Set Up Live TV with Your Xbox One

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Having a hard time hooking up that spanking brand-new XBOX one to your TV set? Are you excited to play those new games, surf the web and beat your friends in multiplayer? Fret not, we will help you connect both these devices in few easy steps.

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XBOX one allows you to connect satellite, cable, or other over-the-air television having a broad range of home theater system tweaks. Unlike the traditional console setup found in earlier versions, there are more considerations when assimilating with TV. Like most supplements to an entertainment system, there are several ways to add a new hardware devices and the customization and details will vary depending on your preferences and needs.

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Steps to set up live TV with XBOX One

Setting up live TV with XBOX One requires the use of One Guide found in your gaming machine. It merges TV service and your XBOX video apps. In using this app, you will be able to configure the XBOX console to your TV. After launching the TV app, you'll see an on-screen, step-by-step guide to hook up XBOX One to a native TV set.

Important: If you set up live TV, or alter any of your standard hardware setting then you can do so by simply selecting the One Guide from Settings.

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Using the one guide start-up app to link your XBOX One and TV will require the following:

  • A satellite or cable set-top box having an HDMI output.
  • A connection to XBOX Live to allow downloads channel lineup system information for the One Guide.
  • A legit XBOX Live Gold Membership. Before you can set up the one guide, check that your console is properly connected to the home theater system and is ready for live TV installation.
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Connecting XBOX One to your home theater system

  • Be direct. Simply plug the XBOX One directly into the TV if that is possible.
  • Be simple. The less complicated the time of installation, the less problems you're likely to have in the future.
  1. 1
    Basic setup-up.
    The easiest setup option is to connect the satellite or cable set-top box to the XBOX One with the HDMI cable and connect the XBOX One to the TV with another cable. This is a direct path and best for your entertainment systems, especially if you're using the TV's speakers or otherwise external speakers connected to your TV.
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'note:Your theater system will need to have a support audio over the HDMI for for this configuration to work. Remember that the surround sound from the set-top box will not be duplicated through your XBOX One.

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  1. 1
    Basic setup with audio/video receiver.
    If you're using an audio/video (a/v) receiver, you have to sequentially connect the devices to achieve proper configuration.  
    1. Connect the set-top box HDMI output to your XBOX One's HDMI input.
    2. Connect your XBOX One HDMI output to the a/v HDMI's input.
    3. Connect the a/v HDMI output to your HDMI input on the TV.
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Note: This configuration option requires that all devices support audio over the HDMI. Remember that the surround sound from the set-top box will not be duplicated through your XBOX One. When you choose this type of set-up with the a/v receiver, you'll be passing both video and audio through another device and depending on the equipment, there might be a risk of minimal video/audio lagging.

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  1. 1
    Audio receiver with a optical or sound bar.
    This type of set-up is a more complicated setting that will require several cables other than the HDMI cables. This set-up provides you with a full surround sound from the television set-top box. It's your best bet against older a/v receivers that might not have HDMI ports or don't directly support audio over HDMI.  
    1. Connect the set-top box HDMI output to your XBOX One HDMI's input.
    2. Connect your XBOX One HDMI output to its corresponding HDMI input on your television.
    3. Connect the proper audio output from your television to its audio input located on the sound bar by using either optical s/pdif cables or HDMI.
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Setting up TV for the first time

Once you're done connecting XBOX one to your home theater system, we can now proceed to the next step:

  1. 1
    Select Start to commence the set-up.
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  2. 2
    Ensure that the XBOX One is receiving a proper signal from the set-top box:
    1. Check if your set-top box is properly connected via HDMI cable to the port of XBOX One.
    2. If you don't see a live TV appearing on the XBOX screen after a few seconds, recheck the connection or restart the system.
    3. When the live TV finally appears, select Next.
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  3. 3
    XBOX also allows for voice control to configure all your devices in home theater system.
    It will respond to the command "XBOX, on" and other voice commands if you enable the system to "talk" to the TV when prompted. Here's how:  
    1. Select a TV manufacturer from the provided list of common brands. If you don't see yours in the list, select I don't see my brand and type yours in manually.
    2. Once XBOX One has identified the TV brand, it will try to identify the model of the TV by sending it different commands.
    3. Simply follow the on-screen configuration to assist your console in learning how to control your TV brand. Once the process is successful, you'll be notified with, "Ok, we know how to talk to your TV."
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  4. 4
    Select the Set up One Guide to customize the channel line-up, as well as your TV information.
    1. Enter zip code and pick Continue to find desired TV providers around your area.
    2. When you see the drop-down menu, choose your satellite TV provider or cable.
    3. If the provider you have doesn't appear in the list, or if you happen to watch only broadcast TV, simply select the broadcast TV and then click Continue.
    4. Select your desired TV lineup, and then click Continue.
    5. Enter the provider of your cable line or satellite set top box.
    6. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to assist your console in learning how to tweak your set top box.
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Once the process is successful, your console will post the message, "Ok, now we know how to talk to your cable or satellite box."

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    Now read through the informational screens shown on how to navigate the one-guide and get the best from TV on your XBOX One.
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How to make changes later

  1. 1
    Making changes to the system after set-up is easy.
    Simply follow the configuration in the settings. Here's how:
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  • Say "XBOX, go to settings" and/or choose settings at My Games & Apps.
  • Choose TV and One Guide.
  1. 1
    Tweak and update any setting you would like to change.
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Watch TV with the OneGuide

To watch your TV using the OneGuide, simply say "XBOX, watch TV," or choose TV from My Games & Apps.


Tips, tricks and warning

  • Channel information found in the one-guide is presently only available to customers of XBOX one in the United States. However, you can still use HDMI pass-through to view TV outside the United States. Notice that the one-guide will not show your TV listings.
  • If it so happens that your TV provider isn't listed in the settings list, it might be incompatible with the One Guide at the current time. The channel lineup and specifics show information that is presently available to U.S customers only.
  • To learn more and view other system updates and tweaks, visit the official XBOX Live Support website: [1]
  • Supported brands found in the menu include Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and VIZIO.

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