Talk to Your Children About Sex

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Sex is everywhere today. Advertising, in the movies, on television. The only place it seems awkward to talk about it is at home with our children. Children may have questions and are curious about it, but might be afraid to ask for fear their parents might think something bad. Parents are afraid to talk about it, and sometimes will just give their children a book on it when it is time. It is very important that as parents you take the time to sit down and talk with your children about sex. Here are three reasons why:

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Reasons to Educate Your Children About Sex

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    The Sexual Scene Has Changed.
    There isn't any longer a quick definition of sex. Now there is oral, anal, and talking sex over the phone.
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    Your children will be approached and misinformed at an early age.
    They will hear about sex when they go to school. They will not hear what you want them to hear.
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    Your children will want to ask you about sex, but likely will not be the first to ask you.
    It is awkward for them, and they are not even sure how to start a conversation with you.
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It is your responsibility as a parent to talk to your children about sex. Definitely, it will be an awkward time for you and them, but most children have said that they would rather learn from their parents than from a friend or teacher. Unless your children are isolated, they will hear about sex at an early age. You would want to educate your child while they are young. If you wait until their teens, they might not want to talk about it as openly. The key is to give children information that is suitable for their age:

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Information According To Age

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    For Preschoolers.
    Concentrate on teaching the proper names of the sex organs, and make sure you tell them NO ONE should touch these body parts. You can start teaching as young as three years old. They need to know how to protect themselves from strangers. Teach your child to yell back firmly, if anyone tries to play with his or her sex organs. You could tell them to say, STOP! I'm telling on you! Tell them that even if the person says they will hurt you or someone, or want to give you a gift for not telling, still tell them NO!
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    For Primary Schoolchildren.
    Add to your child's knowledge slowly. Test them, and see what they already know, and ask them if they want to know more. Don't force the conversation. let it happen naturally. Have consistent, short talks. That way, you won't overwhelm them.
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    For Adolescents.
    Make sure your child has enough information of the emotional, physical, and moral nature of sex. A word of caution. Teens may not want to discuss sex because they think their parents may think they are up to something. Instead of approaching your adolescent with a direct question about sex, ask how his school friends view the matter. You could ask something like, "Many people think that oral sex, isn't really sex. What do you think? That might get your child to open up, and express their selves more. As you gradually talk to your children about sex, the shy moments will fade away, and you will feel more comfortable with them. Open communication is so important with your family, and will end up being well worth the effort!
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