can always talk to your girlfriend and explain how it makes you feel. If she agrees to install a spy application on her phone after that, you can try any application suitable for her specific phone brand. You can choose from a wide variety of paid applications: FlexiSpy, MobiStealth, MobileSpyAgent, Highster Mobile, mSpy, SpyPhone Tap, etc. In order to install the full functionality of each application, you may probably need to root (Android or Google) or jailbreak (iOS or Apple) the phone.

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Please my girlfriend has been lying to me but I got her with another guy. How can I be able to read her conversation of WhatsApp to know if she is not playing on me, please help.

My girlfriend has been chatting with another guy through WhatsApp, her phone has a security code. Last time she left it on the table and before it could lock I took it but when she turned back and saw me she came back and grabbed it before I had even finished reading the first line of the conversation, help me please to know the truth.

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Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to spy on messages (if allowed by law) without taking the actual phone for thirty minutes or so. You can ask her to install a spy application or connect to your WiFi network that you will create for her with a sniffer tool that will spy on the outbound and inbound traffic for the phone. All of the specific sniffing software like WhatsApp Spy is quickly taken down, as it is not fully legal and can be abused. You will have to resort to PC software tools like this one to decipher traffic. All you will need is to get a WiFi modem or a device for your computer, install the device, install the tool, ask her to connect to the WiFi network, warn her about her messages being tracked, and examine the traffic. This tool is absolutely free, but it takes time to examine the manual before you can use it effectively.

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How can I receive SMS from a number I no longer use or have access to?

I got locked out of my Facebook and I managed to get back in by answering the security question etc... now the problem is they said I have to put a code which they sent to my phone. I am in a different country and have no access to that number. How can I get the SMS from that number online

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You can't. At this point, you need to update your account information with the new number that you have. Facebook has posted a way to do this here. They also state that if you do not get the SMS to contact them directly. If you used an email to ever login then you can request that the code be sent via email.

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Cell number, is there a way to find a cell number?

Is there a way to get someone's cell number, I've tried everything but they charge

Start looking for the person online: the company, organizations, or associations where he or she works or is affiliated with. Narrow down the location as much as possible (continent, country, state or region, etc.) Include all of his or her possible name spellings. Use search engines like duckduckgo.com and enter the name and organization or location, for example, to find any results that might be relevant to the person. Search company or social network sites for the name. Some sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ even show the cell phone number. You can search such sites as http://www.anywho.com/whitepages or http://www.skipease.com/ for any information on the person that will help you to gain the number of his phone.

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There are other ways: phone carriers do not officially sell their databases to third parties. However, they do break the law and some "leakages" might occur from time to time. It is a very shady business, and it is not recommended to engage in it. Nevertheless, if your country has a private detective, then he or she can help you with finding the number.

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Please my girlfriend seems to be having an affair outside, but I am not so sure, and I am getting afraid because she could get infected and we both suffer?

I don't want to contact any STD so I would like to take precaution, please it's only for very matured and reasonable reason, thank you very much in advance

To avoid any diseases, you will have to ask your girlfriend to see the doctor regularly (every fortnight or month). You will have to visit the doctor too. If you refer to spying on phones, then, unfortunately, this will not reveal any STDs, as infected persons usually do not know about them.

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Using protection such as a condom is the best way to not get infected with many STDs. If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating, then insist that you start wearing condoms. If you need to, blame it on how you are not ready for children yet. If you are concerned about an STD, search for a free STD testing clinic in your area and get tested every 6 months.

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I want to monitor my husband on his mobile phone?

I want to monitor my husband on his mobile phone

Purchase a spy app such as mSpy or FlexiSpy and install it on his phone. You will need at least 10 minutes to do this so wait for him to be in the shower or sleeping before you begin the installation. Once the app is installed, you will be able to check a Control Panel from your tablet, PC or phone to see if he is cheating or up to something untrustworthy.

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Whatever spy app you choose, you will want to make sure that they offer customer service because sometimes there can be errors with installations.

I have a problem with my love, she said she love me, I love her too much?

Can you help me to prove if it is true that she love me

Time will show you how your relationship is built over time. You may see how she makes you trust her more over time and open up for her too. Love can have many sides, and ofttimes, there can be no proof to the feeling at all: it is felt in your heart, mind, and body. The way she talks about you, the way she trusts you, and how you feel together will show you some of her love.

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My girlfriend keeps her phone away from me like she's hiding something. I don't want to continue a relationship that I don't 100% trust. I know her passcode but never could get the phone to look at it?

I know there is no silver bullet, but I've brought up her flirtatious tendencies to her, just feel I need the truth.

The fact that she gave you her passcode tells you that you can 100% trust her. Some people are just outgoing and appear to be flirting when that is not their intent. Instead of losing your mind about what she may have been doing, start to relax and begin to trust her. Without trust, this relationship will fail. The trust issues do not involve her but instead are all about your insecurities. She is with you for several reasons, so be happy that you get to be with such a wonderful girl instead of chasing down false accusations.

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My wife has cheated in the past?

How do I see what she is doing on her phone

Install a spy app on her phone. Before you do so, if you are not trusting her then it is time for both of you to attend some sort of marriage counseling. Her infidelity and your fears that she will do it again will not completely disappear with a spy app. Focus on how this relationship can move forward instead of worrying about the past. You can get over her past discretion if you let them go with the help of counseling and tools on how to do so. This does not excuse her past behavior but instead, you should be doing this so that you can be happily married again.

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I would like to look into my boyfriend's phone as I think he has been cheating and I have tried numerous sites, however, I am not great with the computer. Could you please help me?

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years and I answered his phone the other day and a woman was on the other line saying good morning baby. He is saying that he wants to come back home and that he hasn't spoken to those girls since. Oh, I forgot I then looked through the phone and found 4 people he was talking to. So we are trying to "date" and take it slow, but I know he is lying but I can't prove it. I am a mess and am having severe depression and paranoia about our relationship now. I also believe one of the people is a friend. I just want to stop playing games and know the truth for myself so I can move on with a clear conscious or give our relationship my all to forgive and forget. Well I am having a hard time trying to access the free sites and I just can't navigate the computer well enough. I know my questions are all over and not anything to actually help the site, but I would be able to ease my mind with some help.

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Thank you. I have tried: I have tried who's he texting and reverse phone and spokeo and numerous videos. I think it was caused by: I am not smart enough to do the simplest task I guess.

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How will I get to know that my girlfriend is ditching me or not?

I just need to know that how to find that my girlfriend is cheating on me or not?. and she wasn't texting or calling me properly and she used to create the so much of doubt on her so I just wanted to know that do she have any affair with any other guy?

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