Use LG Optimus as Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Like many other mobile devices you can also use your LG Optimus as a portable WiFi hotspot by this you can share the internet of your LG mobile to other devices to connect into your LG internet. In this article I will provide you the basic steps on how you can turn your LG Optimus mobile into a WiFi Hotspot.

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    From the main menu of your LG mobile tap 'Applications' unique from other devices Applications is usually located in the lower middle corner of your mobile but for LG this is usually located on the lower right corner of your mobile
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    Under Apps, tap 'Settings' to some the settings might be on a different location due to many additional application and or jumbled settings of your applications just scroll to locate your settings icon image shown below
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    Then from Settings, under Wireless and networks, tap 'More'
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    Then under Networks, tap 'Portable WiFi Hotspot'
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    Then tap 'Configure WiFi Hotspot'
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    Then a popup window will appear, you will then see your default SSID name, you can change this to your preferred SSID or network name
    Then tap Password for you to create a password for your WiFi hotspot and then tap 'Save'
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    Then it will lead you back to the Portable Hotspot page, tap 'Portable WiFi Hotspot'
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    You should then see a check mark on the small box at the right corner of your Portable WiFi Hotspot
    When you see this your WiFi is now enables and set, other devices should then be able to connect on your LG internet.
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