Trim Your Eyebrows with Scissors

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Hi, you are watching VisiHow. My name is Kara and today I will show you how to trim your eyebrows. You probably don't want them to grow too long or be too bushy. Even with my eyebrows, which are naturally too thin, there is the tendency of growing too long. In this video, I will show you how to cut the eyebrow hair in the right way so that it looks good. Let's start.

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  1. 1
    When you trim your eyebrows, you need to pick the right scissors
    For example, you cannot use the cuticle scissors which you would normally use on fingernails because they are curved. Scissors for the eyebrows need to be perfectly straight. If you use cuticle scissors you will end up with some parts of the eyebrows longer and some shorter and it will be a mess.
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    What I'm doing now is using a brush, which is at the end of an eyebrow pencil, to brush my eyebrows
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    The next thing I am going to do is to lift the eyebrow up just a little bit so that the ends are visible on the other side of the brush
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    Run the scissors directly above the brush and cut the excess hair
    Make sure that you keep the scissors horizontal. Can you see how long my eyebrows actually are? Even though they are not the thickest eyebrows in the world.
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    Do the same thing for each section of your eyebrow until it is finished
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    Now, brush the hair downward and trim the excess hair
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    Again, do this for the full length of your eyebrow
    You do not have to go to a salon to get your eyebrows trimmed when you can do it yourself at home.
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  8. 8
    Wipe the hair off of your face
    At this point you may want to wipe any hair off your face. A blush brush works well for this. Having trimmed eyebrows, even if you use makeup for the eyebrows, helps to make them look nicer and better cared for.
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  9. 9
    Trim the eyebrow above your left eye
    Again, use the same technique to gently lift up the eyebrow hair so that the excess is sticking out on the other side of the brush. Then, keeping the scissors horizontal cut off the excess. It is harder to cut the hair on the left side, for me, because the hair grows in the opposite direction and I am right-handed.
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    Brush the eyebrow hair downward and cut off the excess
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    Again, use a blush brush to wipe any eyebrow hair off your face
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  12. 12
    Check to make sure there are no missed spots
    As you can see I have missed a spot. I am going to change to my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow palm made brush. This actually works better. Oops, I think I just accidentally trimmed my brush.
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  13. 13
    Thank you for watching me trimming my eyebrows
    If you have any questions or would like any more tips on beauty and makeup, please leave your comments and questions in the section below. Thank you, bye-bye
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Video: Trim Your Eyebrows with Scissors

Questions and Answers

How to trim eyebrows? Will this make them less thick and more thin and can I use cuticle scissors?

I only have cuticle scissors at the moment, so could I use that to trim my eyebrows as they has a very long hairs and are hard to groom when I do my eyebrows each day. I'm also worried if I trim my eyebrows will this make them thinner I would love my eyebrows to be strong and thick while trimmed without making them thin?

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Trimming your eyebrows will not make them thinner but waxing does. You could use cuticle scissors if that is all you have available to you but if they are dull they may pull the hair out instead of trim the eyebrow and they also are curved so they are not the best option. You should wait until you can purchase a proper pair of scissors.

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How can I do it on my own? I don't know how?

Trimming your eyebrows is difficult to me.

Practice makes perfect. With all make up and grooming applications there is some sort of learning curve. Go slowly and step by step trim your eyebrows. Do not cut as short as you want at first so that if you mess up it will be less noticeable and easier to fix.

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I'm 14 a boy and I just want to give my eyebrows some shape because they're a little thick?

That's it in the your question box. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure

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