Use Appmia to Monitor Loved Ones

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Nowadays, spying on someone's phone has become pretty easy. There are a number of specialized software applications that make the process of spying easy, safe and available for everyone. But as a result of the diversity of spy software, it's important to choose the program which best suits your particular needs. We've tested the spy app Appmia to see how it can help monitor your loved ones.

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So, do want to know how to spy on your loved one's phone in the best possible way?



  1. 1
    Visit the Appmia website. We found the website to be user-friendly and intuitive
    You can easily find all the information you need, and answers to any questions you might have are readily available. By clicking the "Buy Now" button,
    Buy now button
    you will be transferred to the page with descriptions of each package.
    Package Descriptions
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    On the "Buy Now" page, you will find different variants of license packages with the lists of features for each one
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    • "Basic" package doesn't include all the available tools of Appmia, so we recommend you purchase the "Premium" package. There's almost no difference in price between "Basic" and "Premium", but the Premium package allows you to benefit from all opportunities offered with of this spying app.
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    Choose the desirable package and click "BUY NOW" button
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    • You will be redirected to the secure checkout page, where you need to fill in all required fields to accomplish the purchase.
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    • You will receive an email with further instructions once you click "buy now", which will contain an access link with login and password.
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  4. 4
    After the successful installation of the program on the device, you will get access to the panel, which allows you to use various Appmia Tools
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    Menu panel includes:  
    1. Dashboard.
    2. Activity Log,.
    3. Surroundings.
    4. Applications.
    6. Browsing.
    7. Events.
    8. Call History.
    9. Contacts.
    10. E-mail.
    11. Facebook.
    12. Gmail.
    13. Keylogger.
    14. Location.
    15. Music.
    16. Photos.
    17. Skype.
    18. SMS.
    19. Viber.
    20. Videos.
    21. Voice Memos.
    22. WhatsApp.
    23. Manage Device.
    24. Snapchat and Telegram Tools will be added by Appmia soon.
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  5. 5
    Applications are extremely easy to use
    For example, by choosing the Facebook item on the panel you get access to all Facebook messages (outgoing and incoming) of the profile, which is logged in on the device you spy on.
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  6. 6
    After choosing the "Manage Device" item, you'll get access to the panel, where you may see all device information like battery status or the date of last update.
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  7. 7
    In addition, you will find here different logging settings, so if you don't need to control Music or Contacts you may simply switch them off
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  8. 8
    Appmia also gives you the unique opportunity to block calls from certain numbers, as well as messages, which includes certain prohibited keywords, website and applications blocking
    Therefore, parents now may be sure in the security of their children.
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Appmia showed itself to be a user-friendly spying software with a full set of functions and tools. Using this app is not difficult. The Premium and Lifetime packages are comparable with other spy apps we have tested. Appmia is a great tool for tracking and monitoring devices. You will not get caught and you will get all the information you need from it.

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Where is my control panel? Can only seem to complete three of four steps and therefore cannot find my control panel.

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Do you have to purchase the app in the cell phone that I would like to track?

Do you have to purchase the app in the cell phone that I would like to track? I have tried: I just read about it. I think it was caused by: None

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