Tie a Scarf in Different Ways

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A scarf can be a good addition to your outfit. Besides letting it hang over your shoulders or wrapping them around our necks, there are a number of creative ways that you can tie a scarf. This piece of cloth can make help you create a better look to even an old dress, shirt or any other clothing.

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The Many Looks of Your Scarf

  1. 1
    The Knot Row.
    Place your scarf around at the back of your neck, leaving it just hanging down on the front. Create multiple parallel knots by tying the ends together. Tie as many knots as you desire.
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    Boho Loop.
    Look for the middle of the scarf and hang it on the front of your neck. Toss the scarf's ends over your shoulder so it will be resting on your back. Bring the ends of the scarf in front, then tie them loosely. Voila! Another new look for your scarf.
    Sharry boholoop.jpg
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    The Slip Knot.
    Fold your scarf in half. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck's back. After that, pull the two ends through a loop. Adjust the scarf so it can comfortably sit on your chest. Have the knot closer to the neck or looser, as you desire.
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    Belted Scarf.
    Put on your scarf at the back of the neck, leaving the sides hanging in front. Put on a belt at your waist around your scarf, making sure that the scarf if secured against the body. This is so easy, but it could definitely rock your outfit.
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  5. 5
    Skinny Scarf Necklace.
    Make a loop out of your scarf around your neck. Be sure to use a skinny scarf. Make a knot out of the scarf's ends and put the knot in a spot that you desire.
    Sharry skinny.jpg
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  6. 6
    Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot.
    This knot fits well with chunky scarves. Take the scarf and look for the middle. Place it in front of your neck and leave the ends resting against the back. Put the ends of the scarf back at your front. Tuck the ends of the scarf creating a loop placed around your neck. Pull the knot down so you will feel comfortable.
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How to Choose the Right Scarf

A scarf is usually wrapped or worn around the neck and this may highlight some parts of the body, like the face and the bust. It is then very important that you choose one that can flatter the figure of your body.

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  1. 1
    Choose Scarves in Neutral Colors.
    Neutral colors are the safest when buying scarves. This is because you can pair them with any other colors.
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  2. 2
    Check the Material.
    When buying a scarf, be sure that you choose one with the right material. Wool, cotton and chiffon are some of the recommended fabrics.
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  3. 3
    Be Careful with the Prints.
    When you decide to wear a scarf over a dress, be mindful with the prints on the fabric - no mismatching allowed. Printed scarves will not match with a dress with a different print.
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