Use Emoji on Windows Phone

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When words are just not enough, Emoji icons allow Windows phone users to express their emotions or state of mind through character-size graphics.



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    Think about the message you want to convey.
    Effective communication does not just rely on text and words, but also on effective visuals. It is easy to get misinterpreted when sending mobile messages. Emoji help mobile users express themselves better by symbolizing, emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a character-size graphics produced by entering a certain series of characters.
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    Look for an appropriate Emoji to send with your message.
    There are about a hundred Emoji from which Windows phone users can choose from, from the common happy smiley, which has the following code ":)", to more complex ones such as a goat "(nnh)". For a complete list of emoji for Windows Phones, click here -- .
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    Take advantage and be creative.
    Try using different Emoji every time. The more you use the Emoji, the easier it is for you to recall the code without having to check the Emoji list all the time.
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Advantages of Using Emoji

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    It helps to avoid misunderstanding.
    There are simply some words and phrases which are read differently. While the texter does not intend to mean something negative, it can easily be interpreted negatively by another person. Therefore, using emoji will help to clarify the mood of the texter and the feelings behind a message.
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    It keeps the conversation light.
    Having some emoji on a message indicates that the mood is not very serious and formal and that there is a lot of room for relaxation and just being comfortable with the person you are talking to.
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    It puts more feelings into the conversation.
    It used to be that text messages are almost emotionless, unlike when you talk to a person face-to-face. However with emoji, you are able to anticipate the overall mood of the conversation. In fact, humor can even be added to a text conversation because of these icons, which was not possible in the past.
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    It creates a good impression to the person using it.
    There are several studies that show people who use a lot of emoji icons in a text conversation are perceived to be more pleasant and likeable. It is because people who has a sense of humor are considered to be less temperamental compared to very moody ones.
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Where Emoji is Not Appropriate

Emoji is not always appropriate in all situations. While it may come very handy when talking to friends and relatives, it may not be that welcome in other situations. The following are some documents where emoji is not very suitable:

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    Formal email communication.
    If you are sending a very important and formal email to your boss or client, inserting emoji icons will not give a good impression. Important emails normally require that you become upfront with what you'd like to say. Not only will emoji be rather distracting, it will also give the impression that you are not taking the communication seriously and that you are rather childish in your behavior.
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    Chat conversations with a client.
    Although chat applications like Skype, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, and others are getting more and more common these days for important correspondences, there should still be a proper distinction between informal chit chat and the more professional ones. If you are doing a personal chit chat with a friend, it's perfectly alright to use lots of emoji icons. However, this is not suitable if you are discussing an important matter or if you know for a fact that the person you are talking to is very formal. Aside from considering the context in which you are doing the conversation, you also have to consider the personality of the person you are talking to. Not everyone would get what those emoji icons are for. Therefore, if you would like to avoid any misunderstanding, it may be better to just totally refrain from using it.
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    Important memos or announcements.
    If you have to send out important memos or announcements and you know for a fact that the readers will be varied, it may be best to just completely avoid using emoji. While some people may appreciate it, not all will have the same reaction.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Save a copy for offline access. Downloading the image or saving a screenshot of the Emoji list in your personal mobile gallery for quick access when a connection is not available.
  • Memorize codes for cool and unique Emoji. Surprise your friends by suddenly sending a cool Emoji in a middle of a dull conversation.
  • If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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