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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I want a process for my BPO to setup my call center?

I want to start my BPO and need process for my BPO, please help me to provide client details who want to outsource their customer services.


Part of being an entrepreneur means that you need to find a niche that no one else has that can sell clients to want to work with you. Since you have not provided any details about what your BPO does or what country it is in, I will say that a detailed business profile that you can send to potential clients is essential. You should provide details in there about what you can do for them, how many employees you have, languages that are spoken by employees and other information such as if you provide all the training for these employees.

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In your business profile, you will want to list if you have high speed internet, how many calls your company can handle at a time and how many years of experience the owners have in either BPO or call center management.

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I want to start a BPO but I don't know about business like how to collect foreign clients etc. Can you guide me about it?

Hello, I want to start international BPO. Please, can you give me some tips about starting this business?. I have tried: I'm fresher in business and I want to start the business. I think it was caused by: I don't know how to collect clients and what is the procedure

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One trick is to utilize online companies like Odesk and Freelancer. Although in Freelancer you will be bidding on a contract, many big name companies piece out work there and you may actually land a big client. During this time, you will at least be earning some money and can then fan out your business profile to potential clients.

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What are documents that we required to start up a call center?

We are planning to start up a new call center business but then we have a mediator who is outsourcing the process to us so can you help with the details that we have to cross check


If you are in India then you need to register with NASSCOM and then India Telecommunications. There are other applications and forms but those are dependent on what type of call center you are doing. This is for India. For other countries the process is different. Some have absolutely no regulation.

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Can I support BPO (Call center)?

I am a service provider for a complete call center IT solution. Our Services; dialer, intercom, IVR, OBD related service

Yes, you could support a BPO. Start a business and then sending out or going in person to locations. You will basically become a sales person or you can hire someone to do this and sell your company. There are people that their only job is to provide people like you to BPO companies. They have good contacts in the industry and can usually help you get setup faster than just cold calling into businesses yourself.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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How can I find customers to start my own call center business?

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka. I am planning to start my own customer support call center. How can I find customers from UK Australia or other countries? I have tried: I have done a Google search. I think it was caused by: I cannot find any companies looking for

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You will not necessarily find companies in Google saying hey we want to hire a BPO. You could, however, check on Freelancer as well as in each country find out what their major online sales website is. In the UK it is Gumtree. In the US it is Craigslist. Then go to those websites and look in the job sections. This will then give you an idea of the type of clients to target then. You can make a list of potential clients but because you are applying from overseas you will need a very strong business profile to attach to an email. This business profile will have to sell itself so include rates in their currency.

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I want to start a small call center but I don't know how to start? can you help me out?

I have a setup of 10 computer system with manpower and I want to get some call center work but I don't have any client who can provide work to me.

They are not just going to knock on your door at this stage. You need to hustle like you never have before to gain a client. This means that you will need to have a solid business profile to hand out as well as send in an email. Look for smaller clients since you are a smaller call center. Go after several companies a day. You may have to spend a month visiting 10 companies a day before you get a client but do not give up. Eventually, you will get the right match. In the meantime, bid on projects in online outsourcing websites like Freelancer to have some income coming in.

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I want to start a BPO or call center in data entry domain?

I have an office with 10 systems and enough space. I am a MCA graduate and I want to try to find out my own business, so I choose this plan. I have tried: IT Training Institute. I think it was caused by: Still, I have not yet started

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