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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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Spy on my boyfriend's phone and Instagram to know what he is up to?

I want to spy on my boyfriend's messages and calls and also his Instagram messages and know what's going on in his phone


Apps like FlexiSpy and mSpy monitor Instagram along with everything else done on the phone including GPS tracking. These apps are not cheap though and you will have to pay for a reliable app. The ones that request surveys to get a code are often just fishing for data from you and the codes do not work.

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You can pay for these apps using a credit card or PayPal. If you truly believe he is up to something then you can monitor him. Just be prepared to realize that it was all in your head and you just wasted $60 on a month of monitoring. If you do find something, be careful to not out yourself that you are monitoring his cell phone unless you are prepared to break up with him.

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Hello, I want to spy my friend phone how can I do that?

I have no access to take his phone. I have tried: Looking for the best spy app


With no access to their device, you can't. There are apps that claim they can monitor just using the phone number of the person but those will still need to be physically installed on the device for the app to fully work.

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If you are concerned for the safety of your friend, speak with a trusted adult family member of yours. While you may feel that you can handle this for your friend, the truth is you can't without help from others in your friend's life. Make a list of your concerns and privately meet with the family member.

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Need a real spy software, I don't care about the price of the software?

I want to get access on an Android phone for calls, texts, and all social media activities, just to find out if she is cheating on me because I live abroad and I'm stressed all the time, can't focus on anything. I have tried: I tried nothing because I don't have access to her phone as I am living in the UK. I think it was caused by: Because now everything is changed, we don't have contact like before

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You can purchase a spy app like Auto Forward. It may work or it may not. Since you are in a long distance relationship, trust is an issue. To overcome this then there needs to be a communication path for you both. Perhaps she is distancing herself because she is trying not to miss you as much. Maybe she has started to do more activities to keep herself busy. If you really care about the relationship then figure out a way to see her soon whether it be that you go to her or purchase a flight for her to come see you. Below are several articles about Long Distance Relationships:

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I want to spy on my staff's phone in Africa while I'm still here?

It appears some dirty business might be going on which I need to spy

If you think that there is a dirty business then the easiest way to get a reliable spy app on their phone is to purchase a new phone for them. Put a spy app like FlexiSpy on the device and then send the phone to them. Just say something like you want to update or start using a company phone for all employees.

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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone
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If I buy a spy software can I still access the phone's data without having the phone?

My husband is cheating I think so I would like to access his text messages and WhatsApp can you help please as I have spent almost 6 hours trying to find a solution?. I have tried: DDI and because It was an American company couldn't download. Highster mobile say I need the phone? smspeeper.com saying I have to complete a survey and I completed 4 and still nothing?. I think it was caused by: I don't know really maybe I'm just not getting an English company or I'm just chubby?

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My apologies that you are feeling this way in your marriage. Distrust is damaging and when you can't immediately get any answers then your frustrations grow! If you had reason to doubt his faithfulness before the long distance then you are probably correct in your feelings now. Any app will need to be physically installed on his device. Can you visit him? Perhaps visit and then put the spy app on his device. Sometimes physical contact with our spouse takes away our doubts in a long distance relationship. You are also voicing self-esteem issues. Your looks would not be the reason for him to cheat. He married you just the way you are but the distance and loneliness could have him looking for companionship. This would not be your fault in any way, shape or form. If he is cheating then there were issues in your relationship before he left that were not resolved.

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Sir, can I see my boyfriend apps message and calls on the computer?

I want to see my boyfriend's apps message and calls, WhatsApp, and Hike. Can you please help me with it as we are both very far from each other and we didn't meet each other

Since you have not met him yet, it will be almost impossible to spy on him. All of the reliable spy apps have a control panel that can be viewed via any device that has internet capabilities. You would still need to install these on his device, though. There are VisiHow articles about long distance relationships posted in an above answer. Refer to these as maybe they will help you to determine if he is being faithful to you.

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