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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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Sweet messages for boyfriend during the day?


We've put together a list of more than 100 sweet messages you can send your busy boyfriend. Have a look, and see if any of them will work for you.

Don't forget that men like it a lot when women just leave them alone or do not bother them much. If you plan to bombard him with a lot of sweet messages all through the day, he may think that you are too needy and attached, so make sure you don't ask him to respond too much, or send too many messages. Often a busy boyfriend will perceive message bombardment as something negative. He may think that you cannot be happy without him, and might not like that situation as much as believing that you are already happy with him. Therefore, if you have to send messages, make sure that they are in proper moderation.

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You don't have to think of very complicated messages. You can simply just wish him a good day and that you are waiting until you can see each other again. If you know he is having a very important presentation at work, wish him luck and tell him that you know he will do well. This will help boost his morale. These kinds of things are also good to send because it tells men that you still allow them to do their own activities and that you are not suffocating them in the relationship.

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Good morning messages to busy boyfriend?


You can send your busy boyfriend sweet yet brief messages on the phone to kick off and inspire him all throughout the day. Make sure that it does not appear too clingy. It has to be appealing, fun, and sweet enough to make him smile at the thought of it and look forward to something later in the day when you meet up. Here are some good morning messages that you can send him:

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  • Hi honey! good morning! I know you'll be ready busy today but promise me one thing - do think of me during breaks. lol kidding! I'll see you tonight. I love you!
  • Wake up sleepyhead! Don't skip breakfast okay? Think of me whenever you eat. lol kidding! Have a great day! See you later honey. I love you!

What should I do, my boyfriend is always busy?

We are in a long distance relationship and always busy of his work


We've just answered a question on long distance relationships, and what you can do to make them better with a busy boyfriend. Have a look at our article on cute messages you can send your boyfriend when he's busy at work, and scroll down to the long answer on distance relationships.

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My guy is always busy working on his truck, not giving me any of his time?

My so called boyfriend is always working on his vehicle, not giving me any interest, then he gets mad if I don't text or call him, what should I do, I'm so confused and I'm thinking about calling the whole relationship off

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Your boyfriend has his priorities not in sync with yours. This is common in a relationship as everyone has a different way of showing love as well as feeling love from another person. Even though he is working on his truck, he obviously is thinking of you because he notices when you do not contact him. Some people need to feel the other person in the relationship go out of their way. Working on the truck may also be the way he relieves stress much like a hobby or interest that you do to feel relaxed. Perhaps hang out with him while he is working on his truck to show that you are making an effort and ask for the same from him in return.

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Not bother your busy boyfriend
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Why does my boyfriend want our relationship to be private?

He said that it is better to make our relationship in private so that no one can talk about us. I think it's not really the reason. Can you tell me what are the possible reasons? He is a good guy. He studies to become a lawyer. He is really sweet and romantic. I just don't know what happened to our relationship. I want to know him more but he always hide things from me. 2 years of long distance relationship. Most of the time I can't feel that I'm loved. He also texted his ex. or even chat.

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It felt like I am not good enough.

Wanting to hide a relationship is never a good sign. He also is hiding things from you as well as contacting he ex girlfriend. It is not that you are not good enough but rather he is not good enough for you. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone that wants to be in your life completely as well as you in his life completely and you can't do that while being private.

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What can I do because my boyfriend is so busy, even if it is not, it is his excuse to make me shut up?

In my mind he is busy doing nothing, to him I am not of any importance

If he is making excuses to not hang out with you then he probably is not serious about being in a relationship. You can have a conversation with him asking him to put all the cards on the table about your relationship. Explain to him that your time is too precious to waste and if he is not willing to make a time commitment with you then you need to move on. Respect yourself in order to get respect returned.

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Busy boyfriend makes me feel so hurt?

My boyfriend and I have been in relationship for 1 year 6 months. He is 22 this year and I'm 21 and studying whereas he starts working this year. He told me that I changed his life a lot and opened his eyes to look, his family and my future. But then, when he started working, almost everyday he works, like 6am-6.30pm and 7pm-12am (his part time job). He said he wants to earn more. He promised me to spend time but then day by day, I'm not receiving his calls and texts.I asked him to at least call me or send me a text, but then only at night before he sleeps he will send me good night, or sometimes he will call.I will cry and ask him to spend time with me as I was sick for few weeks and he even never calls or text to ask how is my condition. He asked me to understand his situation that he is working for him and his family and he must work for his family too because his dad had just retired. He said he is not that well to do family, so he must work to make me happy. That is his answer every time I ask him to spend time with me. But then, I feel so hurt and alone when he does all this, I knew he is doing the right thing but I just want to spend time with my lover, and go for a date like other couples too. He told me his life will change and he can earn and spend money that he earned after 3 years, so he asked me to wait 3 years. I fell hurt when he has time for his friends, and go out with his family. We just meet like 3 times till now only, and every time, when I ask him to meet me, he will reply busy. Sometimes I fight with him because its like nothing between us (no calls, no text, nothing from him), HELP ME, WHAT SHOULD I DO? !

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For him the way he conveys love is through financial responsibility. You feel and convey love through quality time spent with the other person. This is very common in fact even I have been in a situation like this. He is doing an honorable thing supporting his family so it is understandable how you feel stuck. Let him know that money is not what makes you happy but rather a simple two hour date walking in the park with him would make you happy. Explain how you both convey love differently yet love each other so for this to work you need to come up with a compromise.

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My boyfriend tells me to let him breathe. What does it mean?

I expressed to my boyfriend my frustration about him not being open to me lately. I also told him I miss him very much even though we are almost always together. He seems very distant. I know he is thinking about lots of things (getting a job, dealing with difficult people, among others) and I asked him on how I could help. He told me he's fine and I should stop imagining stuff. He also told me to let him breathe and that I'm just being overly dramatic. What should I do?

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Sorry sweetie, this may sound harsh but he means exactly what he says-LET HIM BREATHE!! Let him be on his own, you don't always need to be around him, he's his own person. He knows what he's doing, you don't.need to be like a second mother to him- YOU'RE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!

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We aren't officially dating, sweet messages that will make him talk to me even during his tight schedule?

Like him but he is far away and too busy

Here are a few messages you can send him as a conversation starter:

  • Hi, just letting you know you are on my mind.
  • Saw a picture of you (on social media) today and just a glimpse of you took my breath away.
  • I know your schedule is hectic but I was just wondering how your day is going.
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Even though he is busy just sending a message that you are thinking of him or interested in how his day is going can really make him happy and appreciate you in his life.

My boyfriend has fallen asleep now because he has to get up early in the morning for elocution competition in our college tomorrow plus he's kinda busy these days, how to message him to make him happy?

I want my boyfriend to pay attention to me also, how to send him a very sweet message?

"I know you are working so hard to improve yourself and I love that part of you." Let him know you see how hard he is trying to exceed and that you find it to be one of the best things about him. Perhaps put an incentive of time for the two of you when he gets a break.

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I lost my phone, where could I get in touch with my boyfriend miles away?

I don't have my new phone yet..how can I get in touch with him again everyday using this PC and leave sweet but playful messages that would keep him smiling. He knows me to be joyful and always tell jokes.

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Are you both on a social media platform together? If so message him through Facebook or Google Hangouts, both of these will work like a text message if he has the apps downloaded on his phone.

How can I tell to my boyfriend that even though we argue always still I'm happy to him?

I can through to my journey without him

"Even though we argue the best part is that I know we can fight yet neither of us will walk away." Everyone in a relationship fights. What makes an argument different in a relationship is that there is security in knowing that you both will work it out eventually and come up with a solution together.

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Hi, I want to ask a question?

I love a guy with long distance relation. He is always busy, never SMS me. I always share my life news with him but he sees my SMS then does not reply. How can I send him some sweet SMS

"It is lonely with so much distance between us so your text messages are a way of diminishing those miles." Complimenting him will be a way to most likely get a reply. If he still is not replying to text messages from you, you need to stop texting him. Wait a week and see if he texts you first. If he does not then this may be a one sided relationship and perhaps he initially gave you the wrong impression.

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What to say to a mechanic that is hard working today because of the snow storm that is going to hit on Friday?

What to say to a mechanic that is hard working today because of the snow storm that is going to hit on Friday?

"I appreciate all that you are doing today for other people." Give him the message of the fact that you value his dedication to helping others.

Hi, how can I make him leave his wife?

I have been dating him for months and I just realized he has a wife, they aren't living together, so I never noticed it before. Now I want him so bad I even forgive him about that, what should I message him to make him leave his wife

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You can't really make someone do something that they do not want to do. Instead of putting pressure on him, sit him down and tell him that you will be there for him when or if he decides to be with you instead. Sounds to me like perhaps he is in a separation and people that get into relationships during this time can be left behind because the person in the separation is deeply confused and just looking for distractions instead of permanence.

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What can I do for him so that he laughs?

What can I do for him so that he laughs

  • Look for a way to build humor into something that he tells you is bothering him.
  • When you tell him about your day explain it in a dramatic funny way.
  • Write a funny note to him and leave it on his windshield.
  • Start a pillow fight.
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How could I impress my boyfriend, I really love him?

I love him, he also loves me, but he doesn't show his love to me

Some men think that expressing love is equal to expressing weakness. Some are afraid to show their true feelings because if they do they may get hurt emotionally. Some think that providing financially for their loved ones is expressing love. When he hugs you he is saying he loves you. When he offers you emotional support he is saying he loves you. Everyone shows love differently you just have to determine the ways in how he shows his love so that you can feel his love.

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Missing my sweetheart at lunch?

My sweetheart is far away and am missing him

"Eating lunch yet really wish you were here with me." Send him a quick message that you are thinking of him in the middle of the day and miss him terribly. He most likely misses you too and will be happy to see your message.

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How can I get my man back to normal?

My boyfriend was more sweet when I met him, but he has changed now, and I don't know what went wrong.

Ask where things went wrong. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding between you two that you are not even realizing. Maybe he is finally feeling secure and complacent in the relationship and nothing is wrong at all but this is him relaxed. You really need to ask him what is going on so that you both can work this out if there is really something wrong.

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Getting his attention in a witty way?

President of a hospital, VERY in love when we were in touch but once were not together his mind gets bogged down with work

Absence makes the heart grow fonder is a general phrase that often does not really happen. When you are in a long distance relationship it is easy to let your daily life get in the way of thinking about the other person because they are not physically there. Send him a text message of support and encouragement that he will see when he first get up in the morning.Send him selfies of you throughout your day so that he feels involved in your daily life. You may need to make plans to see each other more often so that you both can keep the connection alive.

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