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Custom 1Drinking half your body weight in water daily not only helps hydrate you but it also helps you think faster and clear your skin. Try it out. The first two weeks you will feel extra urgency but then your body will adjust. Add lemon and cucumber for extra toxin release.
Custom 2Garlic has beneficial healing powers. Taking odorless raw garlic not only helps ward off colds but aids in raising testosterone in males.
Custom 3The 5:2 diet where you stay under 500/600 calories 2 days a week lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and your risk for many cancers. It aid in body repair on a cellular level to help with pain management.
Custom 4Cinnamon helps with headaches, inflammation and colds. Mixed with honey it is powerful in helping your body. Mix a little with lime and baking soda for a facial scrub that is wonderful for open pores.
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MoviesThe Graduate; Beautiful Life; Sound of Music
TVThe Walking Dead; Breaking Bad; Dateline; The Blacklist; This Old House; Mad Men
MusicLorde; Eminem; The Bee Gees
BooksThe Da Vinci Code; The Notebook
Video gamesGrand Theft Auto
MagazinesBetter Homes and Gardens
SnacksItalian, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Palao
DrinksSpiced Chai
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Real nameMaria
HometownBridgeport, Connecticut
BirthdayDecember 17th
OccupationProject Manager
Places I have livedConnecticut, Indiana, Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota
SchoolsHeritage Christian Academy

University of Connecticut

About meWAHM of three beautiful children. Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing.
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posted 2 days ago

Address:Kurfürstendamm 96, 10709 Berlin, Germany. Email:

Dear Good One, How are you and life generally , i know the Lord is perfecting it for you .

My name is Mrs DORTE ANNEGRET, from Ukraine,but married to a Deutschman (a German) Mr. Bebin Hill who worked with the national Oil company in Ivory coast before he was poisoned by his co worker from Africa in 2013 .

I inherited some funds from my husband and I decided to relocate abroad and invest the fund into any lucrative business to start a new life there since we didn't have child together before he died , though he was very older than me but i loved him soo much .He was a loving caring husband , may his soul rest in peace.

I contacted you so that you can assist me in the investment plans. I am only a house wife dont know anything about investment or mean of transferring the fund to your country .

Pls :. kindly get back to me so that we can discuss more. Thank You and God Bless You richly! SEND YOUR REPLY PRIVATE HERE : ( ) MRS DORTE Bebin Hill.

posted 116 days ago

Hello, I'm Michelle,i came in contact with you today,I'm pleading you to contact me with my private email here ( i have something important to tell you OK, God bless you. Thanks.

posted 138 days ago

I love you papa I'm Hannah gellica daughter of graciano Ralph gellica and I have 5 brothers and my is very loving caring to us especially to my papa Yassora and maria what soever hi to girls friends of my papa...

posted 138 days ago

Hi I'm woman of purity in heart honest to my husband and faithful coz we have 6 children and love each other so much 29 marriage I'm happy and thankful to god we lovemy papa so much.

posted 176 days ago


posted 221 days ago

Dear I'm Mr, Kim Baran i have something to tell you very serious & painful contact@ (

posted 270 days ago

hello my friend how are you doing i hope all is fine with you nice to meet you i am very happy to meet you

posted 270 days ago

hello my friend how are you doing i hope all is fine with you nice to meet you i am very happy to have you as a friend

posted 725 days ago

Hi Ma'm I am in trouble please help me A company has given a offer to buy a samsung galaxy s3 in 3000 only May i purchase it , If yes then how could i differentiate between the fake and genuine one

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