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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Solution when your girlfriend is not showing interest in you?

What can I do when she is no longer interested?


You need to be interesting. When a girl is no longer showing interest in her boyfriend, it's because she's rightly or wrongly decided that he is no longer interesting or challenging. Remember that dating is part of growing and experiencing what others are like. Sometimes a person can decide that you're no longer what they want to be with, or that you are just not that exciting anymore.

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To fix this, you need to start being interesting - to other people. When you do that, she'll be irresistibly drawn to you, because other people will want your time and attention, which only she used to have. Here's how you do that.

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  1. 1
    Start by exercising, every day.
    When you get up in the morning, do some push ups and sit ups. Start small, but work your way up to 100 of each a day. In two to three months, you and her will notice a big difference. You'll also have better posture, which will make you more 'manly' and attractive.
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  2. 2
    Learn something new.
    Go to the library, start taking an online course, or go out and learn a sport or recreational activity you can participate in with others in your local community. When you do this, you'll be showing her that a lifetime with you isn't going to be boring. Instead, she'll see that you're the kind of man to get out there and conquer the world.
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  3. 3
    Take care of yourself.
    Change the way you dress. Start wearing nice shoes, instead of sports shoes. Wear nice jeans, and collared shirts instead of t-shirts. A woman places way more attention on how her man looks than he does. Even men who 'look perfect' still find themselves adjusted by the women who love them. Look your best, and even if she doesn't notice, other girls will, which will bring her around again. Trim your eyebrows, nose hairs, and keep yourself shaved unless she likes a beard. When you don't do those things, you're letting her know that she gets to spend forever with a guy who won't take care of himself. What girl wants that?
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  4. 4
    Brush up on your manners and etiquette.
    This one is harder to do, but you can work on it. Buy a book on manners and how to be a gentleman. Remember that it's how you treat other people, not her, that will show her you're a gentleman. Stand up whenever anyone else approaches you. Don't be a thug and sit in a chair to shake hands with your friends. Set yourself apart by being a better class of man, and show others respect. Everyone (including your friends) will begin to take note. When she hears other people talk about how polite or what a gentleman you are, she'll start to see you through their eyes, and see the new you she wants to be with.
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  5. 5
    Don't ever drink too much, and don't smoke.
    She wants a responsible man, not a guy she has to put in the taxi and baby home. She also doesn't want to date an ashtray - but if she smokes, that's even better. If you quit, you're showing her just how strong you are. Then, she will look up to you later when she quits
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  6. 6
    Stop just hanging out.
    When you go out, do things. If your friends just want to go 'hang out' somewhere, and she's coming along, how much fun do you think she or any other girls there are having? Take her somewhere, and do something. If she wants to bring friends, then arrange a party. Call a local club, and ask what they are willing to do for a party of 10, or even 20 people. Set it all up, and make sure everyone has a good time - because of you. Then, she and her friends will all associate you with the fun they had.
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Is she interested in me or just keeping me for a while then she will dump me?

Hi, we are together for 4 years and have a child of 2 months, my girlfriend don't clean, don't cook, don't wash my clothes. She only stays late at the bottle store and drink late hours everyday. She does tell me where she is, sometimes she lies and says she will be back in one hour but instead goes and drink for long hours. She doesn't care and doesn't listen

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Why is she always interested in other people?

She talks about other guys. It makes me jealous


There are girls who have been through different relationships and upbringing: for some, it is a norm to discuss members of the opposite gender with their partners as if they are speaking to a confidant. As long as she does not compare you with other guys, those are safe discussions. Many love to talk about luminaries, describing their positive sides that the partner may not have. Please be aware that it is still innocuous. They do not know those people in person and just may idolize some of their qualities. If you cannot overcome jealousy, then you might ask your partner to reflect upon her sentiments if she and you were to exchange places. You also ought to note that if you were to ask her not to contact members of the opposite gender, she would continue doing so without telling you anything or she would feel that she is controlled too much in the relationship, which is not good at all. However, if she starts to compare you to other people and mock some of your qualities, then you may want to get a relationship advice.

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How to tell if my wife is interested in other men?

Its silly but one night while we were out of town we were in a hotel. As luck would have it the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. Of course everyone was rushed to the lobby and as we got there in walked 4 firemen. May have handed me our daughter and had our son between her and me. I noticed her looking at these guys and each time I got close to her she would find a way to gently move away from me. Also I noticed her flipping her hair back and constantly exposing her neck. Of course when I asked her about it she got mad and denied doing any of it

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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