Train a good basketball player

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Basketball is a sport that is played by two opposing teams with 5 starting members each. Their main goal is to earn points by shooting the basketball ball in such different ways that scores 2-3 points. But sometimes, if given a free throw (when a certain member of the opposing team commits a foul) you can earn 1 point.

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According to the 2013 statistics from ( Basketball entered the Top 7 spot on the most played sports worldwide. While in the US it is on the Top 3 spot.

A lot of people around the world had been fascinated by this sport. Over the years, it has become one of the famous street and professional sport. In this sport a player must be one-hundred percent physically and mentally fit. Basketball is not just about the strength but also about strategy. Though basketball is not just for the normal people. It can also be played by the ones with disorders. With different rules applied.

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Every player has their own story on how they became good or eventually became one of the best players in this sport. Definitely, there is only one way to be good or to be the best player in the long run and that is through training.

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There are 5 different positions a basketball player can acquire.

  • Center
  • Power Forward
  • Small Forward
  • Shooting Guard
  • Point Guard

But even if a player have their different positions in the game. They still undergo with the same training. Thus, they also have to have their own personal training to excel in the position they posses.

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Aside from the physical training, they also need to be mentally prepared.

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    This is the very first and the most important step a player should learn. Without this trait, a player will never going to be a good player. Basketball have certain rules that needs to be kept and a player must also know how to behave properly.
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    Every single player have their own fears, they also experience pains. Basketball is a physical game. It is not a game of luck, but a game of courage. The courage to endure all their fears and pains to win a game. (Committing a foul, missing a shot, losing the game, having injuries, end up with fractured bones that leads to withdrawing from the game for a long/short time, worst would be to totally stop playing).
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    A player must have the determination to win. No matter how tough the opponent might be if the team is determined to win, there will always be a chance to turn the table around.
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Physical Training

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    Getting stronger allows you take contact and finish when attacking the basket. Hold your ground in the paint going for boards and handle bigger opponents on both ends of the floor. This training focus on upper body, lifting weights will help you built your upper body.
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    Being quicker helps you blow by your defender with an electric first step. Out run your opponent to loose balls. Leave the opposing team in your dust on fast breaks and keep your man in front of you on defense. This training focus on your lower body parts, such as legs and knees.
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    This is the ability of the player to change speed and direction quickly. This will improve the players footwork and its ability to transition from shuffling to sprinting to backpedaling and so on. One of the best way to improve the players agility is to do the 2 Ball Dance training. You do this exercise with a partner. Your partner will throw a tennis ball that you need to catch in the way that you do not expect to, which will cause you to pay more extra attention.
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    Power is more commonly referred to as explosiveness by basketball players. It's the guy who explodes up for the dunk with defenders hanging all over him. It's grabbing rebounds above the rim and tossing an opponents shot into the stands. To be able to do this you must be fearless, Don't be afraid to block, dunk and post.
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    Another important matter that a player needs to be trained off. This will help the player to keep up the strength level of his game from the first quarter until the double overtime. The best thing to tone and condition a player is for the player to practice the routine of jogging every day. If possible do this twice a day, one after waking up and the other one before going to sleep. And most important is to have a proper diet. Consult a dietitian if possible.
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  • Drink lots of water, juice or Gatorade to replenish your water lose through perspiration.
  • Make sure to completely rest after a tiring training before doing anything else, most importantly, before taking a shower.
  • Refrain from smoking, taking drugs and drinking. Specially before a game starts. These will cause your stamina to breakdown.
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