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We live in a time when everyone has a mobile phone. It is often said that sending a text message is such a trivial thing, but sometimes one text message can make someone feel happy or light up their day or night. Are you thinking about a girl and you want to send her a good-night text message that will make her go to sleep with a smile on her face? Or maybe you want to show her that you think about her? There are many reasons why you might want to send a nice goodnight text message. If you do not know how to do it, the tips below will help you get started writing your goodnight message to your girlfriend.

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How Well Do You Know Her

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    Before you start writing a text message, you have to consider the level of your acquaintance with her
    If you want to write to a girl that you've just met, it is obvious that you have to keep more distance. You cannot take the liberty of sending a text message that will be too romantic, because it may scare her away. In fact, she may even treat you as a nutcase.
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    Limit yourself to personalized good-night messages early in your relationship
    You can also add her name and some emoticons if that's your style. If a girl is interested in you and you are interested in her but still have not told her how much you are interested, then even such brief text messages will be received with a smile.
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    If you want to write to the girl whom you're dating or with whom you are in a relationship, then of course you can let yourself write more
    You know that the stage of 'appropriate distance' has already been passed. Therefore, you can add more affectionate terms the two of you share or reference past experience and future plans together.
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When, What, and How Often to Write

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    This question seems to be very trivial, but it is worth thinking over
    Sending a text message does not equal calling someone, which during the night can be a problem if your partner's ringtones are turned on. However, sending a late-night text message may also be disturbing. If you are in frequent contact or you know her habits, then you probably know at what time she goes to sleep. A safe option is to write to her just after finishing a telephone conversation or just after an exchange of text messages.
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    Remember that you want her to read your message before she falls asleep
    Of course, sometimes she may already have drifted off to sleep, and your message will be read in the morning. That's fine. You just don't want to wake her up in the middle of the night.
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    Don't write every night
    You want to please her, you want her to smile, and to know that you are thinking about her. But if you write every night, she will get used to your messages before falling asleep. They won't be as special, and may lose value. If you write too much, too often, your text messages may even be treated as spam. She won't look, because you'll just be sending the same thing again and again.
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    Don't send more than one sweet good-night text message
    Think about how you would feel if you were almost sleeping and suddenly you received five or ten text messages. Especially if you were trying to sleep, and the SMS messages were all wishes for sweet dreams. You might not get angry, but you would think the person who sent you these messages was a little irritating or maybe even crazy. So, less is more in this case.
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    When considering what to write, just be sincere
    If you're not the creative type, that's OK. Look up some poetry online and reference it, or talk about a place the two of you went, or a movie you shared. Let her know you are thinking of her, or that someone else wrote something, and it made you think of her. You can also reference our list of sweet messages for your girlfriend.
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    Keep in mind that the more creative you are, the more she will appreciate it
    That doesn't mean you have to be creative every time, but it's nice to personalize things with shared experiences. Let yourself be inspired by your earlier conversation with her. Maybe she has an important exam tomorrow that she is afraid of or a job interview? Maybe there is some other significant event that makes her feel nervous or she is thinking about something she shared with you. Let her know that you're with her and that you keep your fingers crossed for her. Reassure her that you believe everything will be all right and that you're there for her. Finish up your message by wishing her a good night.
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    You can even let her know that you would like to lie down next to her and sleep with her
    Everyone likes to sleep arms of someone who loves them. Just make sure your relationship is at that stage before you write something that forward!
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Additional Tips

  • Consider using Facebook or WhatsApp to send her sweet good-night texts. This way you are less likely to wake her, but she will still see them if she wakes up.
  • Leave your phone on after messaging her, just in case she calls or messages you to see if you are awake and want to talk. You never know when she might do this, and if you've just wished her a good night, she may still want to talk. Be there for her.
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  • The more you know her, the easier it should be for you to write a sweet goodnight text message. Just remember that your goal is to make her smile when composing a sweet good-night text, and you'll be fine.

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