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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Reverse Receding Hair Line and "Widows Peak"?

I'm 25, and have good healthy hair, except in the last year the hair at my temples has receded a lot, and instead of the straight hairline across my forehead I once had, it now has a V shape. It doesn't work with the hair style I've used for many years.. . I'm trying to look into any possibilities to help reverse this, if even a little. I know stress was a big factor, and I've done great now at working on that psychological factor, as well as a healthy(er) diet. Now I'm looking into what external environmental actions I can take to try to natural stimulate regrowth, and feeling a bit overwhelmed.. I have tried: Stress Reduction, improved diet, (generic) multivitamin, scalp massage tool (looks like a kitchen whisk that was cut halfway down the wire whisk), and a supposed vitamin infused hair tonic oil. I think it was caused by: Primary starter was a huge series of stresses and depression in my life, probably coupled with hitting my late 20's in age. There's no history of balding or hair loss on either side of my family. I also have some minor health problems that may contribute to it as well.

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You are on the right path with reducing stress and starting to eat healthier. Nothing will change overnight however, you can start to prevent further hair loss. Increase your Silica intake through a multivitamin or collagen powder to add to shakes. You should also try to maintain a healthy testosterone level. This can be done by your overall daily diet as explained in the VisiHow articles Boost Your Testosterone Level with Garlic and Stop Hair Loss by Eating These 18 DHT Blocking Foods. You are in a Catch 22 situations because your hair loss is causing depression and depression can cause further hair loss. Thankfully you are also getting help with your mental overall health which will help in the long run on a variety of life experiences.

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Below are several VisiHow articles about hair loss and how to prevent it. There is no one magical cure but start testing some of these and seeing what helps you the best. It takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months with any remedy before you begin to see results. To help with your overwhelmed feelings when researching all of the information, make a list of further dietary changes you can make. Then pick three remedies you can try and start with those. After 6 months you can try further suggestions if you do not see improvement.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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