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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I would like to know how can I spy on someone without having access to their phone? Am I able to do this remotely? I know that person phone number.


There is a spyware app now offered called [cell-spy-stealth.com Cell Spy Stealth] that allows you to listen to live calls undetected as well as extract text messages, view photos and read call logs. After you purchase the software you download the software to your computer and then install the Spy Stealth software on your cellphone. You then call the target phone once and the spy program then installs onto the target phone. Every time the person you are spying on uses the phone, your phone buzzes and you can intercept and monitor the activities of the target phone live. This program is compatible with any type of iPhone including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, symbianOS, iPhone, Linux and palmweb. Auto Forward is a spy app that you can remotely use to target the phone if you have the person's telephone number.

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Free way to see his text message and Facebook?

I know he is cheating and I am sick of looking like a fool


There are no reputable apps that are completely free to spy on text messages and Facebook. Sometimes the spy apps will offer a free trial and Truth Spy usually has a 48 hour free trial option. Read the faq before a free trial because sometimes the trial only gives you one or two features out of the 20 the full paid app has.

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Another option is to create a bogus Facebook account and message him to try to interest him in speaking with you. You may be able to see how far he is willing to go in chat messages with other women this way. Go through his friend's list and choose the top three women that you think he may be messaging and try to friend them. This too may out him if he has been talking to them illicitly.

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Need to read my daughter text message possible predatory problem?

Is there a way to get my daughter's texts messages from the last few days?


Immediately install a spy app on her phone. The spy apps will monitor other messaging apps she may have installed and not just SMS. Predators reach out from those other apps and social media usually and then gradually begin using SMS once they think they are not speaking with a law enforcement official. FlexiSpy and mSpy are one of the best spy apps for monitoring because you can also choose phone numbers to record when she is speaking on a call with them.

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Unfortunately changing her cell number will not stop communication if she is using a third party app so make sure that you are catching all the ways someone can target her from her cell phone.

Want to see the last 4 weeks of text message?

I have breast cancer been sick, we have 2 years old son, and he keeps saying girls name. I want to know if he is cheating on our family and putting our son in front of it

First, may you become victorious in your Breast Cancer Battle! If he has not deleted the messages on his phone then when you install a spy app the messages should be there in the Control Panel. Even if messages are missing but you still suspect possible cheating, a spy app will show you the ones he deletes. You will also be able to see call logs and browsing history as well. Make sure that you choose a reputable spy app and many have been mentioned in the article below and on this page. Do not be duped into "free" spy apps because they are just phishing for people to fill out surveys and do not work.

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It is possible that your two year old is saying a name he picked up in a show or even out and about. My children would say the name Aaron instead of errands when they were that age. So your child could be saying a name but meaning an activity.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Boyfriend said isn't cheating, but I believe he is?

Can I see his text messages without him knowing, and without his phone

An app like Auto Forward can monitor his phone remotely. You will need to use his phone number to begin the monitoring process. FlexiSpy, Highster Mobile, mSpy and Spyera can all be installed if you are sharing the same WiFi at the time of installation.

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How am I able to look at texts on another phone linked on my account without having that specific device?

I'm paying for my boyfriend phone and I already have smart limits from AT&T, I see he is texting girls but not sure what the conversation is and they also send him images and not sure what they are. He has a Note3 I believe and I can't get to his phone to check, is there an app I can get to look at these messages and what they say since his phone is on my account?

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Well if pics are being sent there is a very high chance that he is cheating. Especially since guys, for the most part, are not social butterflies. They may speak to a few people daily but sending pics to other girls and receiving images usually means that they have the intent to cheat. Use an app like FlexiSpy and install it over your WiFi.

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Because you are the primary on his cell service account, you can block those numbers from the AT&T Smartlinks which has a monthly fee. You can set limits and block numbers but he will immediately know something is up.

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I want to view my boyfriend's texts without having access to his phone while he works away, but without his knowledge?

I want to view my boyfriend's texts without having access to his phone while he works away, but without his knowledge

Apps like Auto Forward can target his phone while he is away. He will have no knowledge of the monitoring unless he has any anti-spyware installed on his phone.

Trying to figure out how to access hubby's stuff through SMS tracker app. I'm old with no real computer skills?

I have installed "sender SMS GPS tracker" through play store, now what?

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