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Manage Your Email Account on the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Separate e-mail icons on home screen?

I have 3 separate e mail accounts. Before I had 3 separate icons for each one. Now I have updated my Samsung they have all disappeared. My e-mail accounts are all still active but cannot get the icon separately

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With the update there will only be on icon for all of your emails. From here you will need to open up your email icon and press the menu button so that you can choose with email address you will like to check in regards to the emails you have received in each one separately.

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Can I log in with a password on a Samsung S3 mini?


If you want to change the log in password of your email account in your device then you can simply follow these few steps to do it:

  • Tap and select Email icon in your applications menu
  • Now choose MENU foe Email application icon
  • If a pop up comes scroll down and choose SETTINGS
  • Choose the account you wish to change the password and on the settings menu scroll down and look for MORE SETTINGS
  • Now on the settings choose INCOMING SETTINGS and on the password field input your desired password, the same with outgoing settings.

How can I delete all email received at once on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

I want to delete emails received for the last month on my phone


You can try going to the setting menu, and clear the cache and history of your preferred email application. Now try going into your account in the email application and go to privacy and set up your account to delete the emails that are more than 1 month old in your emails. This function will enable your email to auto delete the emails that are in your mail for more than 1 month.

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Now, if it that so hard to find it you're phone you can try to use some computers and simply log in to your account in the computer and delete those messages manually. Now go to your phone, go to settings of your email application and choose your account and tap sync to delete also all the messages you have erased in your account using a a computer.

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Samsung Galaxy not retaining emails in INbix?

Good evening

My boss uses a Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile for his email messages.

He is not able to see any incoming emails on his mobile after 2-3 days however all his sent emails are showing.

The technical department of his phone provider Vodafone have looked into the matter in depth and have advised him that it is not a fault of the phone but that Claranet (our ISP) settings are not allowing ALL the emails to come through. Claranet say it is no fault of their servers.

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I would be grateful if you could please advise what you think may be the problem and offer a solution.

Is this an email address that is also accessed using another computer? Are the incoming emails showing up in one place, but not on the phone? If that is the case, then the issue is probably settings for syncing the email account. How this is handled will depend on your email provider, and the local settings of whatever program you use to access mail from the other location (look for something like 'keep a copy on the server').

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If this is an company email address, does anyone else have a problem? If not, then it almost certainly has to be a configuration problem with your boss' phone or email settings. Compare it with someone's whose email works.

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If the phone can send emails, and browse the web (i.e. it has active data connections), then the problem is almost certainly with the configuration on the phone, or a problem with your email provider.

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Manage Your Email Account on the Samsung Galaxy S3
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Delete emails on Samsung Galaxy 3?

Is there a way to delete all emails at once.

No, there isn't a selection in your email that will allow you to delete all of your emails at once on this device. You will need to delete your emails one by one as to not possibly delete something that may be important. I have looked for this option as well and have not found a solution.

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How do I remove the "number of new emails"-notifications on my desktop Icon?

My email icon on my Samsung Galaxy SIII displays the number of unread emails in my inbox. Very handy for when I am at work. Very stressful when I am not. Is there any way to turn off this feature?

It is not possible to turn it off, especially if you have enabled push notifications on your device. However, even if push notification is not enabled, it will still give you an indication that there is a new message that is yet to be read. It will not give you an alert when the message comes in, but you will see that indication when you look at the mail app.

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One alternative that you can do is actually uninstalling your mail account on your device when you are at home and then just installing it again when you're at work. It usually does not take a long time to do that. Once the mail account is removed from your device, you will not be able to see any form of notifications on new messages.

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Hi, my mailbox shows I have -2 emails?

My mailbox shows I have -2 emails. the recycle bin says I have (2) yet when I tap on recycle bin,it is empty. how do I get rid of this -2 emails in my mailbox on Samsung S3 phone.

Usually, it takes time for the emails to sync (computer vs. your phone), make sure that synchronization is turned on (on your phone) so that it will automatically update itself when connected to the internet. This also depends on your internet provider's speed.

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After I downloaded the last update on last Sunday, my email no longer syncs?

Clearly this is because of the latest update. I have tried everything I can find online, from both Samsung forums and Verizon. Help!

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How can I keep emails in the inbox on my Samsung Gal Note3 after opening Outlook on my server via my Laptop?

I can keep them in my phone's inbox if I never open Outlook on my Laptop, but the minute I open Outlook....all inbox mail in my phone disappears..

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My Samsung S3 Galaxy stopped receiving emails as of Friday?

What might be wrong? How do I reset my email and fix this?

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Why is ACCOUNTS Icon not working on my Samsung Note3?

Hi, whenever I click the icon from Settings>General>Accounts, the ACCOUNTS icon is not working so I can't delete any email accounts. Please help thanks

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I have Note, I do not have all my contacts on my AOL account, and cannot figure out why?

I have Note4 Samsung phone. I do not have all my contacts on my AOL account, and cannot figure out why? Please explain in full details

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Changed my email security to 2 steps, now having trouble receiving email on cellphone?

How do I change settings on cell phone server to continue receiving emails. I have tried: Changing the email server but probably not entering the correct one. I think it was caused by: Changed my email on PC to two steps security

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