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Get Rid of the Lumps in the Eyelid

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The area under my eye is tender and sore. There are two small bumps that have suddenly appeared toward the corner on my bottom eye lid?

Do I need to seek treatment? I have a warm compress on It.. I have tried: Warm compress. I think it was caused by: Make-up? Sleeping mask?


You may have a sty or infection. To help heal a sty, steep a tea bag for a few minutes in water and then put it in the refrigerator. Save the liquid from the tea bag to use with your warm compresses over your eye later. Put the tea bag over the infected area and leave it for as long as possible. Some people wait at least one hour and tape it to their face to hold it in place while they sleep. The tea will help draw out the infection and calm the angry skin. Green Tea works best for this but any tea will do. Avoid any mint teas though as the oil from the mint will burn your skin.

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Does it hurt getting it removed?

Please help I am scared, I am 13 and I have a large internal stye, I am scared I have Chalazion and might have it removed. I had it for 3 months now on my top eyelid. I have tried: Warm water with cloth. I think it was caused by: Maybe use of mum's eyeshadow and mascara

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What you have is most likely a build up of colostrum. This can happen when bacteria is introduced to an area of the skin such as the eyelids. It is not recommended to break the skin to remove it but you could sterilize a sewing needle by boiling it and then ask an adult to pierce the bump and remove the excess or at least exfoliate the area.

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Is there supposed to be a bump on the inside of your eyelids?

I have two bumps in the inside of both my eyelids and the white of my eye has this almost yellow coloring in the right one


You should see an eye doctor. You may have an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics or something else that requires treatment from a medical professional. Having these bumps on the inside of your eyelid and the fact that the whites of your eyes are becoming yellow means that you should be assessed and not try anything at home on your own as this could complicate things or make them worse.

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I have a stye no so big but I popped the bump and it is still inflamed what do I do?

I have a stye I popped the white bump and its still fat what is that. I have tried: Rag. I think it was caused by: The salt water and stuff at the beach

Use the tea bag method mentioned in the top answer. It can take a few days for the bump to go down as that area of skin is inflamed. Using cold compresses will help reduce the swelling.

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Get Rid of the Lumps in the Eyelid

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Bump after a stye, and its been for approximately 2 months?

Had a stye about 2 months ago in my left lower conjunctiva, now there is an inner bump since then, it doesn't pain, its mobile and hard. I've tried the warm compression but they do not seem to work

Bacteria in the stye hardened and this is why a hard pump was left. You really should see an eye doctor and request for them to help you remove it since it is inside of your eyelid close to your eye. The good news is that it is not painful or causing you any other issues such as blurred vision.

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