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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. This is part of a series of videos on the Spanish language. In this video, we are going to show you how to use verbs ending in "IR".

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    In Spanish, verbs end in either "AR", "ER" or "IR"
    This is a simple guide to conjugating regular "IR" verbs in the present tense. There are irregular verbs, and we will demonstrate how to conjugate a few of them individually in other tutorials.
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    "IR" verbs are different from the other two groups, as in their endings the "I" is replaced with an "E" for some subjects
    Keep this in mind when we discuss the examples.
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    To conjugate any regular "IR" verb in the present tense, take off the "-ir" at the end of the verb and add the following endings
    We will use the verb "Vivir" as an example, and this means "To live". As we mentioned earlier, we'll need to take off the "-ir" from the end of the verb. Then we're going to add one of these endings.
    • "Viv-o" - "I live"
    • "Viv-es" - "You live", (Informal)
    • "Viv-e" - "He or She lives", "You live" (Formal)
    • "Viv-imos" - "We live"
    • "Viv-ís" - "You live" (plural)
    • "Viv-en" - "They live" (also You Formal plural)
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    As we said earlier, there are three types of verb endings, "AR", "ER" and "IR"
    "IR" is different from the other two forms because it changes a little bit. Even though the verb ends in "IR", sometimes we use an "E" in the endings. In regular "AR" verbs, it will always be an "A", such as "-as", "-a", "-amos", "-áis" and "-an". The "IR" verb is a bit different from the other two in that aspect.
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    This is a way to conjugate any regular "IR" verb
    Just follow this same pattern. Take off the "-ir" and add one of these endings for any regular "IR" verb.
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    Here are some sentence examples
    "¿En qué barrio vives tú?" means "In what neighborhood do you you live?" We've taken off the "-ir", and we've replaced it with "-es". That means "Tú".
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    Next, "Vivimos juntos" means "We live together"
    Now, we've taken off the "-ir", and we've added "-imos". That means "We".
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    Now, you try to conjugate some "IR" verbs
    A couple of regular "IR" verbs are "Compartir", which means "To share" and "Abrir", which means "To open". Conjugate them using the method we've shown in this video, and then try and make your own sentences with them. Since both are regular verbs, you can just follow the same rules and pattern that we've already talked about.
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    Leave your sentences in the comment section below, so you can share them with us
    Then we can also see how well you have understood this lesson. This concludes our tutorial on how to use "IR" verbs in the Spanish language. If you have any questions, comments or queries regarding this video or about the content in this video, then please leave them in the comment section below, and we shall answer them for you.
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Video: Use IR Verbs in Spanish

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