Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You

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Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not a guy likes you? He might already be sending you signals that he's interested (or not) that you're overlooking. Even if he's not ready to express his feelings and interest openly, his body language can give you the signs you need, if you learn how to decipher them. Most men display about ten physical gestures to show that they're interested in a woman, both consciously and subconsciously. Some of these signals are very subtle, so you have to be tuned in to notice. Others are very obvious and occasionally over the top to help him stand out and really capture your attention. So, if you're unsure whether a guy wants to keep you in the friend zone or if he has more romantic intentions, try decoding his body language.

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Top Male Body Language Signals to Watch Out For

  1. 1
    He faces toward you
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    Generally, guys direct their chest or torso toward someone they are interested in. He might also stand with his pelvis, legs or feet pointed in your direction. This action sends a signal that you caught his attention, and that he's focusing his attention on you. Keep an eye on his body, but do it discreetly or he might misinterpret this as checking him out. The act of leaning toward you means that he is paying attention and wants to get closer to you. If he stands facing away from you, this is a subtle sign that he wants to get away or he's disinterested.
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  2. 2
    He stands close to you
    Close together.jpg
    If a guy tends to stand closer than arm's length to you, he's likely trying to create a more intimate connection between you two.
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  3. 3
    He smiles at you
    Smiling is something we often do whether or not we're romantically interested in another person, but if a guy smiles at you often, or he does it when you're making eye contact, it's likely that he wants to be more than just friends.
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  4. 4
    He makes eye contact
    Eye contact.jpg
    You can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes. When a guy likes you, he'll likely try to make eye contact with you. If he blinks a lot while making eye contact, this usually means he wants to learn more about you. Another sign is if his pupils dilate while he's looking at you - a very subtle cue that he's interested. If he doesn't make eye contact, it could be because he's intimidated by you, or he's not interested. Reading the eyes can sometimes be a bit misleading, though, and it might take some time before you can master such a skill.
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  5. 5
    He slightly raises his eyebrows
    Sharry sign4.jpg
    A guy who is seriously interested in you will tend to slightly raise his eyebrows when he first sees you, or during a conversation with you, so pay attention. This signals that he likes what he sees, and is interested in getting to know you better. This is a subconscious act that opens up his face, lending a more relaxed, inviting and friendly appearance.
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  6. 6
    He talks with his hands
    If a guy makes a lot of wide hand gestures while talking with you, it's usually a sign that he likes you and wants to communicate better with you.
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  7. 7
    He tilts his head to the side
    If you've made eye contact and he tilts his head to the side, that's usually an invitation for you to come over and talk. If he does it while you're talking, he's showing curiosity and interest in what you have to say.
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  8. 8
    He reaches out to you with an open palm
    If a guy reaches out to you with his palm facing up, this is a sign that he really likes you, and he wants to connect with you. If his palms are down, he wants to take control.
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  9. 9
    He likes to touch you
    Sharry sign2.jpg
    You may notice that he loves touching you. He could just be a touchy person, or he's really into you and wants to get closer. He'll likely find subtle ways to do this, such as patting you on the back, or he'll do more obvious things like pushing your hair away from your face, or touch your arm or back. This is a big sign that he's really interested in you wants to get closer.
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  10. 10
    He wants your attention at all times
    Virtual.marian guy playing guitar on a date.jpg
    If a guy is really interested in you, he'll crack a joke (whether it's a good one or a lame one), do something entertaining or show off his skills, and look at you to gauge your reaction. It's pretty obvious that he is making an effort to impress you. Of course, he expects you to appreciate his actions, since your opinion counts more than anyone else's in the room.
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  11. 11
    He mirrors your actions
    Virtual.marian mirroring on a date.jpg
    When a guy is interested in you, you might find him mimicking your actions or gestures. This is a subtle way to get you to feel more comfortable with him. It's also a common occurrence among couples, close friends and family members. Try experimenting by leaning toward him, touching your arm or crossing your legs, and watch if he copies any of your moves.
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  12. 12
    He gives you all of his attention
    Sharry sign3.jpg
    When you're not paying attention, a guy who likes you might stare at you for a long time, then look away when you notice him looking at you. He most likely enjoys looking at you, but doesn't want to make it super obvious.
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  13. 13
    He grooms himself in your presence
    Virtual.marian guy touching chin.jpg
    Men tend to be jittery or nervous around someone they like. He might groom himself more than usual in a subconscious attempt to look good for you. He might straighten out his tie or brush his hair when he sees you coming. If he appears to be unusually self-conscious or blushes upon meeting you, then that usually means he is attracted and interested in getting to know you better. Be careful though - if a guy constantly scratches his hair, this could mean the opposite - he's probably bored and wanting to bail out of the conversation. Also, if a guy strokes his chin or nose while having a conversation with you, this might convey that he is listening and focused intently on you. He definitely is interested, and he's a rare catch for being a good listener.
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  14. 14
    He treats you differently than others in a group
    Virtual.marian guy giving flowers to woman.jpg
    You can easily pinpoint a guy who is interested in you by the way he treats you in a group. If he shows you a lot of attention, showers you with praises or makes an effort to get closer to you, he's definitely interested in you.
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  15. 15
    He suddenly changes his behavior
    If he's really into you, your mere presence can bring about changes or deviations in the way he acts when in you appear. He could be clowning around or laughing hysterically with friends, yet all of a sudden he'll become shy and speechless around you. Alternatively, he could be quiet and reserved most of time, yet suddenly become boisterous or show off the moment you arrive. These things subconsciously show that he wants to impress you.
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  16. 16
    He licks or touches his lips
    Virtual.marian guy flirting pen on lip.jpg
    People who are attracted to each other tend to exhibit more sensitivity to touch or stimulus which makes him puff on a cigarette more often, touch his lips more than necessary or take more sips of that wine. This habit could also reveal that he likes you and finds you attractive. His mouth also tends to part more than usual when you two are engaged in a conversation. He could play around with a pen on his lip or a wine glass to tease. If a guy constantly licks his lips while you're around, it could mean that he's feeling a bit awkward or nervous. This is because the mouth dries up when people feel anxious or jittery, and licking the lips keeps them moist.
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  17. 17
    He adjusts his posture
    Men tend to stand taller and hold an open position when they're around women they like. This is one way to express his masculinity and strength, showing that he is capable of taking care of you. This shows his natural instinct to protect and guard his territory, or potential mate, from other men.
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  18. 18
    He touches his belt, pockets or belt loops
    If he puts his hands on in his pockets or on his belt, sticks his fingers in his belt loops, this is often a subtle way to draw your attention to his "private" areas.
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  19. 19
    He makes chivalrous gestures
    Virtual.marian opening door for lady.jpg
    If he continuously does little things to take care of you, like opening the door, pulling out your chair or offering you his own sweater in cold weather, it's probably not just because he's polite. The gesture of letting a woman have his jacket shows his "ownership" of you, especially if there are other men around. In the same manner, the elbow or arm guide signals to other men that you're with him. If he puts extra effort into making you feel comfortable and safe, then he really is into you; plus, he definitely gets high scores in the gentleman department.
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Reading a man's body language takes time, and it's not always accurate. Practice reading the body language of other men when you're out in public.
  • Returning subtle cues such as eye contact, the slight eyebrow raise, grooming and mirroring might give him the hint that you're also attracted to him.
  • Even if a guy isn't expressing a lot of the body language, that doesn't mean he's not interested in you. He could be insecure or shy, preoccupied or trying to hide his feelings.

Questions and Answers

When the guy you are interested in is speechless around you?

This is a good sign because he may interested in you that he doesn't want to say the wrong thing around you in a conversation. Talk to him a bit more and make him feel comfortable so that he will begin to speak to you more often instead of feeling shy or scared.

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Body language examples showing he likes you?

Body language that you can expect from a male that likes you is for him to smile a lot, laugh or tend to want to be next to you a lot when he is around you engaging in conversation.

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Does a guy like you if he touches your upper thigh?

Yes and no, this can be a sign that he likes you or it can just be a sign that he wants to be intimate with you at this time. Be sure that your feelings for each other are mutual between you and the guy in terms of truly liking each other vs. another reason for him to be touching you like this.

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Please help me to understand him?

This is about our doctor. One day he purposely touched my upper back with his elbow while examining, I know he has done it on purpose because he didn't do that on the first day. But he continues to do that from the second visit onward. And also pressed his knee up against mine. One day he forcefully pulled me to him while spreading his legs. Every time I visit him he shows me that he really cares about me so much. On my last visit he came out of his consultation room to welcome us which he has never done that before. Please help me understand his behavior? Depending on the exam, a doctor may need to physically get close to a patient. Your doctor's behavior could be innocent of any romantic gestures. The relationship between a doctor and patient should always be strictly professional. If a patient feels uncomfortable they should ask for another person to be present in the room during exams if they can not easily switch to another doctor.

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What if he shows all of these signs, but doesn't make a move?

Gazes into my eyes, sneaks peaks at my chest, looks me up and down, draws my attention back to the conversation if I draw away, stands and sits straight, is helpful, etc. All positive things.. But no move for anything further. I tried inviting him to an event (through text) but got no answer.

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He surely likes you, and to know more, you have to invite him to another event soon. A lot of men are afraid of making the first move, and some of them do not know how to refuse going somewhere if they are busy with something like work on the day or during the hours of the invitation. There might be a lot of factors of his not making his move: shyness, insecurity, another relationship, work, or even his health. I would suggest inviting him several times in the future to the cinema, cafe, a social event, or even for a walk. There is nothing wrong with being persistent to achieve your goal and find out more about the person.

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He is a guy in the gym, we've been looking at each other for 1 year plus, today I couldn't help but smile when I saw him, he nodded and said hello...?

He is a guy in the gym, we've been looking at each other for 1 year plus, today I couldn't help but smile when I saw him, he nodded and said hello. Does that mean anything? I'm 30 (not very wise) and he's about 38

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If you exchanged glances in the past and keep doing that, then that is a sure sign that he is interested in you. However, most people go to the gymnasium only to work out. You have to find out if the person is just there for physical training: those people usually wear no make-up or clothes that hinder movement (caps, chains, etc.); they make ponytails, wear the same clothes, and try to talk less with others. If he is like that, then he probably thinks that the place is not appropriate for romances. Apparently, conversations might seem out of place there as well. That only means that you have to take the conversation outside the gymnasium. If he has no car, then you can match your time of leaving with his and take a walk together to start a conversation. If there is no chance for that, then you can just ask him if he likes it at the gymnasium and if he knows any other good gymnasiums.

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Why is the guy staring at me with dilated pupils?

I worked with man. I always have a sense that he was watching me. Sometimes, he stared at me directly across the room. one time, he stared at me in the face with dilated pupils. Is he strange or what does he wants from me. Dilated pupils are one of the first signs of attraction. He is most likely staring at you because he is interested in you. Most likely he is subconsciously looking in your direction.

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I have a guy friend and he changes when he's around me. He smiles at me more while playing his guitar. He lays down near where I sit, but sometimes I think he ignores me. I'm confused?

Do you think he likes me more than friends? We know each other for like a year.

As the article suggests, a man near another person who is favored by him changes his behavior abruptly. As you can see, he does that when you are nearby. His sudden mood swing to becoming aloof might be just his usual self. If he knows you better, he might be like that more often, which is either caused by his temperament or creativeness, when he submerges into his deep thoughts. That means that he does, indeed, like you.

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My husband is bugging me over a false crush that I never talk to in my life only see him once and now his saying his into me why?

Hi I am married to a nice husband and good looking recently his been telling me that someone just told me that this guy that I saw starting to like me his a friendly guy towards people but this guy that his been telling me I just saw him once and he keeps on bugging me that he has a crush me I don't know why but he always saying that to me please help. I have tried: I told him to stop since I'm married with him and I don't talk to this guy at all. I think it was caused by: I don't really know You did the right thing by asking the person to stop his advances towards you. If he is not stopping then you need to restrict all contact with him. If this is happening in the workplace this can be challenging however file a report with your management. Socially you can avoid places where the person who is harassing you frequents. Ask your husband to speak with him while you are present also. Sometimes men can't take a hint until they are confronted by a peer.

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Can a man fall in love with his best girl pal?

I have been living with a great guy that I just met for about 4 months. He moved from Louisiana to Utah. When he got here, everything fell through his job and housing, so I took him in (we just clicked) and it has been amazing with him in my life. He found two new jobs and is finally getting established. We get along great, have similar interests, we even share the same spiritual views. We make a great team. I respect and honor this man deeply, as he does I. I love him tremendously. We even moved to a new house to accommodate us and our pets better. Problem is he is not ready for me. Even though we are getting closer he still has me in the friend zone. We have been physical a few times but that stopped because he said he didn't want to hurt me. He told me he is still trying to figure himself out. He said he has ruined any relationship he has ever been in and doesn't want that to happen with me. He has a wounded past and family life. I am ready for a man who wants to touch me, and who thinks I'm beautiful. I told him I will be seeing other people which I have done but none compared to him. I get asked out a lot by men. In certain ways is his energy blocking me from moving on since we live together? I don't want him to live elsewhere though. He has been a real support in my health and well being. Is there hope he can fall in love with me over time? When a man says he is not ready for a deep relationship does that really mean I am just not the right one for him?

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If he insists that he does not wish to go further, then he probably values you as the best friend; and, not to hurt anyone's feelings, he says that he is not ready to make the next step. In reality, he does not intend to. He is perfectly comfortable around you as a good confidant and friend: he might be even comfortable with having all of what you've given him in the past. Pushing and forcing him into a relationship would not be the best move. You can choose to remain friends and hurt yourself by trying to figure out if it is possible to step out of the friend area. For him, it may be just a very convenient and interesting coexistence with mutual respect, engaging conversations, and your being helpful. If you intend to live like that, then change nothing. If you do not, you will have to move out. A job in a new city would be an ideal solution for this.

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He comes up close to me and leans over me when I am siting, he whispers in my ear, he places his arm around my shoulder, he always smiles and likes to talk to me, but never anything more?

Would like to know if he likes me. I have tried: Smiling

He does like you. He can also give you treats and nice presents too. However, he might like you as a coworker, as a friend, or as a parent, if there is a difference in age. If he makes no further step, then he might just act as a good acquaintance to gain your trust. You can always see if he is interested in you by inviting him for a walk, to a gym, a swimming pool, or to a cafe outside of working or studying hours. Try to touch his hand or cheek and see if he tries to dodge your fingers. When he is standing in a company or alone, look at what his toes of either leg are pointing. If they are fixed on you, then he is really interested in you.

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He was with his friend laughing loud, then he gave me his back but turns to see if I was looking or interested?

He gave me a lot of signs, he was shaking hands with someone but looking with a smile and eyebrow relaxed towards me, then he was making eye contact and then when I left he kept checking me. I have tried: I tried not to look at him because I am not interested, he was with a girl that I know, and he flirts with me. I think it was caused by: Maybe because he finds me attractive

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Yes, he may find you attractive and interesting. He might either flirt with you or seek a serious relationship. Since you are not interested in him, you may want not to respond to his signals: do not look at him, do not smile, and try to answer monosyllabically.

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He had hugged me, what does that mean?

Twice at our second accidental meeting after talking for like a hour, he had to leave but we kept talking. I have tried: I have only tried complimenting him several times and talking to him. I think it was caused by: Its not a problem I'm just confused Ask him directly what his intentions are. He may just be shy and afraid to advance your relationship. You may be wanting more than he can offer. The only way to truly resolve the issue is to casually ask him whether you are just acquaintances or something more.

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I'm confused regarding a work colleague and why he acts strange. He is confident but when I'm alone with him his hands shake and he stutters?

A guy at the office acts very strange. He is confident but when I'm alone with him his hands shake and he gets his words jumbled. He's very intelligent and can articulate and communicate very well in conversations. So this confuses me, sometimes he's not nice and I feel like it's something I have done.. I have tried: Nothing really just carried on. I think it was caused by: Him and I have butt heads before due to both being very driven, I think

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Tremors of the hands and jilted speech are a sign of anxiety. He most likely struggles at one on one personal interaction and gets flustered where as in a group setting he feels more comfortable having other people to carry the conversation.

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There was a man in the church who is always looking at me and I caught him making glances on me, and one time caught him mirroring my action. What does he think or is he interested in me?

When I am attending the mass, this man is always looking at me and even if I move or change my seat, he can pick me up from the crowd and notice me.. will look on me or make glances on me.. even I sit at the back or in the middle or the side of the church he will always find me and look at me. I will glance a second and look away because I feel nervous because of his look and I cannot maintain eye contact and perhaps we are inside the church I should be focusing on the mass and have to be concentrated. But it gave me a question why does he always do that, does he like me.. we know each other and talk sometimes when we have the chance, but I am afraid to ask if he likes me? What should I do? thank you. I hope you can help me please.... I have tried: I invited him on my birthday or once for a lunch out with him. I think it was caused by: Because of his often looks at me and glances, I do not know what to do because I am afraid I am developing feelings for him

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It seems that he is indeed interested in you. Ask him out for coffee after church. If he says yes then he absolutely is interested in you. He may just be hesitant to ask you for fear of rejection. Take time to speak with him more so that he can feel comfortable around you. Ask yourself if he is appearing to enjoy your tidbits of conversation. Is he maintaining eye contact with you during one on one interactions? Is he directing his body and feet towards yours? If he initiates further contact with you then he is definitely interested.

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He suddenly stopped "punching" me like before we both use to play fight?

What happened suddenly I went to school one morning and he stopped punching me! But he switches on to kicking me but now that kinda stopped so does this he likes me?. I have tried: None. I think it was caused by: I have no idea

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For some people of school age, romance and emotions pertinent to amorous feelings are causing great discomfort when revealed to his classmates. That makes them feel "weak" and "less virile", which is, of course, not true. Some people, like the boy whom you know, resort to mild physical violence to hide their true feelings and intentions; others just show nothing at all. He might be going through the stage when he understands that physical contact are not effective in showing his being strong, and completely locks up and hides emotions. The only thing you can do is talk to him after class, when you are both alone, and see if he is eager to take a walk with you or discuss something. Otherwise, he will keep on hiding anything he feels.

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We talk a little at work, but I'm not sure if I want to stay friends or take it to the next level some time?

I'm a cashier, he works in produce. We see each other across the way every so often, but every time I look his way, he's already looking at me. We talk during breaks a little, but he's kind of quiet. I'm a shy girl and I think I like him, but I'm afraid that I might be looking at this the wrong way.. I have tried: I've tried talking to him and he never blows me off or anything. One time he even approached me first when I was around him.

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He might be still in the acquaintance category (or at least, he might think so), and his goal can be becoming your friend. If you are unsure that you like him, then just let him show that he can be a reliable and good friend first. Let him captivate you completely. He can do it by helping you, sharing something very intriguing or thoughtful in your conversations.

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Now, ask yourself the question: do you really want to take the next step if he is a quiet guy whom you may like? If you do, then try to examine his body language: check where his toes are pointing when he is talking to others near you. See if he looks in your eyes for more than one second. When he finishes looking, does he look downwards or to the side? Looking downwards may be a signal that he likes you a lot. Check if he looks at you when you are looking into your mirror. Finally, ask him to help you with something at your house (your phone, your computer, etc.) and check his behavior: how he looks at you, if he is hesitant about leaving when he finishes helping, and if he shares your interests (he may check your music CD collection, books, or anything else visible in the room). Then, you will know for sure if you want to take your friendship (or acquaintance) to the next level.

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Is his silence reason for concern?

I am in a relationship with someone who I love and he loves me but I am confused by his silence. He will get really quiet and I feel like he has something on his mind but always tells me he's fine and that it is nothing.. I have tried: Just giving him space and not being pushy on the situation.. I think it was caused by: Maybe he is nervous with me.

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If he says he is fine and you feel that there are no other issues in your relationship he may be hiding, he is comfortable not having to maintain a conversation all the time. One of the signs of a healthy relationship is sitting in silence comfortably with a feeling of contentment. At the beginning of a relationship people feel the pressure to keep the conversation going to maintain the other person's interest. Once you are in a settled relationship there is almost a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Many couples can almost have a conversation just by body language. Do not stress over his silence, instead take it as a sign that he feels like he can be himself around you.

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Could he still like and want to be with me?

I haven't seen this guy in about 9 months we had a break up, out of the blue he pops up at my house, he said that I have been on his mind, and even asked for a hug. Could this be the start of a start over and wanting to get back with me

Was this helpful? Yes | No | I need help

It sounds like it is a step into some sort of reconciliation. It may be that he just wants to be friends for now. Take it slow in beginning communication with him so that you do not get hurt again. Sometimes after a breakup people start dating again only to realize that they made a mistake. This may be occurring in his mind right now but whatever you do, make sure that your feelings are protected through the process.

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What can I do when my boss is attracted towards me?

How to react to the attraction of my boss when he is smiling and always wants to see me. I have tried: I always watch

Personally take the smiles but keep your distance. Relationships in the office are tricky enough with peer to peer co workers but when a boss begins dating his employee the workplace can become an emotional minefield. Your co workers would resent you and not trust you. You would always question if a promotion or good job compliment were more about the relationship and not your work as an employee. Some companies actually have rules about dating a superior and most do this to protect themselves again a civil suit of sexual harassment. Sadly, the employee tends to lose their job and not the boss because the company has invested more money into the boss than you. Just keep things "friendly" and do not entertain the thoughts of a relationship unless you are prepared to quit your job.

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Does he like me if he does this or does he not like me?

When I looked at him he put his hand over his face and looked away when I saw him looking at me

There is a sign of interest when you catch him looking at you and then he looks away. If you are equally interested in him then work up a way to have a conversation with him. Putting his hand over his face is a sign that he is shy so you might have to be the one to start any communication.

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Does he like me, what should I do?

I am a 39 years old woman, I do look younger than my age. I know this young man from my worship organization, who since August has started showing signs of romantic interest in me. He looks at me, seems to create opportunities to bump into me, will make sure that I am constantly within his eye sight all the time in our worship meetings. Is it a crush or real feelings? What should I do? How should I respond to what he is doing?

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This is a crush that he has on you. If you are interested in getting to know him better, ask him to go out for coffee after worship meetings. If you are unsure, you can suggest that a group of you go and include an invitation to him to join the group of people. Keep in mind, that dating within the church is great but also like dating in the workplace. This is someone that you will see on a weekly basis in the same church circles unless one of you makes a move to leave the church. Therefore, make sure you are seriously interested and can see a possible future before you make any dating plans.

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Does he love me or he is just trying to be caring?

There is this married man in his 40s and am in my 20s. Whenever I meet him he looks at me and I also look at him but am always the first to look down and when I look up again he is already doing what he was previously doing. One day I tried to be near him and went and sat next to me during lunch, he completely acted like I was not there. Talked to everyone and avoided me until I finished my food and stood up with tears and embarrassment and got out. I felt so annoyed for being ignored so the next time I also avoided to look at him even when he came and was talking to my neighbor, I didn't spare him any look and later as I was talking to someone else and soon leaving, he discreetly looked at me, I saw him and decided to just get out of the room. He does not talk to me usually like he does to others. Most times he only talks when it's really necessary he however sometimes tries his best to start up conversations with me. And on those days when he does talk to me, our conversations seem sweet but also weird and uneasy because normally he just says compliments about how my food looks good and maybe my t shirt or if I enjoyed something and it does not last for long because we both run out of what to say. He always talks while looking me in the eyes, then breaks eye contact and looks around and looks again. But whenever I need help he is always there to help me. When we meet he always smiles and says hello and waves. When in a group he avoids me and talks to everyone. I love him and really would want to get to know him but he seems to distance himself from me. Or maybe we can just be friends.

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He does not love you. He is also married which means that you have no business in trying to entice him. You are also half his age. If you are anything to him it is either temptation or him just trying to be nice to you. Friends is also not an option. What do you have in common with him? He has enough friends in his life. Stick to being an acquaintance of his and find someone who is not already married or in a relationship. Before you do any of this, evaluate why you would want to implode a marriage for no reason other than self interest. You may want to consider therapy because what you were thinking of doing is self deprecating behavior. It also shows your immaturity and foolishness of youth.

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