Start A Home School program for your Child

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Sending our kids to a school does not give you a 100 percent assurance that they are safe and that they are surrounded with good people. Parents of today's generation must see to it that the quality of education that a school can provide to their child is also the same quality that they can provide for the safety of their students. However, with all the accidents and tragedies that parents never expected to happen that have taken place in recent years, especially inside a campus or school, many parents are left with fear and doubt about whether it is still recommendable to send their young ones to a traditional school.

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Other than the safety issue in sending kids to a school, another reason why people are so surprised and possibly upset with traditional schools is the way in which educational institutions create a curriculum for the students. Most of the time, they tend to overload young ones with unnecessary subjects. Bullying is another problem that schools or the teachers can almost never prevent. In addition,tuition fees are increasing, while the educational quality and the safety of the children are not guaranteed. Below are some of the reasons why some parents choose to home-school their children. It is a time-consuming job for a parent to teach their children, while managing their household chores, but peace of mind is something that you can't buy. Some people believe home schooled children can interact better with adults because in their non-academic activities, they have a chance to speak and mingle with people of different ages.

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Instructions on how to set up home school for a child

  1. 1
    Write a letter of intent to the office of education in your state to inform them about all the requirements they need from you.
    Requirements and guidelines depend on your state. There are states where you still need to send your child to a government school, even if your child is under the program of homeschooling.
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    Secure all the manuals and teaching materials that the office of education in your state will ask you to adhere to for your kids.
    You need to make sure that you can teach all the subjects and topics in order to pass for the second level.
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  3. 3
    Manage your time.
    It can be very hard to juggle household chores and other duties, but a study time requires a schedule that needs to be followed. This is also a good way of teaching your child how to value time.
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    Create a study room that your child will enjoy.
    A study room should be well-ventilated and quiet. Let your child feel the freedom of home school, yet let them inculcate in their mind that a study time is not a play time, even if they just stay at home.
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    Depending on the state where you live, a child in a home school program may also have to be enrolled in a non-academic school to enhance social interaction.
    Kids should also be involved in a physical activity such as sports. So if your child is interested in singing and acting, bring her to a workshop center. If your child is into sports, get him or her involved in local athletic leagues, or join a gym or recreation center where your children can get some exercise through fun activities.
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How to Discipline Your Child When Home Schooling

Just like doing work at home, it requires a higher level of discipline when you would put your kids into home schooling. This is mainly because it does not have the usual structure that you will find in school. Also, the mere fact that learning is done at home, your child may have an impression that there's a lot of room for adjustments and consideration. These are the main barriers that you need to break, whenever you are trying to implement a home schooling program for your child.

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Here are ways in order to establish a good level of discipline when home schooling:

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    Set standard school hours.
    This is the first thing that you need to establish. Your child has to understand that there is a time for play and there is a fixed time for studying. Avoid deviating from this schedule as much as possible so that you're able to strengthen the discipline that you are trying to form. The moment your child sees that you can in fact be rather flexible, the more he will think that he can negotiate into things. Therefore, you need to discipline yourself as well and make sure that you are able to stick to the schedule that you are trying to impose.
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  2. 2
    Require schoolwork and assignments to be done timely, just like how it is in school.
    Your child has to feel that there is an authority figure to follow as well and that authority is not going to be bent as well in terms of rules.
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    Administer examinations and make sure your child feels that in order to get good grades and achieve something, he has to exert effort to study.
    If he feels that he can just take his own pace in learning, it gives him the impression that he can afford to be lazy during times that he is not so much in good mood to study. This is what you'd like to get rid of. You have to force your child to study even when he or she does not feel like it. This will help instill the value of hard work and perseverance. If he thinks that studying is just like a hobby, he won't be able to compete well enough later on in life.
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