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Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone

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I want to know the differences between the original iPhone 6 and the fake iPhone 6?


There are a number of ways that you can figure out the differences between an original iPhone 6 and a fake one, including the ones listed in the great VisiHow article below. First, make sure the packaging is completely white except for the information on the back and the iPhone wording on the sides. If there any pictures of the phone on the box. In addition, you can look at the back of the box to find the serial and IMEI numbers; call Apple's support line and give them those numbers. If the customer service representative finds the numbers in Apple's system, you have a genuine device. If you don't, you, unfortunately, have a fake device.

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Configuration of fake iPhone 5S?

Configuration of Korean iPhone 5S


The specs for the Korean made clone iPhone 5S are fairly close to the original. The reviews state it has a fast operating system and high quality camera. It can also make video calls like the iPhone 5S. Keep in mind though that these phones are still cheaply made and can come with defect software or require more factory resets than the original iPhone 5S. You can read more about the Korean clone specs here.

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Do you know which eBay sellers sell fake iPhone?

I need your help, have you ever heard of an eBay guaranteed seller


The ebay Sellers are very careful on not outing that they are selling cloned phones because they will get banned from selling. This also means that they will cycle through several different ebay seller accounts to keep bypassing getting caught and banned. Now if you search by name or model of the specific iPhone clone you want, there may be phones that appear but searching clone iPhone brings up nothing. If the seller is from Hong Kong or China then for sure it is 99% a clone. Also if the price is just too low to believe then it is a clone.

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No matter what seller you decide to use that has the phone you want, go through their reviews. Sift through several pages before you decide to purchase. If the seller has less than 100 reviews, do not purchase any device like this because they are just using several ids to cash in before getting banned.

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I am getting a factory unlocked iPhone and the seller says its original and says that product is from abroad so I can't give you a bill. How can I check whether it is original or fake?

Whether the iPhone is fake or real

Ask the seller to unbox and show you the proof via the IMEI number. It should also be listed on the outside of the box if they do not want to unbox. If you are buying online then check all the reviews of this seller before you make the final purchase.

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Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone
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What are the differences between I6 and Korean version?

What are the differences between I6 and Korean version.

You can watch this Youtube Video which compares both phones side by side to see any of the differences. The cloned version runs on Android OS though so you will not get the iOS features. When you click on the iTunes store it takes you to Google Play for example.

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Hi sir, nice to see you, I bought an iPhone 6S from unknown person but that mobile screen is not like HD display, how to check if that mobile fake or original, the one with 64GB?

How to check if iPhone 6S is original or fake?

Run the IMEI number to see if it is original. There is a link in the top answer to check the IMEI number. The HD display on most of the cloned 6S are fairly good so perhaps yours is real but damaged. Make sure that the screen is not dimmed or set to Auto because that can make the display look less vibrant.

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Is Korean iPhone6 good for use?

It will not damage in some days

For the most part, the reviews are positive of the cloned version from Korea. The Home button is not a sensitive and it runs on Android but if you just like the look then you can purchase it. Keep in mind that they are not built as well as the real iPhone quality but if you get a good price and need a phone then go ahead.

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Hi, how to find out if my iPad is fake?

How to find out if my iPad is fake. I have tried: Fake

One of the fastest ways is to go to download an app through iTunes but instead, you get sent to Google's Play Store. If it was sold out of China then it is definitely fake because Apple can't legally sell there.

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