Securely Store Your Passwords

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If you already know how to create a strong password, and you've changed all of your logins to have unique passwords, you'll want to find a way to store those logins securely.


Creating Secure Password Storage

  1. 1
    Download Password Manager Program
    The first and easiest way to create a secure password storage is to obtain any of the freely available password manager programs.
    1. Make sure you thoroughly research the product and know of any vulnerabilities before you decide.
    2. Once you've chosen, start up the program, and start entering in your login information.
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    Download Encryption Program
    Another option would be to obtain a copy of any of the free encryption programs available on the Internet.
    1. Use the program to create an encrypted file storage location. (If possible, place the encrypted container on a USB drive or other removable media. This way it's not likely to get lost if your computer crashes or is otherwise unusable.)
    2. Once you have the encrypted container created, you can then use a text file or spreadsheet to manage your logins. While you lose some of the convenience features of a password manager, you gain the ability to open the file just about anywhere.
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  3. 3
    Use Both Methods
    You can mix the two methods for ultimate security.  
    1. Create the encrypted file container.
    2. Store the database from the password manager inside of it.
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Securely store your passwords without using any application

Some people do not want to use third party applications for storing their passwords as they do not like the idea of using an application to store their important password. Though there are very reliable third party password managers in the market, concern for security is very valid. If you are one of the people who opt not to use any password manager, then you may follow this method of storing your passwords safely and securely.

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  1. 1
    Divide your passwords into three parts
    If you have a password like Pa55w0rd123, then divide it into three parts like Pa55, w0rd and 123.
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  2. 2
    Separately store these passwords
    You can write each part in a paper and put the paper in three different places, or save it on your phone in three different applications. If on your phone, you can put one part on the S Memo, the other part on Contacts and the last part as a music file. You can store to any place or application you want. Be creative and be safe, do not get things too obvious by naming the S Memo as "Password 1 of 3".
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  3. 3
    You can also send the three parts into three different email accounts (all yours) to keep them safe
    You can open the three accounts, if you wish, to retrieve the passwords.
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  4. 4
    Remember these locations and email addresses
    Make sure that you do not forget where you stored the three-part passwords. You can again be creative here. You can send an email to yourself reminding you where the passwords are stored. Again, be creative and cautious. Formulate messages like "Complete parts are in my*****dd@yahoo, fhhkd***ss@Gmail and 23s***kkl**@Hotmail". Take note that you do not need to complete the email addresses as these are yours and you should memorize them by heart.
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  • Note: As much as not trusting third party application is a normal gesture, there is nothing wrong with utilizing password managers as long as it came from a very reputable institution. Also, do not keep everything obvious at password managers, always keep things a little "unclear for people" but clear enough for you to understand and remember.


  • Most of the password manager products will help you in several other ways as well, such as creating new passwords or judging the relative strength of your existing codes.
  • Many also feature a corresponding mobile application, so you can have your logins on the go.
  • Whichever way you choose to go, always remember to use a long and complex password to secure the password database and/or encrypted file.

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