Share Internet Connection with a Computer on Sony Xperia

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Do you always use internet wherever you go? Do you work while you travel? Nowadays, a lot of people work while they travel and yet sometimes, it's still uncomfortable for some people to do certain work on their mobile. Sony Xperia, like any other smartphone, gives you the option to share its mobile internet. So if you have a tab, notebook or Laptop you can now connect to your mobile internet while traveling. In this article, we will guide you on how you can share the mobile internet of your Sony Xperia to your other devices.

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You will need a USB Cable / Connector. Make sure to use the one that came with your computer or at least a compatible USB cable. Some cables may fit perfectly and will charge your mobile, but will not open the application, or other features of your mobile, if it is not compatible with your Sony Xperia mobile. For these reasons, it is best to keep and use the one that came with your mobile, or get the right USB cable from a Sony retailer.

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  1. 1
    Connect your Sony Xperia to your computer by using the required USB cable.
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  2. 2
    Tap the 'Applications' icon located in the lower middle part of your mobile
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  3. 3
    From Applications tap 'Settings'.
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  4. 4
    Then under Settings tap 'More'.
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  5. 5
    Under Wireless and Networks tap 'Tethering and portable hotspot'.
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  6. 6
    Then under Tethering and Portable Hotspot tap 'USB Tethering'
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  7. 7
    Make sure your USB is properly connected in your computer
    If it is properly connected under USB Tethering it should say, 'USB Connected Check to Tether'. If it is not properly connected, or the USB or phone is not recognized, or you are not using the required USB, cable it will say 'USB Not Connected' under USB Tethering.
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  8. 8
    After you tap USB Tethering, and the USB is properly connected and recognized, you should see a check mark on the right side box of USB Tethering, and it should say 'Tethered' under USB Tethering.
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  9. 9
    On your computer, wait until the device driver is installed on your computer
    Then go to Network Locations. Create and setup Network, then choose Home as your network location. Then your computer will automatically apply the settings. It will show the Network connection is now Home. Then close this window. You should now have an internet connection on your computer, tethering from your mobile.
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Alternate method of Sharing Internet Connection

An alternate way to share internet access, is from your computer to your mobile devices, including phones and tablets. If you do not have internet access from your mobile device, like a smart phone, but you have a USB modem for your Laptop, you can simply enable tethering from your computer and share the connection from your USB modem to your other devices. This can be configured by using a Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

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You can simply go to your network and sharing center on your computer, and setup a new connection. Once you set up a new connection, you just need to set up an Ad hoc and create your own WiFi name and password.

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Once it has been created, you can simply go to your devices and search for the name you set up and enter the password to connect and there your are, you have internet access. Now you can go online using your handhelds, and enjoy the liberty of making most of your devices.

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Questions and Answers

Can I connect to the net with Laptop by mobile?

I do not have details for my question.

You can do this by utilizing your WiFi hotspot function on your device. You just have to turn it on and know the password you will use. From your computer, you will connect to it like you would to a WiFi and then use the password that you have generated from your mobile. This should allow you to be able to connect to the net without any problem.

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Share the Internet connection from my PC to Sony Xperia Z.

Share the Internet connection from your PC with Sony Xperia Z

It depends on the internet connectivity of your Laptop. If the service you are using allows you to do that, you can set it up and then enable it. Your Sony Xperia will search for it like a normal WiFi. You will need to put in the password after you connect to the WiFi hotspot.

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See more questions like this: How should I share my internet connection through my PC to mobile phone?

Issue with internet sharing through USB?

My Xperia Compact Z5 is unable to maintain a stable connection when I try and share its internet to my PC. It will start up and connect and then work normally for about 10min. After that the internet will stop working despite the phone still having a connection. The phone also still able to use its internet while being connection without any problems. The problem is most likely not PC related cause my previous phone (Xperia z2 compact) did not have this problem.

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Review the connection options for the Xperia Z5 from Sony Mobile Support. The Marshmallow OS has bugs for certain connections to PC. Reset your APN settings to Default. If you still can't connect, then Wipe Cache Partition in the Recovery Menu. You also will want to delete any previous hotspot connections within your PC and phone and start fresh. Your PC may be trying to connect with previous Android AP connections.

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How to Share Internet Connection on my PC with Sony z1?

How to Share Internet Connection on my PC with Sony z1

In addition to the VisiHow article on this page, you can read the Sony Mobile Support page on how to connect the Z1 and share your internet to PC.

How to reconnect net from Sony cell to PC.

I got a connecting dongle to my Sony cell, but if I want to connect it back to PC. How can I?

Please read the answer to the MTS dongle question. It will explain the procedure. You did not list what version of Sony device you have, but most can share the internet via WiFi router, Bluetooth, or USB tether.

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I have a MTS dongle with me. I need to use internet of that dongle in my phone?

I don't know how to start hotspot in my Laptop.

Microsoft has internet sharing support pages. Search the website with the Windows version that you have. MTS can share using your laptop, but to get a more stable connection, it is advised to purchase a router with USB connection. You can then setup the MTS dongle simply on the router for all devices in the household.

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USB tethering is not functioning well.

Hi. After connecting my Xperia L cable to the computer and checking the USB Tethering option, although there is no connectivity problem at first, but the connection suddenly gets lost and the message "USB not connected" is shown under USB tethering option. I wonder what the problem is.

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The problem started with an OS update to Lollipop and Marshmallow. Wipe The Cache Partition on your device. Then make sure that USB debugging is enabled. Clear past connections on the PC and try again. If you are still experiencing issues, try connecting over the WiFi.

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Hi, can I ask you one question?

How do I share an internet connection to Xperia Z2 mobile from laptop to mobile Can you please explain how to connect?

The connection process for sharing the internet from your Xperia to the PC is explained in the article above. You can also find connection options for your device on Sony's Mobile Support website.

I got up to step 8 and don't know what to do next?

I am trying to connect a Sony Z to my Lenovo laptop in order to download some pictures

Step 9 of the article is meant for you to do on your PC. You need to configure the PC networks to accept the hotspot after the Xperia PC drivers are installed.

Hi there. I just want to know if I can use the network dongle as a WiFi medium to operate the internet on my Sony Xperia M phone?

About connecting internet to my phone.

You could with a router or a PC that is capable of acting as a hotspot router for your device to connect to.

See more questions like this: I have Sony Xperia m(c1904) and I could not install apps in memory card . these all are install into phone memory?

I wish to connect and update my smart phone via my laptop. My laptop has faster internet connection. I also wish to update my mobile software through the internet connection. How can I do it? Please explain the procedure.

I have a fast speed internet on my laptop but my mobile has no internet connection. I wish to update the software of my mobile via my laptop connection. I am able to copy the photo files of my mobile on laptop. But how do I use the internet connection of my laptop to update my mobile.

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If you have a Sony Xperia, install the Xperia PC Companion onto your laptop. You can then connect the device to your laptop using the USB cable from your wall charger. If you are eligible for an OS update, it will be there in the PC program.

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PC not detecting modem of S3. How could I make it detect?

PC is not detecting modem. Please help fix the problem.

Have you enabled the WiFi on your PC and configured the Microsoft OS to accept the hotspot from your S3? This is probably your issue. Please read the thread from Verizon Wireless. It lists troubleshooting for the S3 that you should find helpful.

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Please could you help me get connected to my computer network and get "tethering" to work for me?

I am working through "connectivity" on my new Xperia Z3. Have managed TV and laptop (both with wireless) but really want to get my phone to talk to my desktop computer (which does not support wireless) so I can view my videos and photos. Whether this is mirroring or streaming, I don't really know but it seemed that Tethering was the way to go, if it would work. It looks much easier & more convenient than manually loading my pics, etc., to computer via an USB cable. I have no problem following your instructions for tethering but get different reactions from my computer. The best was having 10 different devices showing on Home, Network 4 and this included WMP, my TV, my BT Home Hub and Zyxel, which is one of our WiFi systems. However, when I asked Windows Media Player to work I got the message "failed to connect to remote library". I have been fiddling around trying to find a solution on Google to this problem and now I cannot get any devices to show on Networks apart from the 3 in the computer section. I am running Windows 7 and it is a 64 bit Dell computer.

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Have you enabled USB debugging? What are your firewall security settings in Windows? Finally, if all you want to do is view images and videos, install the Google Photos or Google Drive app on your phone. Then you can go to the Google Photos website or Drive website and view your images and photos. The app will have to sync and you can set up within the app settings to delete images from your Gallery once they sync with the cloud.

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After clicking on Hotspot what to do?

Please help me, I can't use my net through cell to laptop.

Read the article on this page and the answers. You will have the necessary information. Now, not all laptops or phones can hotspot to share internet. If you are experiencing trouble after troubleshooting, your PC WiFi may be damaged. Run a PC troubleshoot on your Network Connections.

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I have this option but its not working?

It is not working.because in this option it is gloomy.

If your hotspot is grayed out, try installing FoxFi. This bypasses most carrier restrictions on the hotspot functions.

How can I tether my old Sony K610i 3G phone to my PC as an access point?

My Sony K610i phone is a 3G phone and I can tether with either Bluetooth or USB but only at dial up speed. I have no option on the phone to tether as access point as on my smartphone. I suppose for an old phone like this there was a Sony PC application that facilitated tethering. Many Thanks. The article only covers smartphone. My phone is a slightly older but still a 3G phone. This article only covers newer smartphones

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I can't get tethering to work with my Xperia E5. I have checked the tethering option but the laptop reports 'no connectionsavailable'?

I have been trying to tether my laptop and E5 so I can use the internet on the laptop. When I connect the USB, the Xperia Companion comes up on the laptop. Although I have checked the tethering option on the phone the laptop just says 'no connections available' . But it works on another laptop without Companion installed. Does this mean I have to uninstall the Companion? The article refers to a different model of Xperia and it doesn't mention the Xperia Companion, so I wonder if that software is only on the E5. I have tried: Stopped Companion from starting up automatically Tried to use it with combinations of WiFi hotspot - I don't really understand this I'm afraid. I think it was caused by: I don't know. My ancient Xperia (5 years old) could tether with no problem.

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