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Increase uTorrent download speed

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Sir the speed never goes up to 100.25 kb, how can we increase it more?

Sir the download of 3GB takes 9 to 10 hrs


  1. 1
    Open the uTorrent.
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  2. 2
    Select Options>Preferences.
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  3. 3
    In the General Tab
    1. Untick Check Association on Startup.
    2. Check Install Update Automatically.
    3. Check Send detailed info when checking for updates.
    4. Check Prevent Standby when there are available torrents.
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  4. 4
    Go to UI Settings
    1. Check Confirm when deleting torrents.
    2. Check Show Confirmation dialogue on exit.
    3. Check Confirm Exit if critical seeder.
    4. Check Close button closes uTorrent to tray.
    5. Check Show balloon notifications in tray.
    6. Check Always show tray icon.
    7. Check Always activate when clicked.
    8. Check Activate the program window.
    9. Check Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data.
    10. For Seeding torrents Options choose Open Folder.
    11. For downloading torrents choose show properties.
    12. These should be the only selections checked.
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  5. 5
    From the menu click Directories and make sure nothing comes up.
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  6. 6
    Go to Connection
    1. Set Listening Port to 18318.
    2. Check Enable UPnP Port mapping and Enable NAT-PMP port mapping.
    3. Check Add Windows Firewall Exception. At this point nothing else should be selected or checked in Connection.
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  7. 7
    Click Bandwidth from the menu list
    1. Set your maximum upload rate to 670 kB/s.
    2. Maximum download rate should be set to 0 kB/s.
    3. Check Apply rate limit to transport overhead. This should be the only option marked in Global Rate Limits section.
    4. Set Global maximum number of connections to 1890.
    5. Set Maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 2329.
    6. Set Number of upload slots per torrent to 3.
    7. Select Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%.
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  8. 8
    Choose BitTorrent from the menu list
    1. Check everything in the list but for Limit local peer bandwidth.
    2. For Protocol Encryption for Outgoing select Enabled from the dropdown list.
    3. Check Allow incoming legacy connections.
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  9. 9
    Make sure nothing is selected in TransferCap from the menu list.
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  10. 10
    Go to Queueing
    1. Set Maximum number of active torrents to 2.
    2. Set Maximum number of active downloads to 1.
    3. Set Minimum ratio (%) to 100.
    4. Set Minimum seeding time to 0.
    5. Set Minimum number of available seeds to 0.
    6. Nothing else should be checked in Queueing.
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  11. 11
    Click the + next to Advanced in the menu list and go to Disk Cache and make sure only three settings are clicked
    1. Enable caching of disk writes.
    2. Enable caching of disk reads.
    3. Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing.
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  12. 12
    Now click on Advanced in the menu list
    You need to click the actual word:  
    1. bt.allow_same_ip needs to be set to true. Highlight the field and click True at the bottom of the box field.
    2. Highlight bt.connect_speed and a value box will appear. Set it to 50.
    3. Highlight bt.noconnect_to_services to false.
    4. Scroll down in Advanced until you find GUI.show_notorrents_node and set it to false.
    5. Highlight GUI.update_rate and correct the Value to 2000.
    6. Highlight ipfilter.enable and set to false.
    7. Highlight net.max_halfopen to the value of 66.
    8. Scroll down to find peer.disconnect_inactive_interval to set the value to 900.
    9. Highlight queue.dont_count_slow_dl to set to false.
    10. Highlight queue.dont_count_slow_ul should be set to false as well.
    11. Scroll down to find rss.update_interval and set the value to 30.
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  13. 13
    Click Apply and then OK.
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  14. 14
    Give your new setting changes about an hour to update and then beginning downloading faster!
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My speed is usually 200-500 kbps my friends is 3MB?

I just want my speed to go to 1MB. I have tried: I changed the preference thing. I think it was caused by: I don't know


It could be your internet provider or your router. Unless you are both in the same house, there are many variables for those changes. For instance, my internet provider uses fiber optic which is far faster than other connections available. We also use two routers for WiFi because our house is three levels so this provides the best coverage. While my router on the first floor is wicked fast, even with the additional WiFi upstairs, the third floor is slower. Change your WiFi location or use Ethernet when downloading for the best speed. Run a Speed Test program on your computer and compare it to what your internet provider claims are the rates of transfer. It may be your router location that makes all the difference. Especially if you changed your Settings to maximize your speeds.

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In status says queued and under down speed it is blank?

It doesn't download. how can I fix this. I have tried: Look up YouTube. I think it was caused by: Trying to make it faster in properties


First, go through the process listed out in the above answer to change your settings properly. Then try to download but wait an hour before trying. If nothing has changed, search online to see if your internet provider blocks programs like uTorrent. Second, only download from trusted sources, if you are on a website that allows comments then read them before you try to download. You should also have at least 10 seeders available before you try to download anything.

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Why is my download speed 1-2kbps, I measured my speed, its showing 1mbps any way to make it faster?

Downloading a game "blade and soul" patch but the client, always restarts the download whenever I close it, so need to download from torrent but the downloading speed 1-2kbps ..it will take forever to complete download

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Increase uTorrent download speed
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When I changed some values in advanced option my speed suddenly decreased, why?

When this website of yours gave me instructions to change values in advanced option of preferences and when I did that my down speed decreased. Please help!

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