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Connect your android device to your TV using an HDMI cable

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To connect my phone with my LED Sony Bravia to see pictures from my phone?

How can I see pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone by my Sony Bravia LED TV using the charging cable of my phone.. I have tried: Connecting my phone charging cable on my TV and try to open and see the pictures using home button on my TV remote.. I think it was caused by: May be my phone doesn't have application to support the process

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Your Sony Bravia should have what is called WiFi Direct. If your TV does not have WiFi then get a Sony WiFi USB adapter.

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    On your Sony Bravia, go into the Applications from the menu and select the WiFi Direct application.
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    Press the options button within the app and select Manual.
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    Then select Other Methods.
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    You will see a WAP screen appear
    This has the information that you will need to find in your Samsung S5's WiFi menu.
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    Connect to the Sony Bravia WiFi network using the access information on your TV screen.
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    Now you will use your streaming app such as SideSync on the S5 to send the media
    If this does not pair properly then consider using an app like Tubio which is a beaming app that is stable for screen mirroring and streaming.
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I have le eco 1s . I want to connect it with Sony Bravia LED TV?

I want to play games after connecting my mobile to TV


This Youtube Tutorial shows you how to connect your LE Eco 1s to your Sony Bravia TV to begin screen mirroring. If you have the WiFi Direct as explained in the above answer then your streaming and gaming will be even easier.

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Connect your android device to your TV using an HDMI cable

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