Turn Your Black Dress Into a Unique Party Dress

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Wouldn't you like to look your best in any party you are attending? If so, then get that black dress out of your closet now and be the center of attention (or envy maybe by some girls). But why black? Ever wondered why black dresses have become the favorite for parties and many other formal and special occasions? This is because you can pair them with almost anything without the worries of getting a mismatch. With this, black has become the universal color. But being classy and elegant does not at all mean you need to spend a fortune on a dress. With a few of the right accessories and a little "updating", you can turn your simple black dress into a classy one.

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    Use statement accessories Bold statement accessories can turn your simple black dress into a unique party dress.
    Look for accessories that are not commonly used, or those sold by the dozens. If you can, try customizing your accessories and letting them say something about you.
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    Put on a tailored jacket over that black dress.
    Way cooler that an office cardigan, a tailored jacket can make you feel comfortable all throughout the party, even when you party all night.
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    Embellish to impress Add a brooch or a pin as an embellishment to your black party dress.
    Of course you have to make sure that any accessory you put with your dress won't ruin your look. Accessories can either break or make your image, so be careful.
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    Experiment with colors.
    Try to add an unexpected hue to your little party dress, like a bright or pastel-colored belt. Colors add a little more life to your black dress and if you are creative, experimental and bold, then you can be an instant trend-setter.
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    Top it with a houndstooth shawl.
    If you don't feel like you want to top your dress with a cardigan, maybe a pretty shawl can help you achieve a unique party look. Make a statement too with a scarf or a wrap draped around your neck. It creates a sexy yet elegant effect with your outfit.
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    Be sure you are not too busy working on your dress.
    Remember that any party dress will always be perfect with the right hairstyle and footwear.
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Choosing the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Spending so much time shopping for that right party dress is not enough. if you want to look good, don't just settle for a pretty dress. Go for one that will perfectly complement your body type. The right dress for the right body shape - what else would be the result? A perfect and stunning YOU.

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  1. 1
    Pear shape.
    If you are a pear, (characterized by wider waist but smaller shoulders), a halter dress will just be perfect for you. This will highlight one of your best features which is the shoulders. Halters create an illusion of a perfect triangular shape, making the hips look smaller too.
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    Apple shape.
    Since apples (mid-section is wider and waist is high) have square torsos, their waists lack definition. Shirred dresses can actually do the trick. The effect brought by shirred designs can make the waist look smaller.
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    For one with the hourglass shape (defined curves, waist narrow and with full hips) you can flaunt those curves with V-neck dresses. The V shape creates an illusion of an even narrower waist. Dresses with panels are the most recommended.
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    A rectangle shape (masculine body shape, straight, lacks curves and definition) can be enhanced with flared dresses. This can help create an illusion of defined waist. Dresses with halter necks or medium-neckline will be a good dress idea for a rectangle. Dresses that need belts are no-nos.
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  • Don't get overdressed. While it is good to dress up, overdressing is a big no-no. When you are invited to a party. Make sure that you dress properly in accordance to the gathering, but not more than the host (if you are one among the guests). Be modest enough to let her shine at a party she threw
  • Accessorize properly. Putting on accessories sometimes will only ruin your look. Yes, even a wrong choker will put all your effort to waste.
  • Don't forget to always carry with you, your confidence. Confidence can make you more attractive, and even a standout. Be ready to catch everyone's attention.
  • If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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