Stop an Affair Before It Starts

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Infidelity is quite common in relationships nowadays with according to Infidelity Facts with 53 percent of marriages ending in divorce. The percentage of men who admit to being unfaithful is 57% and the percentage women being unfaithful being 54%. This is why it is best to try and nip that temptation to have an affair in the bud before it can blossom into a full-fledged divorce.

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Stop a love triangle before it starts by taking a few simple measures. Photo courtesy of


Don't Give Your Mate A Reason To Cheat

Don't give your mate a reason to cheat. Cheating happens when one partner or the other is not getting what he or she wants out of the relationship. You can help prevent your partner from seeking gratification elsewhere by:

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  1. 1
    Keep the romance alive.
    Even if you are not having as much sex as before, you can still use physical affection to express your passion for him or her. Be sure to hold hands, hug and sleep curled up together as often as you can. This makes it difficult for any third parties to invade your intimate emotional space.
    Physical affection helps cement the bond you have with each other. Photo by Sam Caplat.
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  2. 2
    Check in with your partner every now and then to see what his or her needs actually are.
    People's needs change over time. She or he may not require as much sex from you, but instead more affection. They may require you to enjoy a hobby with them or be present at work functions. Show him or her that you are willing to play different roles in life as needed and there is no need to seek anything from anyone else.
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  3. 3
    Make your partner a priority.
    Many relationships and marriages dissolve because one or the other partner feels like they were the very last chore to do on your to-do list. Put him or her first, beyond your own needs every now and then.
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  4. 4
    Halt all childish and unhealthy interactions in your relationship including sarcasm, emotional blackmail and nagging.
    You are making yourself into the kind of villain that most people want to run away from.
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  5. 5
    Never shame your partner for any type of shortcoming, physical or otherwise.
    Shame creates resentment and the desire to look for approval and love in another's arms.
    A shamed partner is one that is likely to cheat on you. Photo by Libertinus Yomango.
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  6. 6
    Never go to bed angry at each other.
    This is an old-fashioned rule that works because it prevents resentments from breeding in a relationship that could cause someone to justify having an affair.
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  7. 7
    Don't let your appearance go.
    Make sure you keep fit and as attractive looking as you can. You want him or her to stay attracted to you over the years so do what you can to appear vibrant and interesting. Even if your attempts to look great are not completely successful, he or she is sure to be touched and impressed by the fact that you want to keep the spark alive.
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  8. 8
    Bring a bit of fantasy into your love life.
    If you know he has a crush on Prince Leia from Star Wars, then dress up like her. If you know she has always wanted to do it with a fireman then go ahead and get into a bit of role play.
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  9. 9
    Always play the role of lover in his or her life and never that of parent or child.
    If you become smothering or controlling, like a parent or too needy like a child, your mate just might go searching for someone who can be an equal partner and lover.
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Confront a potential adulterer before a secret and dishonest situation can take hold.

Learn How to Stop Others From Stealing Your Mate

The world is full of desperate people, competitive people and opportunists looking for holes in existing relationships so they can have a chance at happiness. It is human nature for people to want what they can't have and want what other men or women want. Here are some ideas on how you can prevent another person from stealing your partner.

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  1. 1
    When you got to a party, make it clear that you are with your boyfriend or husband, by introducing him or her properly as your mate.
    Do this specifically in front of any one else you may see eyeing your mate or anyone that you suspect he might be attracted to.
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  2. 2
    When in public, don't let him or her out of your sight and touch her often.
    You don't have to be clingy or possessive but the more you touch your partner, the more it gives opportunists the impression that your guy or girl is already taken.
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  3. 3
    Make sure that both of your relationship statuses on social media clearly state that you are in a relationship.
    Nothing says "Have an affair with me" like a status that says, "It's complicated." Texting through various social media apps is how many affairs start, so you want to make sure that your partner I not perceived s as a free agent. Posting lots of photos of the two of you as a couple on Facebook or other social can also help deter others from interfering in your relationship.
    Post many photos of yourself with your partner on Facebook to deter romantic opportunists.
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  4. 4
    Familiarize yourself with any competition.
    If you sense an affair is about to start you can sometimes stop it cold by having the suspect over or dinner. Even better invite someone else over that might appeal to the interloper in your own relationship.
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  5. 5
    Confront the competition.
    One way to stop an affair from happening is to confront the other woman or man directly and demand that it stop immediately. This tactic usually does succeed in driving the person away because it can be so embarrassing.
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Tips and Tricks

  • Sometimes you are the one who is subconsciously pushing your partner away with subconscious sabotaging behaviors such as not keeping up your appearance, being messy or smoking. These behaviors indicate that you are pushing intimacy away from you and you need to ask yourself why. It could just be that you do not care as much as you think if your partner should decide to cheat on you.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by feelings of jealousy over an affair about to happen then try to get a hold of yourself and show some emotional control. Displays of jealousy or possessiveness often drive your partner straight into your rival's arms.

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