Use Motorola Atrix as Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

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In this article I will guide you on how you can use your Motorola Atrix HD as your portable WiFi hotspot. You will find it very helpful to have a WiFi hotspot and Motorola Atrix has that capability. Below are the basic steps on how you can set this up.

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The steps below is also applicable with Motorola RAZR.



  1. 1
    On the main menu of your mobile tap the 'Applications' which is located on the lower middle part of your mobile.
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  2. 2
    From Applications look for settings and then tap 'Settings'
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  3. 3
    Under Settings tap 'Tethering and Mobile Hotspot'
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  4. 4
    Then under Tethering and Mobile Hotspot tap 'Mobile Hotspot Settings'
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  5. 5
    Then tap 'Mobile Hotspot'
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  6. 6
    Then there will be a popup window Warning, after you read it tap 'OK'
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  7. 7
    Then tap 'Configure Mobile Hotspot'
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  8. 8
    Then a popup window will appear tap 'Network SSID', you should see your default SSID name and make sure that you tap / tick Broadcast SSID.
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  9. 9
    Then enter a new SSID name that you prefer, then tap password and enter your preferred password, then tap Save.
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  10. 10
    After popup window appears which indicates that your settings has been modified, tap 'Restart Now'
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  11. 11
    The Hotspot will then be activated and you should see a wireless icon on the upper left corner of your mobile and other devices will be able to see your WiFi (SSID) to connect.
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Questions and Answers

How do I setup my hotspot? They said I need to setup an account?

Motorola Atrix hotspot -- I need an account.

Yes, mobile hotspots are not free and require that you sign up for additional plans with your carrier. The account your phone is referring to is your account with your mobile provider; call your mobile provider to make sure that you are paying the additional fees required to use the mobile hotspot feature. Once they confirm that you are paying for it and set it up for you, you'll be able to use your hotspot.

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