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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

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How can I get the Droid Sans Fallback file?

I'm trying to enable emoji on my Samsung Galaxy S3.


You can find the Droid Sans Fallback file on a number of developer forums, but the most reputable one of these is the XDA Forums post here. However, it is not advised that you try to install this file on your Samsung Galaxy S3, as it's very easy to delete an important file that your system depends on that, if deleted, would cause your phone to stop working properly. Instead, there are a number of third-party keyboards that you can use that automatically install Emoji for use across your entire phone. The suggestions in the VisiHow article below give you Emoji to use in their SMS application, but if you're looking to use Emoji across your entire phone, you will need to download a third-party keyboard such as they Google Keyboard. The Google Keyboard will allow your Samsung Galaxy S3 to use cross-platform compatible Emoji across any application that supports them.

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I can't find fonts in my system under SD card. Do I need to download na fonts file?

When I move the droid files in my system, tmp folder is showing up not the fonts.


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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

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