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Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

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Use almond oil to remove chickenpox scars?


Scars caused by chickenpox usually are unsightly dark-brown fibrous tissue formations in the outer layer of the skin. Most chickenpox scars fades away over time because of the regenerative properties of the skin and some chickenpox scars fade slowly. There are various home-remedies to increase the regenerative healing properties of the skin and one of the best home-remedy is the almond oil. Almond oil has been clinically proven to help in the reduction of scar tissues of the skin. Almond oil contains essential minerals, vitamins B, vitamin E, protein and healthy fats which nourishes the skin, smooths the scars and promotes even tone of the skin. Almond oil also has a potent sclerosant and emollient properties which greatly aids in reducing and smoothing scar tissues. In general, using almond oil is one of the best home-remedy in removing chickenpox cars because of its various skin healing properties.

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Natural ways to flatten deep hole scars of chickenpox?


Scarring is actually part of the body's natural healing process. These are thickened collagen or protein which develops as a result of any cut, abrasion, surgical incision, injury, acne, or chickenpox. Scars produced by chickenpox are characteristically deep or pitted and may also appear to be box car scars which can either be deep or superficial.

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There are variety of over-the-counter and dermatological or surgical treatments explored to be able to shed off the unsightly scarring brought about by chickenpox; however, more people are now more inclined to go for alternative or natural ways to reduce the appearance of chickenpox scars because these are proven to be safer and more effective in dealing with such skin conditions. Here are some of them:

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  • Trifolium pratense or "Red Clover"
  • Galium aperine or "Cleavers"

The ingredients of these homeopathic treatments help the skin regenerate itself while keeping the body healthy and well-balanced.

It happened years ago, can I still remove it?

Basically I've been wondering about this scar on my forehead for years, and recently my friend has told me it's a chickenpox scar. But, it happened when I was 4/5 so can I still be able to remove it?. I think it was caused by: Chickenpox

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