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Get rid of external hemorrhoids

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Sitting on hard vs soft surface with hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum. Hemorrhoids can be formed internally or externally and they are usually painless unless blood clots formed in the affected blood vessels causing the hemorrhoids to swell and they are usually very painful. Sitting on a hard surface if you have external hemorrhoids will only worsen the pain and it may also cause the swollen blood vessels inside the skin to rupture forming internal bleeding and blood clots. On the other hand, sitting on a soft surface like on a soft sofa will effectively cushion your swollen hemorrhoids making it less painful when you sit and reduces the risk of ruptured hemorrhoids. To sum it up, sitting on a soft surface is much better than sitting on a hard surface if you have an external hemorrhoid.

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I am pregnant and have hemorrhoids, what can I do with it?

Hi I am 31, and I am pregnant 8 months, and it is about a month I am having external hemorrhoids. It was small, now it gets bigger. I still have no pain. what can I do to prevent it growing and to make it disappear completely? There was nothing said about external hemorrhoids cure or treatment during the pregnancy! I have tried: I have tried to use olive oil, but it didn't help. I need something effective and not harmful for the baby. I think it was caused by: Probably the pregnancy weight, or maybe the non-active lifestyle (I have back pains that prevent me to move a lot, unfortunately)

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Get rid of external hemorrhoids

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