Use the Battery Longer for your Smartphone

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"Why don't you call me?" you blame your loved one, pouting. "I waited all night ... " How will you explain, then, that you just ran out of battery? So sophisticated is your smartphone, yet it can't stay on for more than a day, and you have forgotten your charger ... This is the 243rd time you have used this excuse, and it may well be true, but it still makes a chip in the ear. While smartphones are generally more impressive and entertaining, the life of their battery is sorely lacking! They must be regularly recharged, even throughout the day. And if you're a regular charger oblivion ... there are a few tips to extend the life and use of a battery that you would do well to implement!

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    The most effective and easiest way to extend the life of a battery is to turn off the smartphone
    When it is of no use during the day, such as when you 're at the office and can't talk, turn it off ! This will save several minutes or even hours of battery!
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    When you move into places where it is difficult to pick up the network, your smartphone is constantly seeking better network connection and uses more battery
    So remember to turn off your smartphone or put it in flight mode, if it is of no use.
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    Use the ringer on your smartphone without the vibrate mode
    Reserve this function when you use the silent mode.
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    If the battery of your smartphone has a very limited period of life, opt for short calls or send SMS
    This will save you a few more minutes.
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    Remember to turn off your Bluetooth after use
    The Bluetooth option tends to drain the battery.
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    Unlike 3G, the WiFi option only works when you are in the access points and does not work in all areas, and you should think of turn it off when you do not use
    WiFi is the number one enemy of our batteries.
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    Remember to close your applications after use
    They consume a lot of energy, even when they work in the background .
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    Remove the automatic synchronization of your emails and calendars
    Use this option only when you need it.
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  9. 9
    Avoid putting too many widgets on your phone screen - they are cute, sometimes practical, but consume a lot of energy
    Limit it to only widgets that are really useful.
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  10. 10
    Adjust the screen brightness of your phone screen - excessive screen brightness can waste a lot of energy
    Set it to a level that is enough to view your screen clearly. This also protects your eyes from being irritated due to excessive light from you phone screen.
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  11. 11
    Prevent or minimize phone animations - they are amazing to watch but consumes a lot of energy
    Limit your phone's animation and transitions. Animations and transitions consumes additional energy for each activity you make in your phone.
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  12. 12
    Properly charge your battery - avoid or minimize using your phone while charging
    This will help your battery recharge to it's full potential. The battery charging becomes more efficient.
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  13. 13
    Use appropriate or specified charger for your phone - this will help your battery charge efficiently
    Different battery types has it's own specific requirements that needs to be match to it's charger. Using inappropriate charger will decrease the efficiency and lifespan of your battery.
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