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Maria lives in United States

WAHM of three beautiful children. Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing.

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How to Shop Wisely at the Dollar Store 2016-04-20 444
How to Lose Weight With Resistant Starch Foods 2016-04-19 546
Control Hunger with Rooibos Tea 2016-04-18 1,396
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Prepare Yourself to Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend 2018-05-15 2,961
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posted 1611 days ago

Thanks Ma'am :)

posted 1691 days ago

Thank you for thumb up.

posted 1706 days ago

Thank you! i had wandered around and found Howik... And I am happy now... =)

posted 1706 days ago

Thank you,, Maria! It's amazing to realize how well Mother Nature has been taking care of us and all we have to do is discover how...:D

posted 1720 days ago

Thank you, Diva! :D

posted 1741 days ago

Hi! I would just like to know why the page about "How to suggest a friend you would like to date her not knowing if she is a lesbian" was deleted... Thank you so much!

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