Tips for Windows Phones-the Advantage of Whatsapp for Windows Phones

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WhatsApp is great to include on your handy Windows phone. Aside from the nice features of the phone, you may have a better experience using it by navigating to the features of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is available on Windows Phones 8 and 7.x. The app is free to grab. WhatsApp lets you communicate with users of Blackberry, Android, iPhone, as well as Windows Phone users. WhatsApp is free to download, but 99 cents per year is required as a subscription fee after the first year. And this is applicable to all kind of phones, not only Windows phone. WhatsApp messenger is an application for you to send text messages for free, and it not only allows sending messages, but it also includes a lot of other features.

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    To begin with WhatsApp, you have to enter a phone number.
    After that, you will receive a message. Then you will be prompted to type in your name and select a user picture. All the contacts on your phone will be added. And you may invite someone to use the same app through sending an email. WhatsApp, compared to other messaging apps such as Kik, uses the phone's number as the user ID, instead of a chosen PIN or username.
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    The app only has three swipe-by portions: All, Chats, and Favorites. WhatsApp automatically adds the Windows Phone Favorites, although you may keep them as separate WhatsApp favorites. And other non-WhatsApp contacts can be seen in the All section, although you could not message them using WhatsApp. On the start screen of the phone, the app's live image will display your message, and a banner notification at the top of the screen allows you to know if there are new messages that come in, appearing in the first line.
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    WhatsApp's texting feature is clear but could not modify the appearance of the wallpaper. If you send a message, it displays with a single check mark to tell that it has been sent. And if the recipient reads the message, the mark turns into a double check symbol. You may insert Emoji and smiley faces in your chat messages. And the message page displays if the other contact is typing. It is located at the top, not in the message area. WhatsApp's group allows you to the same way of messaging and able to do it to several conversations.
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    WhatsApp allows you to send your recorded video and audio clips in the conversation, while Kik lets you send video but does not allow you to send an audio clip alone.
    WhatsApp also lets users send their locations with a small map. And another feature is stability. If you leave your Windows Phone for a while, the app will display the word "resuming" and show Windows Phone activity dots moving in the screen. This activity will appear until you restart the phone.
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    WhatsApp version 2.10.488.0 has the following features:
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  • Background APi lets you play music
  • Fixed notifications for users
  • New smileys
  • Initiate voice calls from within the app
  • Fast resume (when the app is open and you press on the incoming notification, it opens as fasts as that with Android)
  • Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile
  • Large images display
  • On start-up, it now asks you if you would like a backup of your chat history. You may also adjust this in settings.
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    If a message says "connectivity error", your WhatsApp notification will not work, so try to reboot the phone and this should fix things up.
    And this error may not work well with Data Sense. Data Sense is a carrier dependent service that lets users track WiFi, cellular and data usage to manage things. Another feature of Data Sense is that when you approach your data usage limits, you can make the device throttle the usage to avoid overage charges on your carrier.
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So Data Sense has disabled the background agent for WhatsApp to save the data, and this means it was an incorrect report by the app.

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    You can send the WhatsApp conversation history to others through email.
    For Android, press the menu option in the conversation. It is located at the bottom-right of the screen. Then go to 'More' and choose 'email Conversation', before typing in the address of the recipient. The app will produce the email with the whole text conversation, including the video or voice clips, and pictures if any.
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For WhatsApp for iOS, go to "Settings", and then select 'Email chat history'.

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    Change the chat wallpaper of WhatsApp.
    It is better to have a variety of background themes in the chat screen. You can change this by going to the 'Wallpaper' button in the chat menu. You can either choose a picture that is on your Android phone, or select one of the attractive backgrounds in the WhatsApp wallpaper app. This app is automatically installed as you select the 'WhatsApp' button in the Wallpaper menu.
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On iOS version, select 'Conversation Settings' in the Settings menu and press 'Chat Wallpaper' before selecting whatever image you like.

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    Saving photos that you have received.
    The videos and images that you have sent in WhatsApp are stored on your phone in the WhatsApp/media/WhatsApp images file. In Android, you can see these images in the Gallery and you may apply them as contact photos, or share them to Facebook, etc. For iOS, WhatsApp photos are saved in the Photos app. For WhatsApp in Android, you may view all the files you have received and sent by pressing the Media option in the chat menu.
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    Create backups of your WhatsApp conversations if your conversations in WhatsApp are significant to you.
    It is great to have a backup of them so you will not lose them if there is any problem in the app. To do this, in the Settings menu, select "Chat preferences", then press on the Chat history backup button. Do not worry about reminding yourself to create daily backups, because the app automatically saves a copy of the conversations at 4 a.m. every day.
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    Use the "Enter" button to send WhatsApp messages.
    There is a button in WhatsApp that allows you to use the Enter button on the keyboard to send messages rather than pressing the "Send" button in WhatsApp. To activate the option, go to "Chat preferences" in the Settings menu and click the 'Enter is send' box. This option is not available in the iOS version of WhatsApp.
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Questions and Answers

Whenever we are making calls the WhatsApp program is informing that local carrier charges apply in the new device and that was not in the old device with the same SIM card?

Whenever we are making calls the WhatsApp program is informing that local carrier charges apply in the new device and that was not in the old device with the same SIM card. The device was changed from LG to Samsung Z1. I have tried: Attempted for calls to contacts. I think it was caused by: maybe the new device or Tizen software caused

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This is a typical warning for any program when any Internet traffic is involved. You can either ignore or disable this message if there is a checkbox involved. This only means that any Internet traffic will be charged according to the data plan of the carrier. Do not forget to update your WhatsApp to the latest version too. You may use either Google Play or a phone-specific update program to update your WhatsApp.

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