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Use the Music Player and Manage Playlist on Samsung Galaxy S4

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S4 won't play .wma files.

Shows on phone but does not play says no longer available


It's hard to believe that there are video players in this day and age that don't just play everything, and yet there are still files that can't be played on some default media players. Android is no exception, and your experience with .wma is not that uncommon.

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The solution is to download a media player that can handle a wide variety of formats. Consider VLC for Android or MX Player, both of which are able to play all kinds of formats.

Have a GS4 and the music player starts in the background of my phone using up battery and I have to go into task manager and close it manually. Why does it do this and what can I do to stop it from starting up without my knowledge?

Active applications shows the music player running when I haven't started it. What can I do to prevent this from happening?


The fastest solution is to disable Samsung Music. Press the home button. Tap on "Apps" > "Settings" > "Application Manager" > "Samsung Music". Tap on "Clear data", "Clear cache", and "Turn off". You can use any other player like this one as a substitute. You can also look for any other third-party programs in the "DOWNLOADED" section of the Application Manager that might affect the music player, tap on them, and select "Uninstall".

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If you wish more elegant solutions, then start with taking out the battery for a couple of minutes. Reboot the device. If that did not help, power the device down. Press and hold the volume-up, home, and power buttons. When the device vibrates, release only the power button. Release all of the other buttons when you see the recovery menu. Select "wipe cache partition" with the volume buttons. Confirm your selection with the power button. Select "reboot system now".

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Now, if that did not help, you can hard-reset your smartphone. Back up your data with Kies 3 as shown in this tutorial. Unlock your smartphone and press the home button. Press the menu button. Tap on "Settings". Tap on "Back up and reset". Tap on "Factory data reset". Tap on "Reset device". Tap on "Delete all". You will need to restore your data with Kies 3 once the hard-reset has been completed.

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Use the Music Player and Manage Playlist on Samsung Galaxy S4

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