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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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Unfaithful man and un-loyal man?

How do I walk out on a man who is not faithful to me and still messing with other ex's and girls around the hood. He says he loves me and wants to marry me but how if he is doing such things when he leaves home. I have been dating this guy for 7 years and a year engaged but I swear I am not happy cause I have women auditioning to be in my position. Desperate woman trying to get him to impregnate her. I wish I had my own man and didn't have to go through such. What should I do?. I have tried: I told him to move out but he always comes to me to say he apologizes, its not him its the girls that are following him. I suggested we lay a protect order he refused. I have tried so many things but he comes back and because I love him and he is the father of my baby I let him in again. I think it was caused by: I doubt there are problems because I always thought he will be a better person. I have cheated and my reason was that I wanted to feel loved but he always reminds me of that for his current issues

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I need to know if my husband is having an emotional affair with his unhappily married secretary?

History: Ten years ago my husband started a new business with a partner. He asked me if it would be OK if he asked my best friend if she could be his secretary. She really did have good credential. I thought it was a great idea. then the next to years he started flirting with her and putting me down in front of her. You have to know that we were all very good friends and hung in a tight neighborhood. It was painful for me and I started journaling because I thought I was going crazy. I finally went to therapy and it helped somewhat. I had on several occasions asked him to fire her and he would not. About five years into it things continued to get worse until I finally told him either he come to therapy to work what he thought was my perceived suspicions or I was going to leave him. Things seemed to have improved. However it is now ten years later and some thing still get to me. Like about a year a go he was being really rough with me during sex. We have always had a good varied and exciting sex life. and we have always tried new and varied positions. He rarely speaks her name in our house and whenever I ask him what their family is doing this weekend her always says he has no idea. Since we run in some of the same circles I am with her on occasion. Last Friday the girls were getting together at 7:30. At 6:30 he called to ask if I was home and I said yes . He said he would pack up soon and be home, a 10 minute drive. at 7:30 he arrived as I was heading to the party in the neighborhood. We were all going to meet at friends house. She called the friend and said she was going to be late. When she got there she had a hard time looking at me and when I said her hair looked nice did she just get it cut she said no I just took a shower. I have tried: Already mentioned that. I think it was caused by: Don't know. HE makes a lot more money. Everyone think we are happily married and it seems that way to me too

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How can I avoid my man for cheating on me?

I need my man to stop cheating on me


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Sneaking out, late nights, not coming home, new clothes, secret email accounts, am I the fool?

Am I a fool? He displays all of the attributes of a cheat!

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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating


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