Treat a Hangover

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If you have ever had too many drinks, then there is a good chance you know

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how a hangover feels. While many people love alcoholic beverages, there are still times when too much is enjoyed in excess. For centuries, people have drunk to their heart's content and been left with a hangover the next day. While the night before might have seemed like a blast, the day after seems like a painful nightmare. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help relieve this pain.

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After all that dancing, laughing, and booze, here comes the queasiness, pounding headache, muscle aches, dizziness, sensitivity to both sound and light, and irritability.

Just by looking at the symptoms, there is no doubt that many people from all over the world have experienced hangover. As a matter of fact, maybe, at this very hour, there are a lot of party animals who are complaining because of hangover.

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For those of you who swear that you won't experience a hangover again (which seems to be the anthem of everyone who loves to drink until they drop), you could try the following foods that may be able to help you escape some of the consequences of drinking too hard.

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How to Treat Hangover: Freeing Yourself from the After-Shock of Partying

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    These elongated cuties are known as edible and excellent toxin destroyers. According to researchers, eggs are rich in cysteine, which is a form of amino acid. Researchers say that this amino acid is very capable of breaking down the toxins that the body hasn't able to eliminate. Eggs are also rich in B vitamins, and it has been proven in a study conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine that B vitamins have the capacity to lessen the symptoms of hangover.
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    Coconut Water.
    As explained by an alcohol metabolism expert, as well as Anthropology Professor at Union College, James M. Schaefer, The molecules of alcohol love water or H2O; thus, no matter what kind of alcohol a person takes in, it'll definitely grab water. And as a result, the entire body, plus the brain, will be drained until it's dry. Therefore, when drinking alcoholic beverages, hydration is critical. Instead of consuming energy drinks - which may be packed with electrolytes, but also contain artificial food dyes that may harm the brain cells - it's better to drink coconut water, preferably with low sugar content. It is also packed with electrolytes, just like the famous Gatorade.
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    Tomato Juice.
    Among the favorites of many party animals is the alcoholic beverage called a Bloody Mary. However, after taking in glass after glass of Bloody Mary, they need to drink another glass of it, but this time without the alcohol - plain tomato juice. As explained by the National Institutes of Health, when there is a continuous stream of alcoholic beverages in the body, the liver is very busy in metabolizing these beverages, in order to keep sufficient blood sugar levels. Glucose is considered the main source of energy for the brain. A glass or cup of tomato juice is rich in simple sugars, which are enough to uplift the energy. It also boasts its richness in Lycopene, a substance with amazing inflammation-fighting properties, as well as excellent hydrating abilities.
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What You Should Take the Morning after Drinking Alcohol

If you really want to steer clear o hangover, the only sure-fire measure you take is to abstain from alcoholic drinks. However, abstinence from alcohol to some may spell a boring night. Anyway, you can think about the pounding headache, queasiness, nausea and crappy feeling the morning after. Nevertheless, here are a couple of accessible and readily available remedies you can take advantage of to make the morning after feel a little less horrendous. Take note that getting another alcoholic drink is not part of this list.

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    A good way of managing the symptoms of hangover is to replace the fluid you've lost from the dehydrating qualities of alcohol, and maybe even from vomiting. Since alcohol is a diuretic, you are very prone to dehydration when drinking. Drinking 16-20 ounces of water is a must for those with hangover. In fact, it is highly recommended to order a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage and alternate between the two to avoid hangover and dehydration.
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    Regular coffee drinkers may feel a bit better by drinking a small cup of their java drink the morning after. Caffeine can heighten alertness and wakefulness, and is therefore a good remedy for the drowsy feeling caused by hangover. Likewise, caffeine has been noted to be an effective cure for headaches and migraines. If you are used to a java fix every morning, make sure you do not skip it when you have a hangover. Missing your morning coffee drink may also cause you caffeine-withdrawal headaches, adding to the discomforts of hangover. For best results, drink coffee and water.
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    Toasts or Crackers.
    Many parents have formed a habit of giving their kids a few crackers when they cannot keep anything down. These carbs can also be an answer the discomforts brought about by getting drunk. Carbohydrates can help regulate your blood sugar levels after a night of drinking. In normal and sober situations, your body's stored carbohydrates will do the work. However, due to your alcoholic intake, your liver gets too preoccupied in metabolizing alcohol and can no longer produce glucose from stored carbs. Once your blood sugar level is normalized, you will start feeling less irritable and tired.
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    Pain medication.
    Taking pain relievers may help tone down the throbbing feeling in your head. However, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen are the only ones recommended. Avoid acetaminophen or Tylenol. Likewise, habitual drinkers may have already developed complications in the liver. In such cases, it is best to consult your doctor prior to taking pain medication. You should also make sure you are not allergic to certain drugs.
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    No matter how short your binge session is, you surely have lost a good number of essential nutrients in your body. Taking multivitamins will be very helpful in restoring those nutrients that have been washed out of your system by alcohol. Multivitamins are even more effective as hangover cures than some products labeled as hangover cures. Plus, these so-called hangover pills can be expensive.
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