Target video game addiction

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Any addiction can be destructive. Many individuals have become addicted to playing video games. They have put everything else in their lives on hold in order to play their favorite games. This may not seem, at first glace, to be a problem but after time the effects of this kind of addiction may become very apparent. If an addiction to video games goes unnoticed and addressed, it can become a serious problem and can even cause an individual to lose their sense of reality.

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In addition to taking away from the time that could be spent on other more beneficial personal activities, there are many other aspects of life that are negatively affected by video game addiction. It can be destructive to relationships, friendships, employment and to the health of the addict.

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If you are aware that someone is heavily addicted to games, there are many ways in which you can help alleviate the effects and perhaps completely free the individual from addiction.


How To Deal With Game Addiction

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    Remember that you are are trying to help an addict.
    Focus on the individual and not on the addiction. It might seem the the obvious action to take is to remove the addict from the situation. But this does not help the addict overcome the overwhelming urge to play video games. It is pointless to take the addictive item away from the addict without treating the addiction.
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    Gently let the addict know he has an addiction to video games.
    A person addicted to playing video games may not know that he has a problem until someone brings it to his attention. To the player, it may seem to be nothing more than a hobby or form of relaxation. To the people in the addict life it may be apparent that there is a much bigger issue. The individual may deny that he has an addiction, but be patient and persistent. Point out to him how the time he spends playing video games is already having a negative effect on many aspects of his life. Never be judgmental. We all receive advice and help more willingly from those that are understanding and compassionate. Offering help to improve an individual's circumstances is more effective than making a person feel guilty for his addictive actions.
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    Bring the addict to The Point of Realization.
    If, after your gentle confrontation, he is still in denial, ask the individual some questions to help him see the reality of his circumstances. Here are some effective questions:  
    1. "How many offline friends do you have?"
    2. "When was the last time you went out with friends or family?"
    3. "How many hours to do spend working and playing games?"
    4. "When was the last time you enjoyed getting outside of your room away from your computer or gaming platform?" Answering these questions honestly should help this person realize he has an addiction. If the individual is spending less and less time with friends and family, if he would rather stay home than be social, or if he uses more time playing video games than he does being productive, he has an addiction. Hopefully he will come to that realization.
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Dealing With Your Own Video Game Addiction

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    Don't assign blame.
    When we assign blame to someone or something instead of admitting to ourselves that we have a problem, we will not see the need to change our behavior. We need to take responsibility for our actions. Instead of blaming a new game design or video game for drawing him into the game, the addict needs to recognize and admit his compulsion and lack of self control. Only after admitting he has an addiction, can he work on controlling his behavior.
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    Stay positive.
    Don't be discouraged because you have an addiction. We all have faults. We all have character flaws that keep us from doing our best. Don't focus on the shortcomings. Put your focus and energy into making a positive change. Do not see yourself as a bad person. You are simply a person who has an addiction and you need to make some personal changes.
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    Don't stop playing games altogether.
    When you realize you have an addiction, and make a choice to control it, you will need to set limits for yourself. Playing video game offer many benefits. It can relieve stress, and stimulate the mind. Instead, you need to give yourself time limits. Ask others around you to help you stick to those time limits.
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  4. 4
    Find other engaging activities.
    Participate in group sports, take up a hands on hobby, or join a social group. If you choose to stay home in front of your computer, take a job online and add to your income. Reconnect with friends and family. Make a point of spending time with them on a regular basis.
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    Make up for lost time.
    You will feel a sense of reward as you catch up on what is going on in the world around you. Look for special events that are happening in your area.
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Video Game Addiction and Children

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  1. 1
    Keep it simple.
    Explain to your child that spending too much time playing videos games can affect him in unpleasant ways. He may not understand at first but be patient, and explain it as many times as it takes, in as many different ways as it takes, for him to understand.
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    Do not overreact when you realize your child has an addiction to playing video games.
    Find out what games your child likes to play. Learn what it is that draws him or her to these games. Are the games diverting in a positive way? You may also want to ask yourself why your child is spending too much time playing video games. Perhaps you are not spending enough time interacting with your child. Maybe you need to make other activities available to him or her. Or perhaps you are spending a great deal of time playing video games yourself and your child is simply following your example.
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    Be aware of your child's other activities.
    Provide for him or her opportunities to participate in engaging activities. Provide a hobby for your child. Get him involved in group events.
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How Can Your Addiction Hurt?

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  • Addiction can effect your relationship with your family
  • Addiction can cost you your relationship with your friends
  • Addiction may cause you to lose your job
  • Addiction can lower your grades
  • Addiction might make you unhealthy( by missing out on healthy meals, sleep and personal hygiene)
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There is nothing wrong with playing video games. They help to pass the time, relieve stress, and bring relaxation. Make sure that it doesn't become an addiction. And if it does become an addiction take the proper steps to overcome it.

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