Survive Military Combat Training (MCT)

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Military combat training is an essential element in the operations of the major armed forces and their special sections: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. And also the special military forces like the Army Rangers, the Green Berets and the SEALS. Although there are scenarios in the military wherein long range weapons are more of the norm, military combat wherein the fighting is more close range is still a reality in some situations.

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To survive military combat training, these are the elements which you should learn and tips to think about:

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    Hand-to hand combat training
    Most basic training. When weapon or knife-aided combat is not possible, this is the survival mode and is not advisable in actual combat because fighting with bare hands is like playing Russian roulette.
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    Knife fighting skills
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    Improvised weapons training
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    Widowmaker Razing skills for military applications
    If you want to learn combat techniques which you cannot get from military training, from a private practitioner.
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    Close quarter neutralization techniques
    When an opponent is up close and is armed with a gun or a knife, it is most essential that one learn a close quarter technique. MCT might teach basic skills, but private MCT will give a student a better dosage of life survival techniques in close encounters. One of the best close quarter martial arts is Krav Maga which roughly means "close quarter fighting" in literal Hebrew. It is designed for defense against opponents with a gun or a knife. Derived from fighting techniques of Jewish gangs in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, it was later adopted and perfected by the Israeli security forces. The end purpose of Krav Maga is to end an encounter quickly and then, if necessary, brutally and fatally.
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    Civilian training is just as effective, if not more effective than military training
    The military does not really have secret techniques.
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    Military Combat Training of one category of armed forces is not more superior or more effective than the MCT of other armed forces
    These different units are basically going to teach the same fighting techniques.
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    The basic purpose of MCT is to kill the enemy as quickly as possible
    It is very difficult to kill with bare hands. So, if you can kill the enemy with a firearm, it should be quick and efficient.
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    Each military branch crosses in terms of special operations, so do not think of the other military branches as competition in terms of MCT
    Rather, cooperation is a must.
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    You should be able to survive six to 12 weeks of hell
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    Disobedience in MCT is not an option
    It is a necessity. You will not just get fired, as if you are in a civilian job. Disobeying in MCT can send you to jail.
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    In MCT, there are many things that you will do that you will not like to do
    Like being awakened brutally in the wee hours of the morning, working overtime with no additional pay. Do tasks that you never expected to do. Be deployed in places where you will never dream of being a tourist.
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    The technical instructor and the drill instructor are basically nice folks
    They do not particularly enjoy seeing the MCT participants bawl out in pain or pant like dogs in a running drill. Their role is to get you out of your civilian shell and metamorphosized into a physically fit and dedicated member of the Armed Forces.
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